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Isaac's Political Agenda (2015-06-07 to 2015-06-21)

By Pyronamic101 - MEMBER - June 07, 2015, 16:44:15


Thanks to the people of Sufokia for putting their trust in me.

As part of one of my key tenets of governmental transparency, I'll be using this thread to post updates to the current situation in Sufokia. Any relevant announcements to the Nox Events forums will also be crossposted here.

I have a few open spots on my cabinet reserved for those that are new to government. Shoot me a PM (IGN: Isaacenning) or send me an Ankabox message to inquire further.

A Sufokian General Assembly will take place on Tuesday June 9th at 8PM EST (5pm PST). It will happen in Sufokia Outpost. All nations are welcome to attend. An agenda of topics for discussion shall be posted here by the end of the day, as well as crossposted to the Nox Events forum.

More updates to follow in the coming days. I look forward to working with everyone.

Governor of Sufokia



Sufokian General Assembly
Tuesday June 9th
8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST

Meeting minutes will be posted in this thread after the meeting.
If you have any additional topics you wish to discuss, Ankabox or PM me in-game

Meeting Agenda:
General Complaints
Future Events
Nation Bonuses
Stance on Raids
Open Question Period

Signing off,

Governor of Sufokia



Thanks to everyone for coming out to yesterday's general meeting. We had many productive discussions. For the benefit of those that were not there, here's a quick recap of the important topics, as well as how the government plans on addressing them.

1. Ecosystem Requests

There were a few requests with regards to the ecosystem. As such, we'll be putting in extra effort to plant Birch trees in Jumping Jungles, Cherry Trees in Steamulating Shore, and Beans in Steamulating Shores. Since Sharks and Snappers seem to be popular places for leveling, we'll be seeding regularly to make sure that those respective bonuses stay up. If there's interest in any other flora or fauna, shoot our Ecologist, Veltis, a PM in-game.

2. Are there events coming up?

There was interest in a Scavenger Hunt event similar to what Gu Wuya (Sufokia's previous governor) ran. We'll be trying something similar in the near future. Gu Wuya will be looking into the specifics.

Additionally, we've got the True-False trivia contest, however we might be expanding that in scale to a multiple-choice trivia contest instead. IsaacEnning will take a look at the viability of that, as well as potentially running the True-False trivia again with some guest question writers (you know who you are!)

A PvP tournament was also suggested, and such an idea is currently under investigation by Gu Wuya.

A pun contest was also suggested, and such an idea is currently under investigation by IsaacEnning.

We'll be sure to keep you guys posted on whatever events we plan to run. Information will be spread here, in the Nox: Events section of the forum, over Policy Public chat at Sufokia outpost, as well as in the Sufokia Governor's Speech.

3. Outlaws and Guards

There was discussion about the formation of a guild solely for guard duties. While there was clearly interest in such a guild, we don't see too much guard action with respect to outlaws, and such a dedicated guild would most likely see little action to sustain it. However, if such a guild does decide to form, this administration would wholeheartedly work with it.

Additionally, remember that when reporting the location of outlaws, the more information you can provide, the better. This includes (at a bare minimum) the name of the outlaw and where they were sighted. Other useful information includes guild name, level, and nation.

Thanks again for all those that came out to voice their concerns. As always, if there's anything else, feel free to PM myself or any other members of the cabinet. We'll see to dealing with it in an efficient manner.

Signing off,

Governor of Sufokia



Thank you everyone for their support! I'm ecstatic that there's a mini-me standing guard outside outpost. However, if there's anything that either me or my cabinet can do better, be sure to let us know!

The weekend is coming up. Originally we had planned to run two sets of events; one for ever weekend of the term. However, due to the recently-announced EXP weekend, it would seem best to postpone the events to next weekend instead.

However, that's not to say that we're not planning on helping out! Aside from keeping the nation bonus up as we usually do, I'll also be offering free keymaking services. This is great for those massed dungeon runs where keys seem to burn up faster than you can farm them. Just doing my little bit to make the game a bit more accessible.

May Enutrof smile on you and - as people often say before striking the boss-killing blow- "gl on drops". Have a fantastic EXP weekend!


Governor of Sufokia



Hey Sufokians!

We've got some awesome events planned for you for the coming Friday. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to run a hybrid scavenger hunt similar to what Wuya ran last week, as well as a pun contest, run by Isaac. Trivia and PvP will be shelved for a later date or potentially a later political term.

Planning is still in the prototypical stages, so we've only got the dates and times at the moment:

Wuya's Scavenger Hunt
Friday June 19th, 2015
Sufokia Outpost at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST)

Isaac's Pun Contest
Friday June 19th, 2015
Sufokia Outpost at 10:00pm EST (7:00pm PST)

More details will be posted in the Governor's Speech, as well as cross-posted here and to the Nox: Events section as they become available.

Hope everyone had a fantastic EXP weekend!

Governor of Sufokia


It's been a fantastic two weeks! And not only that, but what better way to kick of the weekend than with some good old-fashioned events! As promised, the current Sufokia Government is going to be following through on it's promise to run some events.

