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Zuasha's Lore - Part 1

By Zuasha - MEMBER - October 03, 2016, 02:51:16

The storm that night was unlike anything Astrub had ever seen before. What could possibly be the cause of this horrible weather? Destruction was spread out throughout the outskirts of the city; luckily, the area within the walls seemed almost untouched. Strange electricity seems to form within the air and flashes of light blindly brighten up the darkest of skies. A blue glow, barely visible, appears to be on a collision course, its destination appears to be close to the Sufokiastrub Drago-Express. The vibrant orb suddenly transforms and grows as it gets closer to touching ground. Just before impact, the radiant blue cylinder bursts, the sound emitting at that moment is unbearable, the dazzling luminous blaze excruciating to the eyes. The world is suddenly thrown into complete and utter darkness.

“Zuasha, wake up and hurry, there is danger coming, you must run!” I hear the voice, it’s so faint I’m not quite sure if it’s just my imagination or not.

As I open my eyes darkness surrounds me. Smokey skies, black clouds, even the landscape engulfs any and all color. I bring my hands up in front of my face just to make sure my eyes were actually open. They were. I take a long look around and as I do an explosion of deep red sparks appears far away. I begin to feel warm, no hot, what is this sudden heat and what’s going on here?

Suddenly, the ground shakes and chasms open around me revealing a strange red vapor, the intense heat pouring into the atmosphere from within. Again, I hear the strange voice, but this time it screams at me, “Zuasha, you have no time left, you are in grave danger and you must RUN! RUN CHILD!” Looking around I see what appears to be many soldiers coming my way from the East. Spotting a strange portal at the top of the stone stairway, I take off running, hoping it leads me to safety. Who are these guys and why are they after me? I wish I knew what was going on.

My legs are on fire as I get closer to my destination and the guards are right on my trail. As I leap up the steps two at a time, I falter and trip, stopping abruptly and painfully. Two of the guards laugh as they catch up to me and signal to the others to relax as they have caught their prize. Roughly shoving me to the ground they both glare at me. I don’t know what I did to piss these guys off, but the vengeance in their faces tells me it was really big. “Thought you could hide in Shusnitch did you? True most the criminals and no goods hide out here, we were ready for you!” one spits. “We shall be rewarded greatly for this, not to mention how much fun this will be!” spews the other as he raises his sword.

Unarmed and still dazed I am no match for the guards. I close my eyes expecting the life to be gone from me quickly. After waiting for what felt like forever, I realize nothing happened and open my eyes. I see a figure in all black with deep red eyes that glow with great intensity. He grins down at me and offers me a hand to help me off the ground, “Do I always have to play bodyguard? I could have sworn I quit that job a long time ago.” He seemed so familiar, but I just couldn’t place it, who is he? What happened while I waited for death? Oh No! Death! The soldiers! I look around again frantically and see that the soldiers were retreating and quickly. Whoever this man is, he must be dangerous, VERY dangerous if that many guards ran in fear. Oddly enough though, I somehow feel I can trust him.

“Would you hurry up? They will be back and this time it will be an army! We really have to get you hidden; besides Roz is waiting on us. NOW GET UP!!”

“I don’t understand what’s going on! Why are they after me? Who are you and who is Roz?” Is that my voice? So strained and deep sounding, not familiar to me at all.

“They must have hit you pretty hard to lose your memory like that. We gotta get you to a safe place, then we will figure this all out, now let’s go!” the man says; as scary as he is, the concern in his tone makes me now KNOW I can trust him.

“Wait; at least tell me your name?” I ask desperate for at least one answer.

With a grin that looks almost out of place on his hardened face the man replies, “ I’m M….”


“Meow? What the? Am I hearing that right? Meow?”

It is then that I notice I’m no longer in that strange, dark place. Lush green grass and beautiful flowers surround me. I feel soft fur press up against my leg and am startled. I look down to see a small black Bow Meow rubbing against me. Suddenly, the Bow Meow hisses and leaps into my arms. I hear the rush of footsteps approaching. Clutching my new friend protectively I jump to my feet. I look up to see a young lady with bright pink locks running my way.

