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[RP/Fiction] The Sneaky Letters

By Tynox-LG#8036 - MEMBER - April 12, 2019, 03:46:09
[Out Role Play]

Meow ! (That mean Hi!)

My name is Katze (how to pronounce ---> like "katz". This isn't my real name lmao) and I'm a french Dathura's player that don't use to speak an english but, try to improuve his skils. But I can speak spanish and catalan! No one cares? OK *goes out*. So, today, at 3:31am, I'm here to share you a story that is a part of fiction, but it deals mostly with what I've done in RP with other players, and, the most important thing righ now for me is to improuve my english, so, my text will have a lot of errors and I want you to be indulgent with me and help me to correct my mistakes. I won't traduce all this on google traductor lmao, only a lot of words that I don't know or I'm not sure of how you say it en english will be traduced with google.

I've already presented my self, now it's time to present my story, 'cuz the character, you'll discover him on the story biggrin.

The Sneaky Letters, english version of Les Lettres Chafouines is a groupement of many texts, exactly, for now, two books of 11 lettres in both book. Each lettre will have the name of a part of the character that makes Haankor be himself, for exemple, the first lettre will be entilted : Jealousy. On each, Haankor will speak about of his background, of what he has done in RP to give exemples and morals.

Haankor is an Ecaflip, and this picture that I found on internet represent nearly how I imagine him :
I think that I said what I wanted to say, so... see you on a few days! (Time to traduce de first page in spanish too).


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In Haankor’s house, on the shelf there is a brown book with the symbol of six white aces of spades, the original pages torn off from it, but, now there are a dozen of paper shits on, simply let between under the covers of leather. The first page is entitled “Jealousy”, writing is ugly and have many mistakes.

It is more than a precept, one thousand more than an idea, and this is not the whim of a deteriorated man, the game seems food but… a strange one. We taste it a first without being hunger, and if we liked it, we can eat the game when we are in famine, but quickly, we have want it more and more. We are starving and have to play, even we are doing another thing, and we will stop this to eat.

When I was a child, Mommy always said to Hangoun “We’ve a get our kicks when playing, all the great Ecaflips knows that it is just a game”. I hate Hangoun, my younger brother, this kitty was always surrounded by my parents, but it use to be my mother whom loved him more. “Hangoun can manipulate more than forty cards with only one hand”, “Hangoun always have six with dice, and use to do seven and eleven in craps game” said my mother to her friends, letting us, me and my sister behind. I was older than Hangoun and Shaah, my sister, but my brother took more place in my mother’s heart than I do, this was not because I am a short kitty, it was because he was better than I do in everything I had the audacity to try to do my best.

I was not a good Ecaflip, I think that I won’t be a good one if per Ecaflip you understand that I boast myself cards and dices skills, if you think that an Ecaflip use to play with balls of wool, no, those things are made for kittens, a monkey could do the same. I do not like the tact of cards, the color of your dice; it will be always a thing that make me do not want to play with you. So much so, when I was younger, I think six years old, I asked for Christmas an Ouginak’s sword, in those times I did not know that we consider as the “enemy”, the “barbaric” when, truly, they are brothers for me. I always dreamed to be an Ouginak; people do not even try to molest you, as Ouginak you can go running in the deserted lands of dust and never stop, you are with your pack, you are not afraid of fatigue, pain, sun, death, iron, bones, you are always well surrounded.

While I heard that, my brother and uncle Khajz were going to Brakmar to learn Ecaflip’s arts, I envied him even more. So, to have the chance to go out from this dirty deserted island none far from Saharach where lived with my family and me; I strained hardly to learn how to play a game because my mother always implied that she would love me when I know how to play. Moreover, this has been the reason to me to learn chest. Firstly, I played with other children from my school class, then with adults to perform my “art”. I use to play alone until my fingers bleed. One day, I wanted to show it to Mommy, so, I went to the kitchen where she was cooking. However, when my mother saw me with my chest table into my fingers; she took me by the shoulders and made me turn around kindly, saying to me that “chest aren’t an Ecaflip thing”. After that, I went to my sister’s bedroom to tell her, she interrupted me to say that she had not the time for my things; she was going with Father to learn sew, she said that we were gonna speak later and leave me.

In my family, we are dressmakers, tailors and shoemakers as long as Kshatra’s patronym exists. We have been working for as long time with leather and cotton as we are hairless cats. In my “country”, hairless carts are called “Ganjas” that literally means “hairless cat” in an old dialect. My father was proud of the fact that my sister was interested by being a tailor; they used to spend their time together, to hold the family shop in the center of the city. While I hate sewing, and I do not like the cold iron of the needle, I do not like to be sit down on a chair for hours that gives you back pain. I do not like to do the same thing without being thinking; only sewing, viewing the progress of your work. When it was my turn to sew, I used to imagine an Ouginak’s pack landing in a desert, running for a lot of marrow found in a bone itself found in a carrion. I imagine them, I envied them, the Ouginaks, my sister, my brother, and I felt my anger born in my soul, I felt it, I am steel feeling it.
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The second sheet is called "Egoism", the writing seems slightly clearer, which shows that a few weeks have passed since the writing of this page, that the graphic style is finally acquired.

