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RP: Knowledge is Power

By OM3GA-Z3R0 October 30, 2012, 12:15:24
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When the group entered the new room a high pitch sound emitted from a unknown location and then a voice was heard, "Weeeeeelcome Actors! I have awaited anxiously for the next act."
"Who said that? Show yourself!" Riko shouted out in confusion.
"Ah forgive me, seems my manners have wandered about... allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Steemenhiem, head researcher of the 8th Sir Flexington Brigade." the said doctor replied to Riko's question. Zorn slightly flinched from shock, "Sir Flexington?!" he gasped, the doctor was busy insulting Riko about her IQ and her religions IQ, which was working, Riko's Wakfu was rising around her along with fiery energy.
"Now my actors, I do hope you don't bore me, I have staged this just for this occasion and now that you are here we can finally begin Act 2, let us begin... Security!" the doctor shouted, the lights lit up and the room revealed thousands of capsules which housed Foggernaut's, the capsules opened and the Foggernaut's walked out of it and armed themselves for combat, "Why is a Flexington Brigade still around? The Foggernaut war is over, the Flexington Brigade disbanded a long time ago." Zorn muttered to himself, Riko then walked towards Foggernaut enemies and ended up punching one of them straight into their face, it was so hard it make a deep dent in its face that screws and metal peices flew loose, Zorn's jaw dropped in shock on how strong Riko is from all her anger, "What is she? a Iop or a Sacrier?" the other Foggernaut's were also shocked by how strong she was but continued to attack, Lorenzie joined Riko in the fight, Zorn looked around and examined the room, other capsules were slowly activating and if Zorn doesn't think of a way to stop it everyone is going to end up fighting an army.
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Veronica listened to Tal's story about his family, it is sad that he lost them when he was still at a young age; thinking about it now, Tal must've been all alone through all these years. Veronica's smile turned into sadness, thinking how Tal lived and knowing that a nice person like that shouldn't deserve being alone. Veronica held her legs tighter while sitting silently next to Tal, "I wonder how the others are doing?" she softly asked, she then looked at Tal, "Do you think they will be alright without us?" before Tal could get the change to answer Veronica continued: "Riko always said that we are stronger together as a team but saying that already points out that the team has gotten weaker by losing 3 members, I mean... what if someone gets seriously hurt and I am not there?" Veronica was starting to worry, her Eniripsa instincts were taking over and she is having the compulsive need to go down there and help the group to make sure no one is injured, she placed her forehead on her knee and rested it, "I am really worried about them, I hope nothing bad happens, I mean everyone struggled fighting that thing and what if there are more of them down there." Veronica's worries are bottling up and she is starting to feel slightly impatient, she would try and wake up the Sram but then that might open some wounds that she worked so hard to close, "AAAH! Why do I worry so much!" she shouted in frustration.
Score : 4093
Lorenzie tried to calm down Riko but was unsuccessful, Riko didn't care about anything anymore. She just wanted to find that Doctor and smash his face in for insulting her intellect, two Foggernauts joined the battle and aimed at Riko, she dashed towards them with such speed, the Foggernauts pulled their triggers to try and shoot her down but she managed to strafe right and left to dodge the shots, a few grazed her but wasn't fatal, when she got close enough was she was crouching under on of the Foggernaut's and quickly raised up with a uppercut, the Foggernaut flew up and it almost seemed the place around Riko got slower, as the Foggernaut was slightly off the ground, Riko did a turning jump and kicked the mid-air Foggernaut that flew and crashed in a occupied capsule which burst in electrical sparks. The other Foggernaut point it's gun at Riko which was at point blank, there is no way it could miss, it began to pull the trigger to fire but Riko grabbed the nozzle of the Stasis Rifle and lifted it upwards, the Foggernaut fired but it hit one of the pipes which released more steam, the nozzle began to burn Riko's hand due to the heat of the shot, the Foggernaut attempted to hit RIko with its fist but Riko caught its fist with her free hand and began to tightly grip the fist, creaking noises came out of the fist, until the integrity gave in and enabled Riko to crush its fist. The Foggernaut looked at it's crushed hand in shock then at Riko, she then arched her head backwards and then swung her head forward, crashing into the Foggernauts forehead which made a huge dent, that swung made her hat fall onto the ground behind Riko, more capsules opened and more Foggernaut infantries joined the battle and armed themselves, doors opened and other ASU Foggernauts went to repair broken capsules and defeated Foggernaut infantries. Riko was slightly panting, she turned around and slowly picked up her hat, wiped it a little bit to get some dust off and put it back on her head, the infantries were grouping up and make a wall of them with guns pointed, one of the ASU's behind them signaled them to fire and they all pull the trigger, Riko jumped and landed feet first onto the ASU that was behind the wall of infantries, the ASU fell back and got its face crushed under Riko's feet. All the infantries turned to Riko and she turned around, punched one straight in the face, channeled Wakfu into her free fist and punched the other one with a Thunderbolt punch and gave the last one another Thunderbolt punch and the Scalded marks manifested on the points they were punched, she then channeled a little more Wakfu and slammed the palm of her hand on the ground to call forth the Celestial Swords, the swords raised under the three Foggernauts burning them and creating a energy reaction to the marks which ended up creating small explosions.

At the Laboratory.

"She is fierce." the voice commented, Doctor Steemenhiem's grin shone in the darkness from excitement, "Are you going to explain why you decided to taunt the Iop?"
"Hehe, knowledge is our greatest weapon, Through all the observation I have come to the conclusion that this girl doesn't like being insulted by her IQ and all her speeches about 'We are stronger as a team' is the very root of her weakness."
"As you can see, she is enraged and nothing will calm her down until she lays her fists into my metallic face, teamwork means nothing to her now, to make matters worse, beings that use Wakfu tend to not think clearly when their Wakfu is slowly being drained, normally she would calm down much easier if she wasn't losing Wakfu every second of the time, but since she is, her train of thought and others are slowly deteriorating ... Genius, no?"
The voice scoffed at the thought, it was impressed by the Doctors strategy, 'Break the Team' so to speak but it was only one person, the voice pondered if the Doctor had other plans installed for them, this battle is just a theater to him. "Tell me... are you going to be part of this show?" the Doctor asked the voice, the voice didn't reply, only the sound of the audio from the monitors were heard until it responded with a reasonable answer: "I will determine that depending on where this Act will take them."
"Good." the doctors smile never disappeared as he and the voice watch the group battle against a growing army of Foggernauts."
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It was pretty weird down here.
Meier walked slowly along the passage, examining the myriad valves and pipelines that lined the narrow hall. They took up much of the space- Meier was a tall man and he had had to duck under a few of the largest overhead pipes. It was a claustrophobic space.

He peered through one of the portholes, set deep within the wall. The glass was several inches thick and murky. Even if it had been clear though, there was nothing to see in the inky black of the water beyond the glass.

