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The tree.

By EliasEzequiel#1075 - MEMBER - June 03, 2022, 21:49:50

It's been a while, huh? It has grown so much since the last time I was here, maybe a couple of months. Even the leaves have taken your color, I guess it was true that the tree would have your essence in it.

I never thought about what would happen when a Sadida leaves this world. The elders told me "as they come from nature, they return to it". Never would've guessed it would be so literal. I'm sitting here right now and i feel you so close to me, as if you were right by my side.

It hurts... you know? It hurts so much to know you're not here. I can't bring myself to think that i won't see you anymore, or hear your voice, or feel your touch again. Our daughter found out a few days ago, and she was surprisngly calm about it. You were right when you said she was the strongest of us three.

I still couldn't give our guild the news. I don't know how to deal with it, I feel i must stay strong as a leader and not let their morale fall down, but it's hard.. it's too hard. Eventually i'll have to tell them, there's no use in hiding it.

Even after all this time I can't stop blaming myself. I shouldn't have left our home knowing about your illness, it all happened while i was away on a mission. I can't stop thinking that i could've done something to help if i was there, i could've helped somehow. It's a heavy weight on my heart, i'm not sure i'll be able to push it away anytime soon.

Anyway... just came to tell you how are things going. Our family is slowly getting bigger. Our daughter has grown up so much... who knows, maybe one day i may be even able to retire. Our guild is in good position, we've done a lot of things together. I'm still getting new apprentices, and some even come back to thank me for guiding them. Everything's on good track.

I'll come back soon with more news... I miss you, my queen...

This is for your memory, Lety. You will always be with me.
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