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~::Silly Meet-up::~ (February 8th)

By Mewfoxgirl - MEMBER - February 07, 2018, 21:05:25

Where to be: Nox.

Where to go: Brutas's Tavern in Astrub~

When: 2pm PST Feb. 8th

"...Why?" : <3 Just find out!

Just stop by if you're bored. :y
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Pax pushed the heavy door and slowly moved to one of the tables, helping himself with his skull-topped cane. He had no idea why he even came here in the first place, since he never drank. He watched the people around, and after that just ordered himself a fruitcake, surprised that they were actually serving them here.

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"OI STRANGER! Oyl be wit chee in a mette! Ye best note beh loitin' leck dat ute-less 'scuse fer a flip in deh curner..." A loud small-framed bar wench shouts from another table, pointing in Pax's general direction between them, at what looks to be an Ecaflip seemingly drowning in a foamy substance. "Burrrrrr-bubble-rrrrrrb..."

Unified laughter for reasons unknown, shake the tavern from another table in the opposite direction, possibly mercenaries that have had more than their fill, speaking jolly a language only their lost kind could understand at this point. 

If the liquor didn't wash your thoughts, surely the sounds of drunken stupor would... Clearing ones mind here was a subjective matter of choice. Pick your poison, or what have you.

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Was a bit cryptic about it at first, but the experiment failed, so I updated the post. :>

Feel free to drop in if you have nothing better to do~

See ya then~ biggrin​​​​​​​

Thanks to all who dropped by smile I may do this again in the future.

But for now,
stay gorgeous, everyone~ <3

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