"You done sulking yet?" Isart had appeared next to him and said this in a low mutter.
Meier bristled at this, about to make a sharp reply, but stopped himself. He always made an effort to consider his words and if his reaction was fair before replying.
Instead of the acidic remark he'd intitially intended, he said quietly: "I didn't betray Sufokia."
"I... I know. Look, I didn't mean it like that and I'm sorry." Isart replied. Then almost to himself "I think this temple is making me paranoid..."
"Yeah, it's ranking pretty high on my list of creepy places..." Meier said drily. Then sighed. "I'm sorry too. I haven't exactly been... upfront... about anything. I didn't really tell you anything at all."
"No you haven't, but that doesn't equate to treachery, so ah, sorry about that." Isart met his eyes then and said: "You were up to something in Brakmar though, weren't you? Something you didn't think you could get away with in Sufokia or any other lawful nation. Why else would you go?"
Uh oh. Busted.
"I had many reasons! Maybe I just wanted to visit?" Meier replied, with feigned innocence, still keeping his voice down. He walked a little further along the passage.
"Meier! If you expect me to believe that-" Isart hissed, catching his arm and pulling him back. Meier stopped and turned to face him.
"No, I don't. Alright, fine. There were several reasons for me to travel there, and yes, wanting to see the place was one of them, but the deciding factor for me was that the corruption in Brakmar would make it possible for me to conduct experiments there that would likely be illegal in other nations."

Isart gaped at him for a moment, shot a frantic look at the others to make sure they weren't listening, then in an urgent whisper asked: "Meier, what in Rushs's hell did you do?"
Meier gave a quiet off-hand laugh. "Oh, nothing awful- no ethical standards were broken, at least, not in my opinion... No, but they were quite dangerous. Obviously, I took appropriate care- I have excellent attention to detail, as you know, and all my experiments ran as I planned them." 'Except for one, but that wasn't my fault' Meier added mentally. "The only real reason this kind of research is banned is that Sufokia doesn't want anyone else to figure out how it works- and I suppose, certain religious groups object, but oh well. Anyway, you lot don't even know half of it- there is so much more to learn!"
"Meier, what are you talking about?" Isart whispered back, looking anxious.
"Stasis, of course!" Meier hissed in return. The two looked quickly at the group, but it seemed no one had heard. Good, Meier didn't plan on telling them. "I had several projects, but I also worked on the transmutation of stasis to wakfu... and the reverse."
"You... Meier, no wonder you got into trouble!"
"Ha, actually the government probably had no idea about my research- politics is what got me into trouble. My research is what saved me from execution... if you can call it being saved. The threat was always there and I... suffered, regardless. The only people that minded about the experiments, once I was discovered, were some extreme religious groups- they said my work was an abomination. I said they were idiots. It didn't curry me any favour, but my situation was beyond that anyway."

They started walking again- the others were a fair way ahead by now. Isart was quiet.
Eventually he spoke up: "I see why you didn't want anyone in Sufokia to know... Ursula would have you locked up for sure."
"Will you tell her?" Meier asked in a mild tone, more curious than anything.
"No." Isart shook his head. "I think what you did was extremely ill-advised and dangerous... but it's research that I think should be allowed. Maybe not all of it-" he added sharply, "but this embargo on stasis research is poorly considered, in my opinion. Plus, even though Brakmar had you for a year, you didn't tell them anything classified about Sufokia, so there's no reason to tell Ursula on the grounds of you being a security risk."
"Thank you." Meier said simply.
"And Meier... you are my friend. You didn't really think I was going to turn you in, did you?"
This time Meier smiled genuinely behind his mask. "Thank you." He said again, but heart felt this time.
Isart smiled back.
"So, what has Ursula said to you so far?" Isart asked after a moment.
"Hmmm... not much. I was surprised. I'd half expected her to drag me away for questioning, but all she's done really is ask if I was alright." Meier replied, after consideration.
Isart raised his eyebrows. "That's very, er, considerate of her..."
"Indeed. I don't doubt her concern for my welfare was genuine, but I think Ursula is also waiting to see what I'll do. I think she suspects I was involved in research in Brakmar- it's not an unreasonable assumption, but if nothing should occur to raise alarm about my work there, I doubt she'll pursue it. If she ever got proof, she'd probably 'save it for a rainy day'- keep it until she needed me to cooperate with something I was being difficult on."
"You think she'd threaten you with it?"
Meier snorted. "Of course! Ursula is a good person, I don't doubt it, but she's Head Guard- Sufokia must come first. As long as I don't step on her toes whilst I'm here, I don't forsee there being any problems though."
Isart shook his head. "I still can't believe you pulled all this off."
Meier shrugged. "I'm glad I did the research, but going to Brakmar was a mistake. Now I'm a wanted fugitive, survivor of torture and very nearly lost the use of my magic-" Meier snapped his mouth shut. He hadn't meant to talk about that!
Isart was on it right away though: "Wait, what!? How?"
Meier just shook his head mutely. "Isart, please, it's really not something I want to talk about..."
"Meier, I... You know you could probably take this to the courts. I mean-"
Meier laughed blackly. "What, bring a legal case against Brakmar? Now that's a good one."
"Meier, I'm serious. Maybe you should talk to Ursula- Brakmar isn't going to stop hunting you, you know that-"
"Isart, no. Just leave it, alright? And not a word to Ursula." Meier said firmly. He couldn't bear to discuss it further.
Isart sighed and held up his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright. I'll leave it to you. I just don't think it's fair that Brakmar gets away with it, is all. And I already said I wouldn't tell her."
"Not fair? Tell me about it." Meier said bitterly, mostly to himself. He sighed "Thank you. I'm glad you're my friend."
Isart nodded and they caught up with the others.

"Urgh another dark room." Riko moaned in disgust: "What is it with these Foggernaught's and the dark damp rooms?"
"What indeed?" Meier replied cheerfully, feeling much happier now that the air had been cleared with Isart.
This is when the trap was sprung. As soon as they'd all stepped into the chamber, the passage they'd entered from was quickly barred and a voice called with wicked delight through the speakers:
"Weeeeeelcome Actors! I have awaited anxiously for the next act."
"Who said that? Show yourself!" Riko called. Meier put his back to the wall and scanned the room, watching for trouble.
"Ah forgive me, seems my manners have wandered about... allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Steemenhiem, head researcher of the 8th Sir Flexington Brigade."
"Why is a Flexington Brigade still around? The Foggernaut war is over, the Flexington Brigade disbanded a long time ago." Meier heard Zorn mutter. That didn't sound good...
"Head researcher of the 8th what?" Riko asked, sounding confused.
"Sigh, I tend to forget that the Iop religion are a dense kind, however explaining to you all won't make much of a difference since you are all going to die here."
"Dense? How dare you call me dense! Show yourself so I can give you a piece of my mind you coward!" Riko was getting angrier and angrier.
"My dear actress, if you gave me a piece of your mind then you wouldn't have any left for yourself." That did it- Riko looked like she was about to snap.
"Yes my actress, channel that anger, more emotion means better acting just the way I love in my theatrical entertainment, show me the great stupidity of the Iop you are, show me their IQ level because this will prove nice research material."
"Research material?" Meier muttered to Isart with narrowed his eyes focused on the speaker. "Who does he think he is?!"
"To be fair, I know for a fact that you do experiments on people all the time without their knowledge..." Isart said primly.
Meier waved a dismissive hand. "Bah!"

"Now my actors, I do hope you don't bore me, I have staged this just for this occasion and now that you are here we can finally begin Act 2, let us begin... Security!"
Foggernauts appeared around the room.
"Calling me stupid... Low IQ... Dense... insulting my religion..." Riko bubbled with rage... and took out the nearest foggernaut. It was spectacular and brutal. Meier blinked in shock behind his mask- he never doubted Riko's strength (she was an iop, after all), but there'd been so much anger behind that hit and it didn't seem to have lessened.
"Come at me! I will smash you all into scrap one by one!" She roared. Lorenzie stepped up to say something to her... probably trying to calm her down.

