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Are any RPers still around?

By - MEMBER - February 24, 2019, 04:11:30
Though I'm admittedly new to Wakfu itself, it piqued my curiosity when I found this board.
Anyways, are there still RPers around here?
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Doesn't really seem like it. I'm on Nox and wouldn't mind someone to RP with, though.
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Ah, phew! I'm on Nox as well. I wouldn't mind RPing, myself!
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Hey! I'm extremely new as well, like, just-started-I-still-smell-of-preIncarnam new. I'm a hardcore roleplayer, though, so RPing would be just the thing to get me really invested.

OKAY! My character is a snarky lil shit of an Iop named Zathema. Friend me in-game, if you like.
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Pfft, that makes two of us, I'd say! I'd love to try and RP with ya, if you're up for it!

As for my character, (who I forgot to get out of incarnam lmao), he's a Feca archetype -- gentle, and protecting... and probably a little too science-y, Kudoka. (noot)
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hi sence you are interested I am planing on making an rp group myself so if you are interested I will be making a post to the forum telling others about it
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Despite being American, I play on Remmington. Sorry, but I chose to move from Nox since I don't like the restriction that players from different nations can't join you if you join a server that's relative to your nation. Not to mention I know there's good roleplayers out there who don't play on Nox.

If you can transfer your character to Remmington, I sure would like a few friends to roleplay with.
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Found any luck finding any other RPers in Remmington? I plan to go back to Wakfu and was thinking of distracting myself with some RP besides playing the game normally.
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