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Looking for in-game roleplayers

By Darkfufu0331#3608 - MEMBER - January 13, 2018, 08:39:09

Clear and simple, I've role played for years on the french side and got sick of it and stopped playing for a while then the will got back to me when thinking of it, character ideas and such. I've heard a few things about the English community especially the Remington server.

Soo yeah, if you're an active roleplayer of any English server let me know, I'm interested in checking out how things turned out on this side and depending on how it is I might just get in.

Sincerely yours,

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I roleplay lots but there are few other roleplayers on remington i would be more then happy to roleplay with you and anyone else ^^

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This is not exactly (traditional) roleplay, but I got an issue with one of my characters that an experienced roleplayer might be able to help with. Darkfufu0331, I sent a message to your ankabox with more details. If others stumble upon this reply and are wondering... See Blarghonaut's Thread and my comments on it, and feel free to contact me about this issue.

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I'm interested in the ROleplay. When do we start?

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I play on Remington. Normally not role-play, but it's something I (obviously) want to give a try. My schedule's somewhat unpredictable, but I'm most likely to be found online between 01:00 and 05:00 server time (evening in the Eastern US). On weekends I often play much earlier (sometimes for breakfast smile). Feel free to contact Blarghonaut (or his alt Hawthorn) in-game, or send a message to my ankabox to coordinate.

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Yeah, i just re installed the game and i will like to rp, when u guys are active?

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Too bad I didn't notice your post earlier - missed you last weekend. See my earlier reply in this thread for times I'm typically active and contact info. I'll keep an eye out for you whenever in-game as well.

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I'm interested~ feel free to send me a msg ig (schedule unpredictable sadly due to work) or send me a DM on here happy I look forward to your message(s).

- Talisa 

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im here all the time, i do ingame rps hit me up

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Hi, i'm interested in this RPing as well. I'm fairly new to Wakfu so I don't know what RPing is (if someone could kindly explain please) but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'm on the Remmington server mostly playing from 9pm or 11pm EST and onwards, send me a message biggrin.

I'm a level 80 Elio mainly DT+ST for soloing but I can adjust my spells for party gameplay.

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I too play on Remmington, and I really want to get my Huppermage in RP, so... Feel free to hit me up in the forums or add me in-game if you catch me My Huppermage's name is Miphyu and my Iop is Rufiah.

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I would be interested myself too for anyone on Remmington. I would play on Nox, but I hate the player nation restriction that it has. So I play on Remmington where I can RP with any player from any nation.

My character is a level 45 Ecaflip named Xerazu.

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