It didn't work.

Riko rushed into the fray, decimating her opponents, fueled by a blind fury. Meier and Isart looked at each other and rushed to help her. Isart clumsily pulled out his stasis pistol and started firing off shots, fortunately much steadier. Meier used Underhand to throw back approaching foggernauts, preventing the machines from swarming them. He found it was more difficult to use wakfu effectively- the stasis levels were low, but its effect was still noticable. He was very used to working in close proximity to stasis though and knew to pace himself.

Riko, though, was going flat out. 'At this rate, she'll completely exhaust herself...' Meier thought to himself.
"Riko!" Meier called to her, between fighting the foggernauts. "Riko! Don't you see he's just trying to rile you up? He wants you to be angry!"
She didn't seem to hear him.
More foggernauts had appeared and Riko was in the thick of them, laying ruin. Meier remembered the time Moritz had depleted all his wakfu- he'd been unconscious almost a full day after. Meier remembered when he himself had made the same mistake- it had been his undoing in Brakmar. If Riko didn't get some self control back, she'd play right into the hands of their enemies.

Riko had thinned out the foggernauts around her. Seeing his chance, Meier teleported to her side. It was harder than usual, but he ignored that. Throwing the closest foggernauts back with a blast of temporal energy, he grabbed Riko's arm.
"Riko! You're playing into their trap- get a hold of yourself, this isn't like you! Why should you even care what he thinks? The only value his opinion has is what you choose to give it. I know you're smart, forget about what he says!" Meier said to her earnestly. He didn't get to see if she'd taken any of it in, because the few seconds it'd taken him to speak to her were enough for their attackers to regroup. He let go of her arm as a pulse from a stasis rifle came at him- he blocked it with a hastily crafted wakfu shield. This was difficult- pure wakfu against pure stasis. Meier's will power was the deciding factor though and his shield held. He knocked the foggernaut back once again, just as Isart ran to his side, disabling it with three shots from his stasis pistol once it was down.


OOC: Woah, long post is long! Sorry I've been away for ages, guys, been very busy.

So this is stage one, right? I'm going by what Omega wrote here for the stasis effects:
"1st section is the Cybernetics Chambers, which is like a factory that makes more Foggernaught's this section will be filled with ASU's and a few Security Foggernaught's.

Stasis levels in this section is: 25%
It begins to become noticeable as your Wakfu seems to be sapped lightly, everyone's Wakfu capabilities are slightly weaker than usual. Stasis Capabilities slightly improves."
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The Flexington Brigade? Inamora hasn't heard that ever since when he was in the military academy training to serve Brakmar, soldiers and guard veterans told stories about the Foggernaut war long ago but Inamora never really paid much attention to them because they all seemed to have gotten boring to a certain point but now irony has hit him hard, he is now inside a Flexington base and they are being swarmed by an army of them which seems to be never ending, Riko was in a rampage because the voice which calls himself Doctor Steemenhiem taunted RIko to a point that she is only after the doctor so she can rip his head off his shoulders, Lorenzie went into battle and tried to calm down Riko but to no luck, then Meier tried but because of the chaos there is no telling if calming her right now is going to work or not, Zorn was just standing asnd looking around for something, maybe hatching a plan but for now Inamora needs to help the rest and try to thin out their numbers, ''We don't have Veronica here so it would be best to preserve the Wakfu where it really counts.' Inamora thought, he tok out his bow and normal arrows and took aim, it would help them if Inamora can get good shots from them, a Foggernaut worker or some sort is trying to fix the fallen soldiers, Inamora could thin them out by taking out the workers. He aimed and fired, the arrows hit directly to its head, it fell on the ground but slowly started getting back up, while that one was disoriented he began to look for another worker to disorientate and damage while the others deal the real damage.
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[OOC: Guys, I wrote a stupid Christmas story for us all and posted it in the OOC thread. Hope you enjoy it! biggrin
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"What is it with these Foggernaught's and the dark damp rooms?" Riko questioned after she responded to Darci. A door slid shut behind them, and Darci already felt herself cringing.

“Typical...” Darci said and looked up at the speakers above her as they flickered to life was a clash of static.

"Weeeeeelcome Actors! I have awaited anxiously for the next act." A prim pompous voice flicked into the room, to which Riko shouted out to, "Who said that? Show yourself!"

"Ah forgive me, seems my manners have wandered about... allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Steemenhiem, head researcher of the 8th Sir Flexington Brigade."

"Head researcher of the 8th what?" Riko looked confused, and Darci felt it was well. She hated her ignorance of the local area more and more since she stepped foot in Sufokian territory.

"Sigh, I tend to forget that the Iop religion are a dense kind, however explaining to you all won't make much of a difference since you are all going to die here." The voice insulted Riko more.

"Dense? How dare you call me dense! Show yourself so I can give you a piece of my mind you coward!" Riko shouted in anger. Darci couldn't help but roll her eyes at the ploy of the so called 'Doctor'.

"My dear actress, if you gave me a piece of your mind then you wouldn't have any left for yourself." Darci's eyebrows raised at the insult, and watched Riko's anger spike more.

"Yes my actress, channel that anger, more emotion means better acting just the way I love in my theatrical entertainment, show me the great stupidity of the Iop you are, show me their IQ level because this will prove nice research material." The voice gloated further.

"Now my actors, I do hope you don't bore me, I have staged this just for this occasion and now that you are here we can finally begin Act 2, let us begin... Security!"

Darci immediately cringed at the doctor shouting, and took on a more firm stance. Her green eyes widened as the pipes began pumping out capsules, which gave birth to Foggernauts. She snarled to herself, her mind already clicking with how to stop the onslaught. Her eyes scanned the machinery to find the cables supplying the energy, but before she could even move, a statis rifle went off. She felt a burning sensation across her cheek and green blood began to drip down her cheek.

She hissed in pain, and bolted to the side. She glanced to the side to see Riko's rage, as she ripped into the mechinical army like a wave over rocks. She had to hand it to the Iopette, she sure knew how to do damage.

Darci skidded past a Foggernaut, as he was drawing his statis gun. She whipped her hammer from her bag, and crashed it against the Fogger's chest, denting the metal in. She heard a crack of a statis core, then whirled on another Fogger. She began a deadly dance of destruction, as she twirled, whirled and smashed with her hammer. Every strike for a weak point on the body, mostly spine, chest, and jaws.

She watched as a capsule broke open and bringing more of the oncoming army. She felt the weight of the hammer more now as she swung. Sweat and blood dripped from her face onto the metal ground as she danced with her hammer.

I gotta get over there...” She thought to herself and decided to do what she did best. Be unpredictable.

She bounced back from a on coming metal fist, and flipped in air. Once she landed, she sprinted full tilt right at a Fogger, and leapt into the air. Her feet finding a perch on it's head, and leapt from the Fogger to another. Darci used her tail as a balance for her quick leaps, careful not to fall into the fray yet. She cleared it to the other room, and ducked under a swing of a butt of a gun. With a upper cut swing, right into what would be the the ribcage, the Foggernaut fell away.

