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Trying to revive in-game roleplay!

By Tixen#6405 - MEMBER - January 17, 2022, 20:36:25

So here's the deal

I recently restarted playing wakfu after leaving for about 3 years. I decided I would switch from the French servers to Rubilax and basically start from scratch to see how the game was now. I, of course, found that most of the chat is in Spanish but that is a story for another day.
The first thing I thought of when I came back was "I wonder how the roleplay is nowadays" and, to my great deception, it was non-existant. 

So I leveled up, played the game and just had fun, when I had an idea. Roleplay isn't just gonna revive itself! So, I am looking for people who would be interested in doing in-game roleplay. If enough people are interested, I'll make a discord server. So just comment on this thread and let's revive roleplay!

No level requirements (duh)
Rubilax server
And since I do not speak Spanish or other languages, and managing roleplay in multiple languages would be very hard, we will have to keep it in English.

Thank you for your collaboration!


Damn I guess no one's interested in roleplay anymore TwT

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This is not even close to the thread u did but could u help I got muted for no reason sad and I think It is because someone framed a message on top of me

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A little late to the party, but im down for it, if you still check this post.

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I'm also a bit late, but I am an RP player first and foremost and willing to have fun with other english speakers!

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Also late, but Wakfu is where I found my love for RP. Id love to get back intonthe world of twelve

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I'd love to roleplay in game again!

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I probably should of said this sooner, but if anyone is still reading this and indeed still wanting to roleplay, send friend requests to each other so we could communicate better and add each other into our friends list in wakfu.

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I never roleplayed before but it seem very interesting am on rubilax server aswell

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I'm down to try! My character's name is Jazzminka and im usually online around gmt hours from 6 to 9pm

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I would be interested in if your still looking I’m Tison I’m on most every day from 4-10pm ish GMT -5

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If i'm not too late i think it will be fun, I'm still a total noob at the game so be warned, my character's name is Eho Aleste

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I'd keep a eye out for a roleplay guild, the world has so many places literally designed for hanging out. What's the guild?

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