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Our Search Party Event Back in Junssidor

By treevamp1 - MEMBER - June 10, 2015, 07:19:23

EDIT: Back in June:


Drawn Onward guild is announcing our first event. Details are forthcoming, but essentially, all Nox roleplayers (light-medium-heavy) of all nations and nationless, are invited to spend approximately one hour in Astrub on Sunday, June 14th starting at 5pm EST. The reward will be great and quite unexpected. Save the date!

Yours treely,
Treevamp, GM
Drawn Onward

Help us organize a new event!

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Disturbing the Cataclysm: Mystery of the Missing Omen

With a bang and boom! But wait- there was no bang and there was no boom, at least not one anyone can remember.

Something very strange is going on in Asturb. Something that is obscure and to say the least unusual.

It came and went you could say, but what exactly came and what exactly went? Well that's not exactly for us to say, you see for some reason we simply just can't. That is why this Sunday, (June 14th) at 5pm EST the guild Drawn Onward will find itself in a rather out of sorts position and it will be up to you to put the pieces of this nonsensical jigsaw puzzle together and make some kind of sense of it's now distorted and confused picture.

Are you a new adventurer? Seasoned veteran? Perhaps, are you somewhere in between? Come down and try your hand at this mysterious riddle.

What's that, you say? Things are better when done together? Well of course they are! You don't have to come alone. Come with your friends and allies. perhaps you shall even make new ones upon this journey. But what is it, you might ask, that awaits you at the end?

[blockquote]The glory, the treasure, the wonder!
First prize: A glimmer of hope grows awaiting your triumph! Something more awaits you at the end...
Second prize: The feats of your merit grant you the prize of craftsmanship.
Third prize: A good turn will always bring about a turn of good kamas.[/blockquote]
What's that? You have questions about what this journey holds at its end? Who will walk away with this bounty? Obviously the person or persons that solve the mystery and prove triumphant victors shall win the prizes.

You still want to know what this "something more" is? Well then you'll just have to put the pieces together. Your efforts shall not go unheeded on this endeavor and shall be rewarded based on your wisdom, cunning, intelligence, and ability to overcome the obstacles blocking the truth of what happened in Asturb.

Who shall solve the mystery? Who shall save the day? Will it be one of our own? Will it be a person from some other guild? Some new adventurer? An overly enthusiastic bow-meow? Who can say? Why not try your hand at this obscure case.

It will begin in the starting town of Asturb of course and the investigation will be easy enough to start, and where it begins should be easy enough to spot. Our officers will be on the scene, but oh -- it seems something else has gone horribly wrong. Just what, you ask? Well, you'll just have to come and see for yourself.

-See you there
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Time Clarification:

The event begins at 5pm Eastern DAYLIGHT time.

In other words: 2pm Nox Server Time

Come one, come all!
We need your help!
Your efforts will be handsomely rewarded!

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I will be at work 5:30 CENTRAL time. . . I'll have to catch the next event. . .

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