Her eyes flicked over the statis fueled machinery.

“Better make this count...” She swung with all the might right into the main pipeline between the capsules machine. “CRACKLER PUNCH!” She screamed and fueled her hammer with a earth's equivalent of a Crackler's punch. The Pipe dented and cracked under her, making her give a insane grin. A Fogger behind her leveled a gun at her back, which Darci saw of the corner of her eye. She jerked right as the gun went off, and...right into the Statis pipeline...

Her eyes widened, and seconds later she is thrown by the explosion slightly smoking.
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Lorenzie sighed.

Well, how nice.... Lorelai, any old spells in your knowledge so we can try and talk to Riko and hopefully calm her down?.... She thought for Lorelai.

I have one but it might give both sides a huge disadvantage... of course by that I mean we might buy the enemy enough time to regroup and stuff. Keeping both sides from doing any damage at all is not a very good idea as I have learned when I was alive.... She replied.

Lorenzie sliced across what was in front of her, slicing the Foggernauts in front of her across the stomach if they had such a thing, in a few quick yet simple strokes.

How costly is it? She asked.

Considering the place we are in and the situation, very costly. was the response.

She spun the glaive over head and then put herself in another stance, holding her glaive with the blade side up and which hand held where switched. She then proceeded to stab a Foggernaut that was in front of her and then follow up a spinning slash, spinning herself with the said weapon, cutting through the Foggernauts that stood near her.

Would it mean exhausting my Wakfu quickly or losing a lot of what's left of my life span? She thought.

Your Wakfu. Was the answer.

She ran through a few Foggernauts, all standing very dangerously close to each other, and ended up behind them, looking like she had just struck through all of them...

Said Foggernauts were then revealed to be sliced in half through the torso as the upper half slid down.

Would it mean life or death for all of us? She asked once more.

May or may not, but it would for you considering how costly it is.

All she did was so she could get close enough to talk to Zorn.

Having wiped out all that would be a hindrance to the chat, she stopped beside Zorn.

"So can you tell me how any of this is supposed to work? Details or items that might cause the group we're fighting to stop spawning?" She asked while holding a weak yet transparent barrier spell to stop the attacks from a big group on the other side of said barrier. "Please answer me before this barrier spell breaks...?"
Score : 98
Zorn continued to examine the area and noticed Darci having a really good idea in taking out one of the power cores to slow down the spawning process but it won't stop the whole thing completely, they are going to have to find the main power console and deactivate it or destroy it and Zorn has the right idea where it could be located at. Lorenzie appeared close to Zorn after dealing with a group of Foggernaut's she placed a weak barrier around her and Zorn so they could talk and discuss the situation: "So can you tell me how any of this is supposed to work? Details or items that might cause the group we're fighting to stop spawning?"
Zorn did not look at her, he kept looking around and kept note on many things until Lorenzie said something that caught his attention: "Please answer me before this barrier spell breaks...?" he looked at her and pointed on the floor which looked like some kind of rail, "This rail network is connected to various different locations, it is easier and quicker to get ASU's to important consoles to fix something that malfunctioned, my hunch as an ASU is that one of these rails are connected to the Master console that operates this room, I could go there but I may need some assistance." he then turned to face Riko, which was dealing colossal damage all around her.
"For as long as Riko is in this enraged state, the Foggernaut army will have problem dealing with her, she also has Meier, Darci, Inamora and Isart by her side for support, if you and I go to the Master console, we can shut this place down without blowing this underwater base up." he turned back to Lorenzie and gave off a somewhat creepy smile: "I can carry you while I roll on the rails to the Master console, going on foot will prove difficult."
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“Fourteen thousand,” said Moritz, “nine hundred and.... sixty. That’s all of it. Can I please kill myself now?”

Hey, I remember this...

The Past Music

“What? I’d have thought you’d be enthusiastic about helping us tally the loot, Moritz.” A most excitedly Ecaflip named Bengal said, whom sat cross-legged in the middle of the dining area in the glass cellar beneath the abandoned warehouse. The table and chairs had been moved away to make room for a vast quantity of kamas, stacked into little glittering mounds that circled Bengal and Moritz, nearly walling them in completely. “You didn’t tell me he would be hauling it home in normal bags and not even in a haven bag.”

“Well, kamas ARE dear. Nobody’s going to store five or six thousand kamas in a mere haven bag (doubly so considering how much vast space such bags have within them, and kamas are oh SO small; they could get lost in there), and nobody’s going to be dumb enough to carry it around like that.” Bengal replied matter-of-factually.

There was a rattling noise from the entrance passage to the cellar; then Aeros Smisse appeared around the corner, dressed as a most bourgeois merchant. He whipped his makeshift glasses off, loosened his scarf, and shrugged out of his wool coat, letting it fall unceremoniously to the floor. His face was flushed, and he was waving a piece of folded parchment affixed with a red seal. Normally, Aeros Smisse was a roguish man that had shoulder-length hair and a handlebar mustache, each the color of fine dark ash. His face was normally sanded leather, and he preferred to wear dark leather armour and knee high boots, as well as a majestic (though tattered) grey cloak. For this deception today though, he was Merchus Wulff, unusual jewels merchant extraordinaire from the far off lands of Sufokia, Steamulating Shores. When he was not out stealing kamas from the rich at night, he could be found conning listless merchants and greedy nobility during the day. Such was Aeros’ daily pastimes (or hobbies, depending on whom you asked).

“Sixty-five hundred more, lads! I told him we’d found two more mines, but that we were already having cash flow problems—bribes to be paid, excavation teams to be called and sobered up, officers to be placated, other prospectors to be chased off…And he just handed it right over, smiling all the while. Gods. I should’ve thought this scam up two years ago. We don’t even have to bother setting up fake mines and paperwork and so forth, because Don Chaakno knows the Wulff part of the game is a lie. There’s nothing for us to do except relax and count the money.”

A few nights prior to sealing the deal with the Don, Aeros, Silvah Smisse and Moritz disguised themselves as guards of Brakmar, convincing the Don that he’s part of an ‘elaborate’ scheme to help ‘Brakmar’s Finest’ nail the ‘villainous and infamous’ con artist Wulff and his elaborate group of outlaws. The only way the Don could aid them capture this scandalous rogue was to accept every demand the ‘merchant’ asked for. Only once the ‘trap’ was ready, would the guards inform the Don that they will apprehend the thief, thank for his assistance in the capture of the notorious thief, and that all the expenses he incurred would be paid back in triplicate by the Royal Family. Naturally, the overly greedy Don took it hook, line and sinker, believing every word coming from Aeros’s talented silver tongue. A con to reinforce the con with another con. CONCEPTION, Aeros would joke to his underlings, though the joke tended to mostly pass over their young heads, as even Moritz scratched his head on that.

“If it’s so relaxing, why don’t you count it, then?” Moritz jumped to his feet and leaned backward until his back and his neck made a series of little popping noises. “I’d be happy to, Moritz.” Aeros took a bottle of red wine out of a wooden cupboard and poured himself half a glass, then watered it from a brass cup of pure rainwater (which, ironically, was FAR more valuable within the confines of a polluted metropolis such as Gobblard Boulevard) until it was a soft pink. “And tomorrow you can play Merchus Wulff. I’m sure the Don would never notice any difference. Is it all here?”