At home, on this island of deserts, there was a lack of water in summer or early spring, and every year hundreds of people died of dehydration. As soon as I was a child, I learned about water and the importance it had or should have in our lives, especially us, Ganjas, who almost continually needed to be hydrated due to the fact that we have no coat, or a very fine down that does not protect enough sunlight.

I remember when I was only eight years old and it was that day that I understood what I told you earlier, one time when a man knocked on the door, he had to do easily more than fifty degrees (Celsius) outside, it must have been two o'clock in the afternoon and as I approached the door to open, my father screamed through the house not to open. The man had heard us, and begged us to give him just a little water and he was going to leave after, that his children were thirsty, I told my father that we still had plenty of water and that a little less was not serious and that he needed it more than us who had a great reserve. I had only the right to receive a big slap, and the insults of Father screaming that I was a fool and that I did not realize the nonsense that I said and I spare you verbal humiliation who are not better.

This example also allows me today to make the connection between the fact that Ecaflips are sometimes more cruel between them than we are with Ouginaks.

When I arrived at the center of Astrub at the age of forty-seven, I had not long ago realized that my selfishness had been generated by my unparalleled jealousy. I had lived and heard so many dark things that I did not have the limits of reason, I was ready for anything for myself, which could make me better, I did it, and what could be beneficial to someone other than me, if I did not find it, I did not do it.

I remember, in the first round of this Exit or Double that was the Hunter’s Game between Neju and me, I heard rumors about the future attempt to assassinate the daughter of this very dear Okami , great woman, a detail you will tell me, but, wanting to see if I could take advantage of the situation I investigated said Okami and, at that time she was at war against a former ally to her, Clyde it seems to me , I do not remember very well, he and I were trying to survive, and I badly needed Bishops to be able to attack my former enemy, Cretrize-Neju, but most of all, I wanted to take revenge on this Vare-Zate, this Ecaflip who had betrayed me and sold me to the enemy, I wanted him to pay for his betrayal but also to serve as an example for the white king (Neju), so, what I did, I went to see the Clyde and told him about the assassination attempt that was being organized, and I told him that I was part of it and my boss was Zate, wanting to convince him to help me, I pretended to be a killer expert, coming out of the =1.5remkiller =1.5remjargon I had learned at Brakmar's Sophist school, and I told him that killing was not a problem, but killing a child to get his mother to pay was a too big price. I explained to him that I could not do anything and that I could not kill myself Zate, I added that an Ouginak who kills an Ecaflip is more tolerated than an Ecaflip who kills another (and that, I know by experience). In addition, I had invented a story about a gang, and that Clyde was going to be a hero and that Okami was going to forgive him his faults to thank him for saving his daughter, see, a plan that has me took over a week to develop even if today very poorly summarized, all this so that he accepts, and in the end, he too betray me as had done Zate.

All this, I do not say it for nothing, the selfishness that haunted me is only part of the explanation that I make myself to know where I'm going and what should I do now that I do not play anymore. This love for myself is only the fallen fruit of the tree, which I picked up at the foot of jealousy, this one had made me shut up on myself, once folded, in front of my reflection, I saw my potential, and I saw it so much, that I thought for over thirty years that it was my biggest weapon. I considered myself, and consider myself, particularly intelligent, logical and strategist, I did not see myself in the day of the manipulator and the liar, and even today I do not know if what I did is really bad. I explain, against a Wabbit we use a knife, against a bear a spear is sometimes not enough, what about a Twelvian? What are the weapons against him? For my part I chose words, sometimes much sharper than knives or spears. But was there any other way than the violence of my misdeeds?

Some people will say to me that it is enough to be loving with the others to be liked, others will say that it is enough to know how to fight, but, laughs together a moment, am I really devoted to these two things? Look at me, I'm ugly and I'm small, I do not know how to be nice, my courtesy is just another knife, I'm a liar, a manipulator, a misogynist, the few people I've loved hated me later, but that you will find out soon, in short, I had neither the means to love, nor those to be loved, let alone the possibilities to fight, especially since I lost a right arm, so, dear friend, did I have a choice? Were my treachery not just a knife made to slice Wabbit? See how, the game is not always made to have fun, in my case, it was mostly there for a matter of survival, because, I tirelessly attract problems, and I have to face, because if I I'm running away, so I'll never stop running, it's a symbol.
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