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Bonta By Night:The Cat, The Throne and the Traitor, a historic Wakfu series of events, based on a true story(short story series)

By InfiniteVlair - MEMBER - April 20, 2017, 17:42:34
Chapter 1:  Bontas first Governer, To trust a cat?

Outside the bontarian keep... a iopette runs vigoriously torwards the bonta inn, plowing
into anything in her way, while apologizing 

 "When will we start" ???
(she will be here) he thought to himself

 "We will be placing guards outside the meeting area, to make sure Amakana does not sure up" a iop male spoke into the large gathering crowd, as they piled into thye navy blue haven bag

 (please tell me she will not be late to her own meeting, Himeko wont be pleased) he continued on to himself

 "How are we to fight Amakana, when our ecosystem is being worked against us"???

As more people begin to take seats brought in, from the inn, into the haven bag, more and more questions rised, and it was up to the economical parties to answer these questions, even those concerning more than economical issues

 "We are moving all harvest materials including seeds to a highly secured area, guarded by current Bonta family members, this area will also be secured by the Bonta millitary power guild, which is yet to be decided"

 "Ms Himeko, what about the burning of and sacking of the Thicket of Yurbut?"
The sadida "Doctor"'s doll points at a nearby ecaflip

 "This ecaflip here has managed to save the trees, as for the treenid we will ask millitary to begint he mass gathering of seeds" The doll speaks

 (ughh, were the hell is she at)

Keep in mind, Ms Himeko, the official guards guild of Bonta, will also patrol the coast areas froms arms down to thicket, as amakana has been spotted using dormant Zaaps to sabotage resources, this is due to the Amakana Triad Trade Coalition group"???

Himeko's dolll nods
 "Yes Widden, this is most certinly our greatest issue at the moment, as the economical guilds cannot openly replenish in these area due to aggressive actions of the Triad Coalition group, but i expect HER to be able to handle this as promised right?

Close and closer to the bonta inn, the Iopette, the harder she ran, the more she apologized

 Widden nods to Himeko's doll
 "Yes, SHE is most certinly capable of handling aggressions, as agression seems to be her speciality"

(she'd be able to talk for herself if she ever showed up!)
Widden continues, "And with this ecaflip here, we've already minimized alot of the damage they have caused, I believe this is why SHE has called this meeting"

The crowd begins to settle down more, until obvious comes to life, " Wait... were is SHE?" Himeko's doll asked

(great, now ill take the damage for her, as always)
From the crowd, another Iop steps forwards, and begins to walk torwards the forfront of the haven bag with the others, "She will be here soon my friends, I gurantee my sister will be here, she is after all, The Queen of The Skys Dark night" ???

An uproar begins in the crowd, even causing some people to leave
"The Queen of The Skys Dark Night???, great we are doomed, why are we gathering on the word of a banished, radical iop!"


"Widden what is this" Hemeko's doll
Widden shruggs as he was equally confused " What exactly is this Cats?"

Cats?? That's cats the seed gambler?? Bonta is doomed!

"Oh yea yea yea, I know, you all love me show, some more love...but widden, i honestly have no clue, I got the same message as you all, to meet here to discuss the Beginning" 

Cats, a notorious seed gambler, known across bonta for challenging the odds of farmers in a game of heads or tails. If damage is is higher than the heal amount you win, if damage is double the amount of heal, Cat takes all...

Himeko: Then you will be allowed to stay, so as you dont make a noise Cats, your already on edge for being outlawed

Cats smiles to Himeko: You sure you all aint just tryna outlaw me, so I can be closer to that nice little hut you have in Kara, Ms himeko?

Widden: I assure you cats, no one knew she called this meeting, or that you would be here

Cats: Widden, you still tryna chase a cat up his tree over 2,000 gobbal seeds? Lets make a bet,
call it even if you can double my number on a single dice role
 Cats could feel Ecaflip's luck shining on him
Widden smiles. but denies: I do not gamble anymore...

Himeko: well is Dynimas atleast present?

Dynimas, the sacrier most known for keeping the balance of Wakfu in Cania swamps

Dynimas: Yes, I believe I was the first one SHE contacted about this, it was the same day we encounterd Dulcamara...

Dul...Dulcamara? She exist??

A degree of coldness glooms over the havenbag, If Dulcamara and her  branch of the Amakana Triad had come to Bonta, war was as sure as a gobbals return...

Himeko: ...
Widden: Dulcamara...
Cats: Yea, this could be bad, and at this rate, we'd need more than just us as seperate parties being on this land to stop Amakana Triad.

Widden: What do you suggest

Maybe we should just go back to astrub and let amakana have Bonta...

Yea, maybe that guy is right? Or maybe we could just work for them you know join the Coalition?

Join the Coalition are you insane? They'd scavage this land dry have you not seen the Thicket?
We barly even defended it from the flames?

We cannot win against the Amakana Government!

The crowd of the haven bag begin to bicker amongst each other, with Himeko trying to calm them.

Widden: Please everyone, there has to be a solution aside surrender, or a treaty or anything?
Cats: Oh please widden we all know the Amakana government doesnt restrict guild decisions, the can do waht ever they want, people like Dulcamara are a issue if they arnt controlled

Then, we form our own government, and beat them into control...

Finally She is here): Only took you the entire meeting sister

Its her, Queen of the Skys dark nights

Yes,  Vlair, I am here brother

Vlair: And how do you suppose we do this government, and who would be the first
Govener Klyo?

The iopette smiles and she kneels to the audience in the Haven bag

Klyo points to the ecaflip: Cats


Himeko: Cats?
Dynimas: Cats?...
Vlair: you gotta be kidding...Cats?
Widden: Cats...CATS???
Cats: Ca...wait me?

Klyo nods and smiles : Cats

(end) CH 1.
(next) CH 1.5 Bonta by night: Cats meets the millitary

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