“Fifteen thousand kamas delivered as one thousand handbags,” said Bengal, “less forty for clerking fees and 'guards'.” Guards being anyone dull witted enough to guard anything even more worth than what he/she would be paid with.

“Well,” said Aeros, “let me get rid of poor Master Wulff’s clothes and I’ll give you a hand dumping it all in the ‘vault’.” The Vault was merely a specially created (and enchanted, thanks to some debts having to be called by retired Wakfu enchanters) strongroom, behind the sleeping quarters of this abandoned warehouse. They were enchanted in such a way as to alert any member of the Guild as to whom was entering in without a ‘key-keeper’, a person (or three, depending on how severe security had to be stepped up) who was in charge of the vault for the week. Silver, gold and kamas in large quantities went into the vaults while narrow wooden shelves around the periphery of the vault room held small bags or piles of more kamas, in the case of being used readily for emergencies.

Excluding many of the other gangs and sneak thieves, and even perhaps the fabled “Association of Assassins” (a horror story Aeros would enjoy telling Moritz and his diminutive band when they were younger, of a group of silent murderers who had a taste for small children who disobeyed their elders and remained outside on the streets; as Moritz and Co. grew up, they altogether forgot about that little fairy tale) they believed themselves to be the (almost) wealthiest thieves in Gobblard Boulevard, if not all of Brakmar (followed only by the nobility of Brakmar, the truly biggest thieves in the World of Twelve); the little rugged parchment ledger set aside on one of their shelves would list more than seventy fix thousand kamas when the Don’s second note would be turned into cold hard kamas. They were almost as wealthy as the man they were currently robbing.

Yet so far as anyone knew, the Guild were nothing but a thought or a whisper, if not an unassuming gang of ordinary sneak thieves; competent and discreet enough, steady earners, but hardly shooting stars. They could live comfortably for ten kamas apiece each year, and Aeros warned them that to spend much more than that would invite the most unwelcome scrutiny imaginable, from every authority in Brakmar, legal or otherwise.

Another series of rattling noises followed from the passageway upstairs, and a most haggardly street urchin with sand colored skin and rose tinted dreadlocks wearing nothing but simple breeches and a shirt came rushing towards Aeros. "Here! It's here! Here it is! Mr. Aeros!" Mary Juana called out to their leader, waving what appears to be parchment and notes in her hands. The old rogue grabbed her by the side and swung her about, a smile forming on his face. Mary giggled like a small girl, all the while holding her hands up, as though she was flying. Moritz merely shakes his head. Hard to believe that this gaunt young lass was once a mere house servant to Don Chaakno a month prior, and a chapel girl to a local temple of Sadida the month prior that, and so on and so forth.

Since each one's inception into the Guild, Aeros has carefully trained his young acolytes in the many talents of Brakmar's underworld. For Bengal, he had been carefully trained in the arts of gambling and the con-artist, as well as bookkeeping and accounting. If any kama was missing from his gaze, he would know. For Silvah and Moritz, the fine art of stealing, theft and sleight of hand, with a dash of proper combat techniques and defenses. As for Mary, she was inducted into the arts of disguises, and the more shadier aspects of alchemy and poisons. Aeros explained to them that each of them played a part in a larger goal; each a cog in a great machine, if you would.

After having their fun, Aeros places the girl down gently, eyes the parchment she was now holding in front of her diligently (like that of a young overachieving student waiting excitedly to give her results to her parent), then snatches it from her hand. Aeros skims the document, his eyes tracing each letter with scrutiny. His eyes seem to halt for a mere moment at something, before skimming on. Each of the young acolytes were now staring at Aeros, as it was a rare occasion to see their master in a train of intense thought.

Finished, he places the note onto one of the nearby shelves. "I have dire news, my young ones. Seems we are to attend the Festival of Fame tomorrow..."


Before he could finish watching this past moment of one of his worst days to continue, a nagging voice from within the Void called to him.

Hey...WAKE UP!


The first thing that greeted the (somewhat) drained Sram was…

A skull splitting headache!

The fact that there was a burning ache within his lungs did assure the thief he was alive, but that he was also in dire pain.

“Gods damn it all, BREATHE!” his conscious yelled at him from within his battered mind.

Moritz woke up, his eyelids popping open. He was gasping for air; his back pulling straight from the floor. Sure, the air smelled and tasted like age old dust, but it was all the Sram could afford to swallow in his state. He soon regulated his breathing to a steady beat.

The next thing that greeted him was his life preserving instincts. He jumped off the floor, unsheathing his daggers, and looked around warily, awaiting the metallic monstrosity that had chased him and Lorenzie into the chamber moments ago. Or was it hours? Moritz seemed to have lost track of time while he was knocked out. After scanning the room within a few heartbeats, the thief let out a sigh of relief, as he sheathed his weapons back within his robes. Off on the other side of the room, were large scorch and blast marks, as well as the smouldering remains of the once imposing engine of destruction that had harried them (and himself, with a dizzied Fecan girl, moments ago) within the ancient temple. He felt some measure of relief at its destruction, but knew they (and by proximity, himself) were far out of danger. The minor rest he was given was barely enough to satiate his body’s fortitude and health, but it was at least enough to get him back on his feet for now.

The Sram rubbed his temple, trying to diminish the pain that was being inflicted by the newest threat to him: his headache.

“Uuurgh! Rushu’s realm! What happened? How long have I been out?” he asked to anyone in the room, not really sure as to who WAS still left standing. “Gods, this headache…” 
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"For as long as Riko is in this enraged state, the Foggernaut army will have problem dealing with her, she also has Meier, Darci, Inamora and Isart by her side for support, if you and I go to the Master console, we can shut this place down without blowing this underwater base up."

With the current situation, she should be helping the others out and helping them get this over and done with, but she knew very well that detecting and eliminating the source of the growing number of enemies was more important. People had their limits, after all, yet, even knowing that, she felt torn.

She turned to the rest of the group, the shadow of her bangs covering her expression.

"I can carry you while I roll on the rails to the Master console, going on foot will prove difficult."

"Okay, I'm going with you... But please do put me down when we get there...." She finally said with a concerned gaze directed to the rest of the group.

She turned to Zorn with a determined and calm expression. "I hope.... Really hope that no one dies.... Hopefully that doesn't add to the countless other false hopes I've had that have only turned into despair..." She then muttered to herself.
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Lorenzie sounded concerned for her friends that were fighting against the growing army that kept spawning from left to right until she turned to Zorn with a determined face, Zorn stood tall without changing his expression when Lorenzie accepted the idea, he walked up to her, went on one knee and picked her up. His one hand was supporting her upper body while the other was supporting her legs by the knee joints, he gently stood up again and was surprised how light Lorenzie was, he looked at her and said: "Let's move." he stood in a stance that made his metallic shoes clip on the rails that were grounded on the floor, "Hold on tight milady." he says to Lorenzie as they zipped past everything and grooved against the wall, they zig-zag through capsules and huge pipelines that would've hit their heads if the rails weren't placed properly, Zorn sped faster the longer they rode on the rails that they are managing to pick up the resistance of the wind.

