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The Rogue of legend

By TThe-Watcher - MEMBER - May 15, 2018, 12:30:23

When i first met the man i was startled by his appearance, glistening brass armor that formed an arcing crescent upon his head, with a bandanna underneath the mighty helm, obscuring his features, yet his eyes held more kindness to them than i could truly account for at the time.

Truly a warrior among ants, and as the years rolled by i watched him more intently as he only grew in strength, surely his skill was unmatched, and his power doubly so. Yet he never truly chose a side in the war of Amakna and Riktus, He was an Amaknan at heart of course, but he had allies on either side of the fence.

One day i asked him, why do you gather so much power, to not fight on either side of this conflict, while other rage into battle ready for an onslaught, you stand by without getting involved, what purpose does all this strength you have possess?

The rogue, would only smile at me, a true, earnest smile, and pat my head.

When The great dragon Nogord, broke free of its bindings, and threatened all of the world of twelve, that was when i saw what this man had gathered strength for, as he ran to meet the dragon head on, he tore it down from the heavens, many had joined the rogue in this fight, but none would forget him.

When Ogrest's rage was unsheathed, and storms clouded the world of twelve, once more the mighty rogue stood against the impossible challenge, and struck down the beast, tearing a mighty blade from its body that would only make the man stronger, the disembodier would become his new storm.

Now in days come past, with many who sought to become like him yet none truly succeeding, the rogue grew weary, as age crept up on him.
And with age, he vanished into the wind, but those that knew him would always remember the look in his eyes, the flash of steel, the movements of a man turned god.
His friends would cheer his name in the taverns of Amakna, His students would carry the torch, His enemies would truly miss him.
Long Live! the Crusher of Sham Moon!
Long Live! the Slayer of Nogord!
Long Live! the Doom of Ogrest!
Long Live! the Elradoman!!

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Elradoman is a cool guy and skilled player, he has my respect... but writings novels about him is a step to far ;P

Anyway whats happens that u decided to wrote that?

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well,it's a roleplaying section,nothing could be a step too far other than open insults

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