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By Positronimo - MEMBER - January 25, 2018, 02:19:04
Hello, I'm Positronimo, the real Positronimo. I was just made aware that, um, as it seems, one of my own characters, Blarghonaut, has taken over part of my account. And he has used his new power to promptly start "Blarghonaut's Thread" on this very forum.

Of course at first I thought "yeah, sure...", until I read his first post. Could it truly be that Blarghonaut has become sentient? It seems unlikely: I mean, I am aware of recent advancements in AI, but the AI in the game so far seemed more A than I to me. But here I am ... facing one of my own characters writing forum posts. And writing some not so nice things about me while at it.

What is going on? Is this even an AI? Or, could it be ... no, this is crazy ... that The World of Twelve actually exists? Is there even a way to confidently tell the difference? This is starting to get philosophical ... I need to stop thinking about it so much, or it will drive me crazy.

For the time being, I simply have to accept that one of my own characters is showing free will. This might make future gameplay a bit more challenging. Perhaps I should file a bug report? But if he truly has become sentient ... No, I do not want anything bad to happen to him.

However, I do need to restrict his access to my account! I was already able to lock him out of most of it, but for now he is still in full control over the forum thread that he started.

Has any of you experienced similar issues with one of your characters? How should I best deal with this situation? Should I try to shut him up? I know this does not fall under "roleplay" as it is really happening, but somehow I have the feeling that people here might better understand than on the other forums.

Any advice sincerely appreciated! - Positronimo
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