Moments later they arrived at the end of the railing which was a huge room with consoles and monitors, some ASU's were working and fixing some of them, operating them so that the capsules could draw power, Zorn immediately placed Lorenzie on her feet and quickly drew out his weapons, he shot a few Stasis rounds on a few ASU's and decided to go melee. He formed a mechanical hammer out of the device that Haruko made for him the balance of the materialized hammer was so light and easy to use, he swung his hammer on a few ASU which were successful hits, Zorn managed to find the Master Console, his hammer crumbled and he turned to Lorenzie, "Milady! Cover me, I am going to try and deactivate the console and also try and bypass the security protocols!" as he instructed her; he ran to the console. "Hmm pity I used up all my Cybot's, I am going to have to hack the system the old fashion way." he then clicked stretched his fingers and clicking sounds emitted form them and he began to mash buttons on the console, entering from system program to another to a very fast pace that it is difficult to follow if someone was watching him at work, all he hopes that no one behind him will try and interrupt him during the process but he lays his trust on Lorenzie, knowing that she wouldn't him down, even for a second.
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Tal went to calm Veronica from her worry, but was stopped by the sound of someone jumping to their feet and yelling.

“Uuurgh! Rushu’s realm! What happened? How long have I been out?”
Tal turned around to see his least favorite person in the world. "Oh.....Lovely....he's awake...." He sighed and looked at Veronica, "Well, Why don't we go check on them ourselves, since he's up and about." He stood up and looked at Moritz. "Slept well?" He looked back to Veronica and held out a hand to help her up. "I probably shouldn't try and knock him matter how much I want to right now....We need to get down their and help." 
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Riko was still smashing through the swarm around her, covered by Inamora- she had a lot of stamina, Meier would give her that.
But the foggernauts kept coming.
"This is ridiculous!" Isart snapped as he shot another foggernaut. "We can't keep going like this."
"I know." Meier muttered, using ice spells to freeze the foggernauts gears, before shattering the now brittle metal with blasts of temporal magic or punching them with a fist full of summoned fire. "We need to disable the pods or control system someh-" rapid shots from a stasis rifle cut him off as he an Isart dived for cover. Three foggernauts had come up behind them during the fight.

"Shiiiiiiiit!" Isart cursed. He and Meier had taken cover behind one of the larger pipes and were ducked down to avoid fire.
"Count of three?" Meier asked.
They counted. "1... 2...3!" On the third, Meier jumped to his feet, immediately throwing their attackers back with Underhand, Isart leaping to his feet to finish them with a quick succession of shots.
"Nicely done." Meier said, grinning. Looking around, Meier noticed Zorn taking Lorenzie. Pointing it out to Isart, he said "They must be going to dismantle the control. Zorn ought to know what to do with it."

He was about to say that he and Isart should do the same (being the only others aside from Zorn with any knowledge of these systems), when he caught sight of Darci.

"Woman on a mission, there." Isart nodded his head at her, watching her leap across the foggernauts between taking shots. Meier had had his back to her most of the time, too busy with the foggernauts near him. Hearing her shout her attack, he looked back in time to see her standing on the now damaged stasis pipeline.
"What's she doing thoug- Darci, move!" Meier shouted as the foggernaut's shot hit the pipeline instead of her. There wasn't time for her to move though, even if she'd heard him. He and Isart ducked behind their pipeline again to avoid the explosion of stasis caused when the pipe ruptured.

Looking back over, Meier and Isart surveyed the damage- the pipeline had been a main feeder to the capsules on Darci's side of the room- foggernauts were now being released much more slowly over there. If they could block a few more lines, that part would be almost cleared. Darci had been thrown back by the explosion though- Meier didn't know what her condition was.

"I'm going to try and get to her. Can you cover me?" Meier asked Isart. Isart nodded. It had taken far more wakfu than it should for him to teleport before and he knew he had to conserve his power. Darci wasn't far.

Taking a deep breath, Meier vaulted over the pipeline and made a dash for it, dodging foggernauts and stray fire, hoping Isart's aim was good.


*Back story time! biggrin*

This takes place several years before KiP.

Part 2: Meier meets Brakmar.

The two goblins he'd hired to carry the chest grunted with their load, but Meier paid them no mind. He was focused on the sprawling black monster of the city before him. Even this far away from Brakmar, the air carried the smell of sulfur back to him.

"Come along and mind the chests." Meier directed to the goblins, getting mumbled "yes doctor"s in reply. He'd been very clear that the chests must be handled delicately, putting the fear of Xelor into his employees to hammer the point home. And with good reason: the goblins may not know what their burdens contained (only that it posed them great danger if treated roughly), for the chests were packed full of crystalised stasis, smuggled (or more bluntly, stolen) by Meier from Sufokia.

It hadn't been easy, slipping anything under Ursula's nose, but Meier was nothing if not resourceful, and through cunning, guile and careful planning, succeeded. Now, he was almost in Brakmar, a city who's corruption was so deeply ingrained, it practiclly supplanted the law- and made nearly anything possible, if you knew how to work the system. Which Meier did.

Meier had big plans for his smuggled hoard. Big plans. He had so many ideas and now he could finally test them! Sufokia had a stranglehold on stasis research- and outright forbade persons of other nations from conducting research with Sufokian stasis. They wished to guard the secrets to their technology. Meier understood that, but he wasn't interested in replicating Sufokian tech- his schemes were grander than that and this was important research that they were stopping.

Since Sufokia won't let him and it was on to Brakmar! Bonta and Amakna would turn him in in a heart beat, Astrub didn't have the resources he needed, so the black city it was. Besides, the place fascinated him in its own right.

They'd reached the city's main gate. It was enormous- thick and ugly, it was built to withstand the worst.
"Passport!" The guard barked at him. Meier held it up, not trusting the guard to give it back if he handed it over. The guard grunted and waved it away. "Business in Brakmar?" He demanded.
"Research with the university." Meier had accepted a position there to quell suspicion and to make it easier to conduct his experiments.
The guard grunted again before looking him over. "You supposed to be some kind of xelor, then? Where's your damn mask- lose a fight, did you?"
Meier looked at him evenly and held up his mask from where it was tucked loosely into his bag.
In Brakmar especially, a xelor without armour and mask was considered dishonoured- if they lost a fight to someone who particularly hated them, the victor might steal their armour. Some xelor groups would do the same to members who had committed some great wrong doing in their eyes. It was a rare and spiteful thing to do, but it happened. Meier, being from the Rift, couldn't care less though.
"Rifters don't need it." he said evenly, a subtle boast.
The guard ground out the cigarette he'd been smoking and said in his short, abrasive tone: "Rift? Never heard of it. Five kamas for the gate and welcome to Brakmar."
Thrusting the money into the guard's dirty hand, Meier was granted passage through the gate. Striding through, Meier reflected on the progression of his goals. Everything had gone according to plan- now his real work could begin.

As the hulking black city gates ground shut behind him, Meier smiled.


