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Update's Ecosystem fixing (29/09/2015)

By September 29, 2015, 19:40:46

Oy you bootyful people :p

As your current ecologist, I have worked on the many things that got "rebalanced" across Sufokia's environment. I sacrificed my free time fixing and restabilizing the gauges of most areas, ALL ALONE BY MYSELF!!!

Here I'd like you to update with the changes YOU can make or suggest and to put my summary of what has been kept, and what should be kept, AND what I recommend to see in those areas.

NOTE: These changes I made occured between 8 AM and 10 AM Server Time


It wasn't completely bad for those flowers, but I still planted a few Thistles to rebalance correctly.

Tydal Prairies

Sure, sure, it's ok to keep it flooded with Gobbals. But when I feel to have our x10 bonus, I murder them so they should not respawn more, unless the hordes appears.

Hanging Gardens

Crops were flooding and were or may still be mixed up. But I took the care for the uphill section to have it's balance and removed crops in order to make one section reserved for Artichokes, another for Tuberbulbs a third one for Wheats. The bottom section of the area is kept mixed up, but I invite you to manage them on your own will.

Terrana Dunes

Plants were completely fine, but those Snappers flooded everywhere. So you know what? I hunted many of their booties and made them down in number!!!

Turfo Canyon

There was a flower flood, but I removed most of them around the Clan Member. Also, I hunted some Crab booty to lower them too. I also invite lumberjacks to remove the Palmitos and Weeping Willows in this area and replace them with Birches, Dry Pines and Chestnut trees like in TD. Also, I invite you to organize the Babbage, Oats and Beanstalks in a correct arrangement in respective sections.

Jumping Jungles

The forest got flooded, so I removed some of the Brambles and Baby Redwood and made in sort that there could be specific places for their part. The Kokos are still loco like Rokokos with coconuts in the coco, lawl, too many Koko I murdered to rebalance.

Steamulating Shore

There was a lack of Sharks which I made respawn, and also a large lack of trees, which I also replanted to it's balance. As mentionned before, the crops are still very low and need to reach to 400 of it's gauge. So here is what I invite you to plant as crops:

One section for Rye exclusively

One section for Sweat Jute exclusively

One section for Vanilla Rice exclusively

At least 2 or 3 sections mixed of 2 of the above, but not 2 sections of the same mix

Or 2 or 3 section of other crops such as Melon, Sunflower, or Watermelon, NOTHING UNDER LEVEL 50.

That is all for my part, and I hope to see your collaboration to make our nation ordered, clean and with good bonus for all of you.

Thanks for your comprehension!

The-Grudge (Swiggity swooty :3)
Sufokia's Ecologist


SUMMARY OF SEPTEMBER 30th, 12:15 PM Server Time:

I have rebalanced some of the areas in Sufokia. But there is one major concern that I want to point out: the crops in Steamulating Shores.

Here is a screen capture showing you WHAT IS NOT CORRECT.

Here is what is wrong:

- Too many crops in the mix, there should be maximum 3 different crops on a terrain, not 8

- Underleveled crops present. Like I mentionned on the reply above, no crops under lvl 50 is conciderable in Steamulating Shore. Beanstalks could be the only exception though.

- Tuberbulbs... like, seriously? Tuberbulbs in a lvl 30 and above area is a total ruin!

-Unorganized and unclean layout. I recommend setting them in correct squares, not one random crop in the middle of a different bunch of others.

I cleaned the unaccepted crops, but the arrangement is for you to work out with. True, the update may have allowed us many visitors with that temple, but assemble your efforts to not make them ruin our shores. I have put the protection on the crops until our elections end.

Thanks for your understanding

The-Grudge (Swiggity swooty :3)
Sufokia's Ecologist


SUMMARY OF SEPTEMBER 30th, around 6:30 PM Server Time:

Due to a certain outlaw arguing about him planting crops in Steamulating Shore, the governement has decided to unprotect the crops. The fix has been established quickly after the outlaw got taken care of by our Head Guard.

Other than that, I have replanted Turfo Canyon's flowers in mass, Orchid Flowers only to be precise, because, yet again, an outlaw messed with the plants.

In Terrana Dune, I had to murder the booty of a few groups of Snappers that broke the limits of their number.

Everything else seemed quite clear. Continue to maintain Sufokia's bonuses up to x9 constantly. I will keep posting these summary until the elections end this Friday, October 2nd at 17 PM Server Time.

And again, if you have any questions about the ecosystem, any recommendations and/or any complaints, please feel free to reply here before the due time.

Thank you for your understanding.

The-Grudge (Swiggity swooty :3)
Sufokia's Ecologist
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Please and Thank you.
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