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Elley's Mandate {2016-08-08 to 2016-08-22}

By ElleRey - MEMBER - August 09, 2016, 20:56:05


Welcome, welcome! It's Missionary Elle Rey, your new Sufokian Governor! I'm not known and I don't know anyone else--let's get to know each other, and become good friends and partner citizens. And the name's a mouthful, so please call me Elley! I was the previous Ecologist for Sufokia, and such, take the ecosystem very seriously. Running off of my predecessor Kavulu, I'd like a chill term with some new blood in government. Let's get to it!


Well, it's looking a bit drafty at the moment...We will hold a meeting on Thursday, August 11th, at 7 PM PST, for interested parties.

Nation Meeting

The nation meeting will be this Friday, August 12th, at 6 PM PST. Expect introductions all around, filling of the cabinet if there are any positions left, discussing events on the calendar, and our stances on raids/ecoterrorism (spoilers, they are pretty much always the same).


Events are still being decided on, but currently in the works is a costume contest (with no costumes allowed for it?!), a trivia contest (with a dedicated section for Google-fu?!), and farm art (CROP CIRCLES IN OUR BEACH COUNTRY?! it could happen). Prizes may be items, costumes, or even (!?) art for your characters. Don't forget to press N daily and check our announcements!

And that's all she wrote! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. Don't hesitate to share your concerns! PM me or Morail, and we'll do our best to help. Love you, Sufo!

Signed faithfully,

Elle Rey

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Congrats on gov! Looking forward to the events during this term. ^^ Though 9 pm pdt seems a bit late for a Nation Meeting? Since it'd be midnight for our East coast folks. Just a thought. Hail Sufo~

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Hmm. Good point. I guess we can move it up to 6. And hey, thanks for being a great gov all the time! I missed all the events once we weren't having any.

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Well, looks like I have some things to look forward to, for once.

Also thanks for not having the nation meeting at midnight for me, that would've been annoying to stay up for.

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Sufokian looking for guild.

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