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Any RPers still here?

By VelveteenDawn - MEMBER - May 05, 2018, 21:40:38

Hello!  I'm new to the forums but old fan of the series.  I was wondering if anyone was interested in rping?  I know there aren't that many wakfu rpers anymore, but I'm hoping those who remain will find this.  I'm fine with forum rps although I do prefer pms.

If anyone is interested, please reply to this thread or pm me.  I'd love to discuss a long or short term rp for our characters and set something up.

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I do! Mostly by myself tho ^^

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If this is still up for offer I have a character on the Nox server. He's q level 14 Sacrier by the name of Pheralblud. I'm still working on backstory as I just started playing again today. Anyways, short rant over, but would love to hear from those interested. 

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I wouldn't mind joining in this either. Most of my main toons are in Remi but I have some in Nox as well.

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