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Wakfu Roleplay Server on Discord

By Fleisch#4180 - MEMBER - August 24, 2022, 00:16:19
Sry for the double post, but we've also started offering Roleplay channels in our Discord Fanserver!
Which has grown up to 340 members!!! in the past few days!
This is NOT ingame roleplay, this is regular text exchange roleplay with Wakfu/Krosmoz characters!
The only English-speaking, still alive Wakfu server to offfer such! >smile

And additionally we focus on fans of the Wakfu & Kerubim series, the many comics and tooons of Wakfu artists! smile

For those interested, just hit me up in my DMs or look for 'Wakfu/Dofus Fans United' on the net/Disboard, it should be very easy to find!
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