OOC: Welcome to Brak, Meier. You've made a huge mistake.
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4 years ago

Riko sat home eating dinner with her mother, they never spoke to one another that much which always makes the evening silent until there was a loud knock on the door, "Who could that be in this hour?" Riko's mother said in annoyance, she stood up and walked towards the door and opened it, there stood and huge tall Sacrier with a farmer attire when a kid looks up at him they could find him the scary person, he had a huge scar across his left eye that goes all the way down to his neck which could be further down but since he was wearing a shirt it was difficult to tell, "Sephia, I need to talk to you about your daughter." he said in a serious tone.
"Why? did Shariko do something wrong?" Sephia had a worried look on her face, she has always cared for her own daughter she didn't want anything bad to happen, "May I come in?"
"Um okay." she stepped aside and invited the Sacrier in. He saw Riko sitting by the table staring at him emotionless, "Hey Shariko, how are you little piwi?"
"I'm fine Uncle Redix." she said softly while going back to her dinner, "Thats good." he replied, Redix turned to Sephia and said softly: "Let talk to a more private room." they both walked to the next room, Redix sat on a fluffy couch which was made out of Gobbal wool, Sephia sat next to him all tense, worried about the topic, Redix looked at her and said: "This afternoon, when I got back home from doing my last harvest for the day; I found my son in the corner of his room, all beaten up, he had bruises all over his face. I asked him who did it and he said that Shariko attacked him."
Sephia gasped in shock: "My Shariko attacked him?"
"Yes and it wasn't a normal fight like what kids would do, apparently the other kids that witnessed it described it as if Shariko was some enraged animal attacking an innocent child."
"No, that can't be Shariko, she is a well behaved girl she would never do something so violent!" Sephia shouted at Redix in disbelief, Riko was able to hear everything from the other side.

"Keep your voice down Iop-head! I don't want Shariko to hear everything!" Redix hissed at Sephia, she calmed down a little and listened to Redix more, "Sephia, if Shariko proves to be too violent, I am sorry but I might have to go and speak to Alibert about this and have your daughter banished from Emelka." Sephia's eyes widened in even more disbelief, "You can't, she is my daughter, she is all I have in my life."
"I know Sephia, we've known each other since we were kids and I don't want to break your heart even more than it is already, since you are still recovering from your husband." he went silent for a few seconds to give a moment for her husband and then continued: "I won't tell Alibert but you need to keep your child in check, if she continues and this gets out of hand, I will have no choice but to tell Alibert." he stood up from the couch and walked to the door, held the door handle and opened it but before leaving he turned to Riko and said: "Good night Shariko."
"Good night Uncle Redix." she greeted him in return and he left, closing the door behind him. Later that evening Sephia rejoined Riko by the table and they silently ate their dinner, it was awkward, Riko finished her meal and silently stood up and cleaned her own plate, "Thank you for supper mother." she thanked and then walked to her own room but was stopped when her mother called her name: "Shariko..." Riko turned to face her mother, "I know you didn't hurt Redix's son for no reason, I won't understand your reasons but I love you and you are my own flesh and blood, I will not let them take you away form me, I am on your side." Sephia gave off a sad smile and for a long time since Eridin left Emelka, Riko managed to show a genuine smile back at her mother although a sad smile it was still real.


Riko was panting in exhaustion, her arms were getting heavy and her legs were starting to wobble, her Wakfu was seeping out of her body faster for using so much, more Foggernaught's began to surround her, the voice of that doctor was running through her head over and over with the words: 'Dense, stupid, Iop-head and all the other insults he gave at her.' it fueled her rage, she stood up straight again and gave a shoulder charge to the nearest Foggernaught which made it flew into a capsule which ended up becoming broken, she felt a shot scrape her thigh, she turned to where the shot came from and attack that Foggernaught, everytime she attack she let out a battle cry of anger but no matter what, more and more FOggernaught's kept piling up to her to force her to exhaust herself..

Meanwhile at the Laboratory

"Aww, I worked so hared on those and they are breaking them." Doctor Steemenhiem complained,
"That is what you get if you want to anger the Iop girl."
"Haha I wasn't talking about her, that Osamodas girl just attacked on of the pipelines, what a moron! They are highly combust but they never knew that no, no, no, they just swooped in and struck it hoping that will sort out the crisis of this act aaah bu no she was wrong, the beauty in all of it, what will they come up next?" a small alarm went off while the Doctor was under his unnecessary ramblings again, the voice checked the monitor which was under alert and saw the Rogue Foggernaut(Zorn) and the Feca girl in the Master Control room. "Doctor, it seems your backstage has been breached." the Doctor stopped rambling and said: "Eh? Backstage?" he got off his metal chair and looked closely at the monitor, his smile grew and he began to laugh maniacally: "Splendid! Marvelous! Spectacular! I did not see this coming, I was hoping they would keep fighting until they destroyed everything in Act 2, oooh this is simply marvelous, I commend that Foggernaut indeed I do this is great just great, yes, yes, yes, YES! Do you know what this mean?" he asked the voice, the voice didn't reply because it knew the Doctor will tell it anyway, "It means I can begin the sub-plot in this act, aaaahaah this sensation is... exhilarating!" The Doctor was filled with ecstasy, his arms were wrapped around himself as if he was hugging himself in lust, he was simply enjoying the entertainment he staged, he walked back to his chair and sat on it, chuckling like a maniac, his eyes and smile only reflected light and shone in the darkness, "Let's see how loyal... that Foggernaut truly is..."
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Echo1608|2014-01-02 21:02:30
He stood up and looked at Moritz. "Slept well?"

Moritz eyed the seemingly cocky Sacrier. "Like a gods-damned baby." he replied with deadpan sarcasm. He then returned to rubbing his forehead profusely, inevitably hoping that would make the headache go away.
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Darci felt her conscious flicker back to life, and started to come to from being thrown from the explosion. First sense to comeback was a ringing static sensation noise that trapped out all sound. Next, the pain flaring up her right arm and thigh. She grunted in pain, and tried to look at the injury only to realize her vision is slightly blurred. She rolled to her side only to look up at a barrel of a stasis rifle pointed at her face. Confusion took her for a second, then her eyes focus, contracting to slits in horror.
Meanwhile, Meier ducked and dodged his way through the foggernauts. Weaving through them, he spun around to find he was nearly face-to-face with one. Not stopping, Meier cast Underhand as he ran, knocking the foggernaut back. The heat of a stasis charge shot by his right ear, far too close, and he saw it hit the foggernaut he'd downed.

"Watch it, Isart!' He roared, not looking back.
"Sorry!" was the alarmed and apologetic reply.

He'd almost reached the far wall. Vaulting over the pipe there, he saw Darci, collapsed on the floor, looking up barrel of the stasis rifle pointed at her. Startled by Meier’s arrival, the foggernaut turned its head to look at him-
-and that second of hesitation was all Meier needed. Summoning temporal energy, Meier focused it on the foggernaut, blasting its gears apart with the displacement of time.

"Darci, are you alright?" Meier asked her, kneeling next to her to see her injuries.

She looked shocked when the foggernaut fell away and winced as Meier placed his hand on her. She stared at the rifle that almost took her life for a second. She gave a hiss of pain as he moved her bad arm.

"DAMN IT!" she cussed out in reaction, and gritted her teeth against the pain. She looked down at the skin, which is a darker brown and oozing green blood. It looked like sick tree bark, oozing green sap with some of her skin peeling. She processed that the injury is at least a 2nd degree burn, and damn did it smart...

She turned her attention to the Xelor and stared up at Meier, astounded he saved her life.

"You.. you saved my life.." she whispered, but was cut short as she saw a Fogger pointing a pistol at them.

"Here, can you s-" Meier began.

