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RP: The Grand Tour

By Tzeeqar January 09, 2014, 06:23:49
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Kaparra shot Sotreum a furious look. "No!" she barked. "That is the wrong response! Don't you do this to me now, Gingie! I'll dock your pay big time!"

As Kaparra shook and struggled and swung her legs, Toag simply stared at Sotreum as though he had just asked whether "Amakna" started or ended with the letter "a."

"Her name is Kaparra," stated Toag. "She is blue. She is not very nice."

"I'll show you not very nice!" shouted Kaparra, frantically clawing in the direction of Toag's throat. "Let me go you creep!"

Toag fell into a deep, ponderous silence. Then without a single word, or any acknowledgement whatsoever that somebody was trying to engage him in conversation, he got off the barstool and left. Kaparra kicked and screamed and mouthed profanities, but to absolutely no avail.

And as for Anomona - she finally grabbed the dagger on Sotreum's belt, and just hung there, absolutely oblivious to her owner's distress.
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