Firstly will be Vice-Governor Wuya's Scavenger Hunt at 8:30pm, and the second will be a brand-new Pun Contest run by Governor Isaac at 10:00pm. Both events will meet starting at Sufokia Outpost, but may move into either a haven bag or throughout the nation.

We have planned for the Scavenger Hunt event to run for around one hour, so there's no overlap in events. Come to either, or come to both! It's up to you!

Players from all nations are welcome to attend! Details of both events are listed below. Great chance to have some fun and earn some kamas!

Have a question? Send a PM to Gu Wuya or IsaacEnning in-game, Ankabox either of us, or leave a reply here.

Hope to have some fun with you guys!

Gu Wuya and IsaacEnning
Sufokia Government



This event will take place at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST) on Friday June 19th

Explore all of Sufokia while chasing the prize, and speaking of prizes, be assured there is much loot to be had! As of yet, the prizes have yet to be decided, but rest assured, they're well worth it. Kamas and costumes and nice things, oh my!

The rules are simple:

The event will start at Sufokia Outpost, but will take you to three different areas in Sufokia. At each area, Vice-Governor Wuya and Challenger Wetrew will be telling a series of riddles, each of which requests a common drop item. (Note, however, that maybe the item requested doesn't come from the area you're in!)

Your job is to be the first to bring them back to either government member. Doing so within the time limit grants you a point! There will be multiple chances to earn points in each of the areas. Player with the most points at the end of all the riddles wins!

Prizes are still being decided at the moment, but will most likely involve a costume and a whole bunch of kamas.

Wuya's an Enutrof, so we know she's loaded, but we encouraged her to loosen up her purse strings for this event! Don't look so angry, Wuya, it's for the good of the nation!



This event will take place at 10:00pm EST (7:00pm PST) on Friday June 19th.

Got a wit sharper than a Breath of Life?
Are you the one making your buddies look like Iops with your wordplay?
Have a bunch of cringeworthy Wakfu puns that would make Evangeline and Amalia facepalm?

Come show your talent for quick thinking in five pun categories. Guest Government judges will choose the top three puns in each category, and those players will receive some nice kama prizes! Feel free to prepare puns ahead of time!

These are the five categories

i. Character Class
ii. Player Names
iii. Pick-up Lines
iv. Yo Momma Jokes

The mystery topic will feature an impromptu pun contest in which players will have a few minutes to prepare their best pun upon receiving a category. Since the stakes are so much higher, the prizes will be DOUBLED in value.

First Prize: 50 000 kamas
Second Prize: 25 000 kamas
Third prize: 10 000 kamas



Hey Sufokians!

Both events last night were fantastic successes. Thanks to everyone who came out, as well as the government members that helped run the events.

Congratulations to the three winners of Wuya's Scavenger hunt, all of whom are members of the guild Phantom Code. We know who to call for all our missing kamas and guild chest items!

I must say that for future governments of all nations, pun events are one of the most fun and easy-to-run events that you can organize. And as bad as they are, you can't help but chuckle at the sheer ingenuity of your nation's quick-witted jesters!

For the winners of the pun contest:

Without further ado, the top three puns of the contest!
Feel free to groan and facepalm all you want.

Signing off,

Governor of Sufokia


Wakfu Character Class Puns

3rd place, to Kraud
"I'd have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a Pandawa pun"

2nd place, by Atohi
"Why did the Enutrof fail grammar school? He hated the idea of sticking commas (kamas) anywhere but his pocket"

1st place, by Thousand
"What do you call a Xelor off their dial? On break, because they're off the clock"

Wakfu Character Name

3rd place, by Esspur
"What's wrong Wetrew?"

2nd place, by Kraud
"As a Cra, Kavulu is pretty good at crowd control. Even when he uses an air spell on a beacon I'm adjacent to, he's still good at Kraud-control"

1st place, by Sophuu
"What kangaroo needs a towel? A WET-REW"

Wakfu Pick-Up Lines

3rd place, by Atohi
"Hey girl, you better have leveled your resistance from behind, because tonight, you're gonna need it"

2nd place, by The One Who Tanks
"Hey girl, are you clinging to my life? Because you got me standing when I'm dead"

1st place, by Kraud
"Is your trapper level 100? Because you can harvest my seed"

Wakfu Yo Momma Jokes

3rd place, by The One Who Tanks
"Yo momma so rich, even Pappy Pal asks her for financial advice"

2nd place, by The Ultimate Foru
"Yo momma's so attractive, she could lock Dragon Pig"

1st place, by Atohi
"Yo momma's so stupid she tried to milk a male gobball.... and succeeded"

Mystery Category was.... SUFOKIA

3rd place, by Kraud
"I'd like to get things Jumpin' in your Jungle"

2nd place, by Atohi
"I know we've had our differences in the past, but that's all water Unna the Bridge"

1st place, by Aureal
"I dated a girl from Sufokia once; she gave me Crabs"

Honourable mention to Dusxmacina
"Sufokia, where the nightmare of landsharks are a reality




Thank you all for voting me to another term as Governor.

Numerous people have told me that keeping a political mandate thread was a useful way of keeping the Sufokian people in-the-loop, so I've decided to reboot the thread for the current term.

You can find the mandate thread here: Isaac's Political agenda (2015-06-21 to 2015-07-05)

Signing off,

Governor of Sufokia
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