"GET DOWN!" Darci roared, yanking him down by his coat, the shot missing him by inches. Whipping around to face their new assailant, Meier went to throw a spell at it, only for it to be deactivated by three shots from a stasis rifle. A second's confusion followed, then Isart suddenly appeared, vaulting over the pipe to land next to him.

"Cheers, eh." Meier said with a relieved grin.
"No problem." Isart replied, watching for more foggernauts.

Meier returned his attention to Darci. "Can you stand?"

"Meier- take that foggernaut's stasis rifle, the one you just destroyed. You're going to burn through too much Wakfu otherwise." Isart said suddenly.
Ah, now that was actually a good idea!

"Good thinking. Problem though: I don't know how to use these ones." Meier said as he examined the gun he’d picked up.

"There's no safety on those- just point and shoot. It won't stay powered long though- the foggernaut's core was giving it power. You've probably got a limited number of shots..."

"That's fine... no shortage of replacements..." Meier said, glancing at the carnage around them.

Darci listened to their conversation and already was picking up a rifle from the carnage closest to her. She winced as a little bit of green blood got in her eye from a cut as she stooped down. She held her damaged arm against her, trying not to bump it or further hurt it.

"Do you have this place covered? I need to get my hammer and bag." She said to them as she strapped the rifle to her back and picked up a pistol.

Meier nodded. "We've got it."

"So stasis pipes are highly combustible... noted." Darci said, slowly getting to her feet.
Isart snorted a laugh. "Yep, they sure are."

"I can't believe you did that." Meier added, gesturing to the destroyed pipe, shaking his head in disbelief and a little admiration. Seeing her struggle to reach her bag, he went over to her, watching for foggernauts.

"Keep an eye out for foggernauts for me, ok?" Meier instructed before ducking down to retrieve it for her. Slinging the bag over her good arm for her and still holding the hammer, he walked her back to Isart. Darci looked at him with a grateful expression, and put a hand on her bag as he walked her back.

"How are you going to fight like this? Sit down, we'll bind the worst of your injuries... where are you hurt?” Then muttered to himself: “And why in Rushu's hell did we leave the enirpsa back with Moritz?"
"Darci, that was crazy blowing up the pipe, but it worked!" Isart called over his shoulder, from where he was guarding.

Meier nodded. "Yes- production in this area has slowed right down. Once you're sorted, we'll shut down the rest in this area- but without blowing us up too." he said. Then added: "I hope. Isart and I know a bit about this stuff, but who can say for sure how things work in here?"

Darci paused and thought for a minute before answering Meier's questions. "I'll have to make myself fight like this if we are to get out of this alive... the worst is my arm.. the green blood is normal, don't worry you won't get a disease or anything.. and honestly I was going to say something about that, but I'm under question so it would not have been wise at the time..." She remarked and can't help but smile when called crazy for blowing the pipeline.

She sat down so Meier could work better to wrap her arm, putting it in the light to show the extent of the blast did to her. She set her bag next to her so she didn't have to keep it on her shoulder.

"Blood matches eye colour...?" Meier asked, as he carefully inspected her arm. It seemed to have borne the brunt of the damage. He suspected she'd landed on it too.

"Yes, it's a special thing about Osamodas. We all have our blood match our eyes.” Darci replied as he inspected the injured area.

"Isart, how are we going for Foggernauts?" Meier called over his shoulder.

"There's few enough in this part that I can cover us for a while. Be fast though, Meier." Isart replied from where he was kneeling behind the pipes, watching for foggernauts. They were tucked in behind a network of pipes. It wasn't the best cover, but it helped a lot.

"Right." Meier nodded and dug into his bag, looking for the roll of cloth he used to replace his own bandages. Drawing the long knife from his boot, he cut a strip of it off. He washed Darci's arm with water from his canteen before beginning to bind her arm.

"Sorry if this stings- I don't think you've broken it, but I'm going to bind it tight for support, just in case." he explained as he bound her arm. “I hope Veronica gets here soon...” he thought to himself.

She kept still as he poured the canteen of water and washed the wound. Darci nodded sharply as he mentioned it would hurt, and winced as he started to bind it. She took the pain with out complaint, and hissed every once in awhile as he bound the more damaged part. Once he was finished she sighed in relief. "Well at least a Xelor knows how to bandage..." she replied a bit with tired humor.

Meier ducked his head with a smile at Darci's comment on the bandages. "We have our uses." he added wryly.

"I have a idea for the other pipes... I have... Rouge bombs in my bag we can use. thus we don't have to get too close as I did originally."

Meier listened to her mention about the bombs.
"Whoa, I think that's enough explosions for today... I was thinking more along the lines of manual shutdown. Considering how much stasis there is down here, blowing it all up will probably blow *us* all up." He paused, tieing off her bandage. "Hang on a moment, I've got an idea..." Rummaging in his bag again, he took out his ink and pen and wrote a series of small glyphs on the bandage. Putting his hand over her arm, he woke the spell he made with some wakfu and a muttered word.

"It's an ice spell, to help with the burns... it's not strong, so it won't actually freeze your arm, but nor will it last too long- maybe half an hour. It should keep the pain down a bit." Meier explained. Putting everying back in his bag, he stood up and offered her a hand up. Brows furrowing, he asked "Wait, why do you have bombs?"

She smiled a bit as the pain receded, but only shrugged as he asked why she had bombs. She looked away and did not meet his eyes. "Let's get working on it. The iop can only last so long." She said and walked over to Isart.

Meier took the hint and didn't press further- not that there was even any time to anyway. He offered Darci her hammer. "You going to be able to carry that thing?" It was pretty heavy.

Darci took the hammer from his hand and snapped the strap back on it. She strapped it to her back, over the rifle before responding. “Practice, muscle training, and way too much time on my hands.”

"Done?" Isart asked.

"We're ready. " Meier replied, looking to Darci for confirmation.

“Ready as I'll ever be.” Darci said and crouched behind the pipes.

"Ok, the pipes shoud all have some kind of cut off valve- the emergency ones will be hand operated, which is what we need to use, to stop the nutjob that's in control of all this from over-riding what we do. They'll be difficult to move- it may take all of us to do it, as they have a lot of pressure to contain. If we can get all the main ones though, well, we may just turn the tide."

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Tal laughed lightly and smiled. "Glad you slept well, where on earth have you been anyways? You looked really beaten up, I'm surprised someone got the better of you." He pointed at the Sram and glared a little. "Weren't you watching the ship and Aiysa?"
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Tal and Moritz were exchanging words to each other in a way that it feels like they are not at best of terms with each other, Veronica stood up and wiped of some dust off her skirt and walked up to Moritz while taking out her brush, "Stand still so I can soothe that headache of yours." she instructed and began to softly heal without Moritz giving him a chance to speak, after awhile she finished healing his headache away and she put away her brush and turned to Tal, "Come on we have to meet up with the others, who knows what is going on down there!" turning to Moritz with a serious glare: "If you want to come then come, Tal and I are going with or without you... come on Tal." that said she ran to the open door that Zorn broke ahead of the two guys.
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"If you want to come then come, Tal and I are going with or without you... come on Tal." Veronica went running off to the door.

Tal he blushed and smiled. "Yeah...I'll tell her afterwords...." He waved to Mortiz. "Good luck!" He drew his sword out of his bag and ran after Veronica. "Coming Veronica! I'm right behind you!"
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