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By blookyboo#6911 - MEMBER - March 20, 2019, 06:13:51
For all yall that rp I am making a group on Nox with either my huppermage Haku Sakurana or my Sacrier Brix Burnerblood let me describe my characters first. 

Haku is a mysterious huppermage that seems to not understand most emotions but is very powerful with quadramental breeze as if it is the very thing keeping her alive. Brix is a masochistic and very fun loving sacrier who tries to help others in anyway he can but ends up getting in fights because of how hot headed he is. he usualy loses because others break them up. 
you can find both of them in astrub but if not pm them Im usualy on around 9 or 12 to about midnight. (dont judge me I have no life)
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I play on Remmington, sorry.
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Thats fine as level doesnt matter in rp (plus I have brix on remmington as well >:3)
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