“Hey are you crazy or something? With all this strange weather you really shouldn’t be caught cat napping out here in the open. Hey, are you OK? You look a bit out of it!”

“I’m just a bit confused, where am I exactly?”

“What kind of silly question is that?” she asked searching my face for any signs of joking around. “You’re not kidding are you? “

The strange girl stares at me intently. Though she appears quite tough, a soft smile is upon her face making me believe her intentions are friendly.

“How about you let me help you out a little bit? Though I can handle most fights on my own, it might be nice to have an Eniripsa along for the ride. Besides, you certainly don’t want to stay here all day!” the vibrant young lady says, “I’m Mega Sue, by the way, but my friends just call me Sue, what’s your name?”

“I’m Zuasha, but um what’s an Eni… What you said? I haven’t the foggiest idea what you are talking about?”

Sue simply looked at me dumbfounded. Worried about me, this stranger to her, Sue brings me to the only place she can think of that might be able to help. We went to see Mammy and Pappy Pal.

After many questions and tests, they were unable to find anything wrong with me and sent me on my way with a clean bill of health. Sue was waiting outside.

“Oh, uh hi,” I manage to get out, “Hey, thanks for the help, but you really didn’t have to wait around. They say I’ll be fine, they just can’t figure out why I lost my memory tho or how to get it back.”

“So, what are you going to do then? You don’t know where you are, what you are, you even seemed hesitant on who you are. Do you really think it’s safe to be out and about on your own while you wait for your memory to return? Heck, do you even know where you are headed? How will you even know which way to turn if you don’t even know that much? Why don’t you come with me, we can make a home for you in my guild. I can teach you the things I know about what you are so, that if nothing else, you can protect yourself and you can leave whenever you are ready! OK?”

Contemplating her offer and knowing that all of her points were valid I decide that Sue may be my safest and wisest choice and I follow her. Over the next few months, Sue introduced me to all of the wonderful people within our guild “The Honest Truth”. I also pledged my alliance to the nation of Sufokia, a beautiful and pretty amazing place. I managed to meet several people who were somewhat like me, they were Eniripsas as well. I was taught that not only could I do magic, but that there were so many different ways I could use it. I trained very hard to learn what I could from any Eni I came across. I learned my way, around Astrub, the neighboring island, and as a thank you for all the help given to me on my first day; I managed to help Pappy and Mammy Pal with a few things. Finally, the day came that Sue was ready to take me on my first real adventure.

Returning to Astrub, as I have so many times since the night of that storm, we make our way to the Cemetery Drago-Express. Although I have been here many times, my excitement seemed to make so much more of it come to life. The Bow Meow shaped tombstones, the array of colored Piwis running around; even the dormant torches that surround the dungeon gate seemed livelier. Although it was daylight out, the dark building gave off a very ominous feel. The skulls guarding each side of the rusted out Iron Gate seemed to be staring at me. My adrenaline must be playing tricks on me; it almost looked like the eyes on the faded cream colored face were following me as I approached the entrance. Sue sensed my unease and let out a huge laugh.

“Zuasha, it will be fine, I’ve gone in here a thousand times, and I know it like the back of my hand. You have nothing to worry about.”

I fake a smile while inside my stomach was doing flips. As we use the black key with the ivory skull on it to gain entrance, the creaking of the rusted out gateway simply intensified my fear. Sue holds up her hand and places her finger across her lips signaling me to try to be quiet.

“OK, when we get into the first rooms don’t be startled by the creature’s appearance. Think Goball, rats and guards, only… Not so fluffy, furry, and kind of skinless, but its ok!!”

I knew Sue had a pretty warped sense of humor, but I was truly hoping she was joking with me right now as I had never seen anything like that before. My only experiences since landing in this strange place were the amazing creatures that inhabit the different parts of my beautiful nation of Sufokia. Suddenly Sue lets out a quiet, but heart felt laugh. Apparently, she could see my mind was twisting and found it quite humorous.

