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Wetrew's Political Agenda 2015-07-05 to 2015-07-19

By GhostyToasty13 - MEMBER - July 05, 2015, 20:11:08

Thank you all for your votes in the election!

Like our previous governor, Isaacenning, I too will be posting everything you need to know on to this thread throughout my mandate as governor. All events that I post on the events forum will also be crossposted here.

A General Meeting will be occurring on Monday, July 8th at 7:00 PM CST to discuss Sufokia. All nations are welcome to attend. I'll post a meeting agenda with general topics some time before the event. Please try to think of anything else you'd like to bring up during the meeting.

As time goes on I'll continue to post here. Thank you for your votes again and I'm looking forward to serving Sufokia to the best of my abilities!

Wetrew, Governor of Sufokia

Sufokian General Assembly
Monday July 6th
7:00 PM CST

Meeting summary will be posted here after the meeting. If you have any questions or would like me to add anything, please PM me in game.

Meeting Agenda:
Government Introductions
General Complaints
Future Events
Nation Bonuses
Stance on Raids
Foreign Relations
Open Question Period

Wetrew, Governor of Sufokia

A few days late, but here's a summary of what was said at Monday's meeting.

Ecosystem Requests
Thanks to our wonderful ecologist, Veltis, all of your ecosystem requests have already been fulfilled. More reeds, artichokes, and thistles have been planted. If you have any further requests or concerns about the ecosystem, feel free to contact him. If you need the weather changed, contact our weather engineer, Isaacenning.

Future Events Requests
A few event ideas were brought up at the meeting, including naked dungeon runs, dance parties, crop art, a PvP tourney, astrub parades, and flash mobs. Vice Governor Gu Wuya and I are currently looking into the possibility of running a PvP tournament sometime in the near future. Flash mobs can happen at anytime if there's enough people in the outpost.

Nation Bonuses and Outlaws
The Sufokian government strives to keep the ecosystems clean, so we get to keep our nation bonuses up. If you happen to accidentally knock the ecosystem out of balance and become an outlaw, contact any cabinet member or myself if you'd like it fixed.

Ecoterrorism and our Stance on Raids
It has been said many times before, but I will say it again, Sufokia DOES NOT support any ecoterrorism or organized raiding. We've worked hard to maintain neutrality with other nations and we do not want to infringe upon that. However, I'm not able to control everybody. If you see any ecoterrorism within Sufokia, please contact a government member asap, with details including the name, guild, nation, level, class, and location of the terrorist.

Foreign Relations with Amakna
As many of you probably have seen, Sufokia and Amakna have now entered an alliance. If you are one of the naughty few who decides to attack another nation, please refrain from hurting Amakna at all costs. The Sufokian government works with Amakna to keep both nations' bonuses up, and it would be a shame if a Sufokian were to take either bonus down.

Thank you all for coming out to the meeting, and I apologize for my inability to post this sooner. Again, if you have any questions, requests, concerns or etc., please let a government member know!

Wetrew, Governor of Sufokia
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Hello dear Sufokians!

I hope you enjoy the game so far! Updates changed a lot for all of us.
Which means some people could do their builds wrong.

I noticed a lot of you started to kill snappers and kokos for restat mats. It's a natural thing which I absolutely understand. However I'd appreciate it to be extra careful with the ecosystem both in Terrana Dune and Jumping Jungle. As much as I don't mind to work hard to keep bonuses up it'd be a shame to see someone is losing their citizen points by accident. If you get an outlaw status and you meant no harm feel free to pm any member of the government to take it down. We understand accidents happen.

If you want to give suggestions about the resources or have a few questions feel free to pm as well. We'll be happy to help you.

Good luck!

Ecologist of Sufokia

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Score : 458

Come test out your new build in the first ever 1v1 Ecaflipus PvP Tournament! Hosted by Sufokian Governor, Wetrew and my Vice-Governor Gu Wuya. it’ll be a fun way to fight new people, and possibly earn some nice change for your pockets. There’ll be multiple brackets, a great prize pool, and lots of fun PvP!

When and Where: The tournament will start at 5:00 PM CST/ 6:00 PM EST/ 3:00 PM PST on Saturday, July 18th. Please try to show up a couple of minutes before your fight.

Tournament Style: Depending on how many people sign up and show up for the tournament, it will either be Double Elimination, or Round Robin.

Possible Divisions: Since the tournament is 1v1, we’ll have 6 possible level divisions. These are subject to change depending on who signs up:

Division I: 120-130
Division II: 131-140
Division III: 141-149
Division IV: 150-165
Division V: 166-174
Division VI: 175

You are allowed to enter if you are below level 120, just keep in mind that it may be a bit of a challenge. An alternate event will be hosted for those who do not meet this level requirement.

Entry: If you would like to join, you’ll need to pay a small entry fee based on your division. All of the entry fee money will be added to the prize money. Please contact either Wetrew or Gu Wuya to pay your entry money. You will have until MIDNIGHT CST ON SATURDAY to enter the tournament. Brackets will be posted early that morning with match times and your first pairing. Please reply with your toon name and level to enter. Each person may only enter 1 toon.

Division I: 5kk
Division II: 10kk
Division III: 15kk
Division IV: 20kk
Division V: 25kk
Division VI: 30kk.

Prizes: Obviously we can’t have a tournament without some prizes. Prizes will increase depending on the division. There will be prizes for 1st and 2nd place in each division. If it is Round Robin, only first place will get a prize. The entry fee prizes will be added to the 1st place prize.

Division I: 1st 50kk, 2nd 25kk
Division II: 1st 75kk, 2nd 33kk
Division III: 1st 100kk, 2nd, 50kk
Division IV: 1st 150kk, 2nd 75kk
Division V: 1st 200kk, 2nd 100kk
Division VI: 1st+2nd 1 180 glossy rune +200kk

I’ll update prizes as divisions change.

Spectators and Betting: Of course, you are allowed to come out and watch the fights, as long as you don’t interfere with them. You are also allowed to bet on fights, however that should be dealt with privately, between yourself and whoever you choose to bet with. I do encourage betting.

*Fight Rules: Fights will have a 10 minute time limit. A referee will be in charge of keeping time and order in the arena. Once the time limit ends, the referee will report the wins and losses of each fight. If time runs out and there is no winner, the player with the highest percentage of HP will win the fight. If they are the same, then each competitor will have to choose a number 1-10. Closest to the referee’s number wins. If you are 5 minutes late for your match, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

If you have any question, put them here! Hope to see you all at the tournament!
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