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Ediru's Mandate [11/14/15 to 11/26/15]

By twinbre - MEMBER - November 15, 2015, 07:24:16

Ediru's Mandate

I’m not sure if many of you have been aware of the current (now past) situation in Sufokian
Government. We did, indeed, have a issue where someone was voted in by illicit means
(aka, alt voting). Regardless, the situation has been resolved and I have taken the
Govenor position, as it would have been if this hadn’t happened. If anyone wishes
to know further details on the situation, feel free to send me an Ankabox Message,
or PM me in game.


Now with that said, for those who do not know who I am, I am Ediru and I have been part
of your Cabinet for the past two Terms. I just want to say how honoured I am to be in this
position, and I hope to do you all proud.

Like my predecessors I will be creating a mandate thread to lay out my thoughts for my
current term. With all the drama, I thought I would keep things simple:

The Cabinet.
I will be leaving the Cabinet as is, as I do believe all of those who were chosen are
incredibly capable. However, with the change of events, I have promoted Wetrew as my
Vice. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here. So, this means we have an open spot for
Weather Engineer! If any of you are interested, please send me a Ankabox Message,
or PM me in game.

We have found our Weather Engineer! Thanks everyone biggrin

Sufokian Nation Meeting
Saturday, Nov 14th 2015 | 7pm PST/10pm EST

Since this event was scheduled with Trala, notes weren't taken and the meeting was a
bit unorganized. I have listed the items below that were discussed, if you have any further
questions, again, please contact me or one of the cabinet members.

ALT Voting Situation, and apology
Minor Re-arrangement of Cabinet & current positions

Not much was discussed, other than what has already been stated above. We will be
keeping our alliance with Amakna, and hopefully strengthen our bond.

I do wish to plan one event during this term. Times and dates have yet to be decided, but I
have already been speaking with Mina Hotaru, Amakna’s current Governor, on planning
one together. I will hopefully have more details within the coming days.

Again, if any of you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.

Sufokia Pickup Line Contest

Sufokia will be hosting a Pickup Line Contest on
Saturday, November 21st at 430pm PST / 730pm EST

I will be posting all details in an event thread, which I will like here.

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