Quietly, we take the corner and the darkened hallway opens to a huge room. Fear grips me and I stop in place as I notice the scatter of bones all around the chamber. Could this be the adventurers that didn’t make it? What a terrifying thought. I could only hope that the training given to me up until now has prepared me for this moment. Passing a few large, worn down tombstones we reach the center of the room, it appears deserted. On each side of the room a coffin stands up against the cold, cobblestone walls. I walk over to one and begin to examine it. Worn down from being kept in this crypt for so long, there are holes spread out on its lower half. Though old, the lid seems to be in good, working order. Curious to see how that’s possible, I open it.

“Boo!!!” Sue screams tapping me on the shoulder as I open the lid, scaring the life right out of me as she begins to cackle gleefully.

Breathless and heart racing I bend over to get my bearings. I feel the tapping again.

“Very funny Sue, but I’m not going to fall for it a second time.”

I turn around and go to punch her in the arm playfully. Only, it wasn’t her arm that I punched. As the color drains from my face I realize I am standing face to….. faceless with an Eleveated Guard. Dark soulless sockets where the eyes should be, full skeleton and I’m pretty sure his sword is made from the bones of something that had fallen at his hand. I start backing up and turn to run, but the horrible sight behind me freezes me in my tracks. Two very freighting balls of bone block my path. Though Gobballs are usually cute and fluffy, these are anything but. The drool flowing from their skeletal mouths appear almost toxic. I search frantically around for a way out.

Suddenly the ferocious fuzz lacking creatures drop to the ground in a heap. I see Sue kicking some serious vault creature’s behinds. When the rats come out of the shadows they are instantly crushed under her power. I watch in awe as one by one she takes down the crazy critters. Without a word, but a huge smart ass smirk upon her face, she heads down the next hallway. I follow, I mean I sure as hell wasn’t staying there and I certainly wanted a chance to see THAT happen again.

The next few rooms were much like the last; except, the enemies seemed to increase the further in we got. After seeing how easily Sue could handle the area, my confidence grew; after all, if I messed things up, she could easily clean up my mess. I won’t lie though, when the tombstone I was resting on after our last fight suddenly came to life? I wanted to rush out of there for good. Glad Sue managed to find it so hilarious though.

“Now Zuasha, the main reason we are here is to put Brutas back to sleep for a while. He can be a bit tricky, especially when you don’t know what to do. You just focus on everything else and let me handle him OK?” Sue worried me a bit with her seriousness, but all I could muster was a nod. Just as we were about to enter the last room I stop to get a glance of what evil awaited. Unfortunately, one of the guards spots us and attacks. We begin our final showdown. Though the last two rooms allowed me to get comfortable fighting the aggressive creatures here, they did not prepare me for what I was about to see. Dressed in a red velvet crown and cloak the skeletal creature known as Brutas floated around the room emitting a dark florescent green glow. The stench rising up from this gruesome dude was enough to knock me off my feet. I move to the farthest end of the room from Brutas, but closest to the tombstones. As I am throwing flask after flask at the stone mimics, I freeze. From the corner of my eye I see him, Brutas, removing his head and spewing his breath over and over at Sue. He must have eaten something pretty raunchy to cause that much pain. When I finally finish mutilating the tombstones I see that Brutas had Sue pinned in the corner. Anger floods me as I see him going after her and I scream. An unnatural force takes over me and power rushes through me and as I throw my flask at the green monster, it explodes, disintegrating the ugly bastard. Sue picks herself off the ground and looks at me astonished.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Sue screams getting pretty excited. “That was AMAZING!!! Where did that come from?”

“That’s a good question, but can we worry about that later, I just want to get the hell out of here.”

Together we head out of the dungeon and back to our guildhall to report what happened. I loved the thrill of the first adventure, but what was that at the end? I just don’t know what to think. Maybe a good night’s rest will do me well.

I hope you all enjoyed part one of my tale! Part two is out now!!! Look for it!
Thanks for taking the time to share my adventure with me.

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Cried? From laughing so hard maybe? tongue

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Thank you both for signing my wall as you show that you were here! tongue

Hope you enjoyed the first installment! Im about 1/4 the way into the second part now!!! Cant wait!

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Rly interesting story! I cannot wait to read how it comtinues!

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Thank you, I hope to have the next installment released by the end of the weekend, IF all goes well smile

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