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RP Guild [Nox] - Lost In Reverie

By Remviel June 07, 2013, 11:14:57

Lost In Reverie is present for any roleplayers looking to meet some like-minded individuals, currently we're rather tiny, and simply hoping to grow some social connections. In the same, there are quite a few individuals I'd be more than happy to introduce through Skype or in-game throughout a myriad of transits.

Lost In Reverie

Server: Nox
Focus: RP, Social Progressive
Events: TBA - Once politics are a bit more driven, this will be more prominent. The primary focus of current events will be to raise funds for haven worlds, and pursue our furthering our standing and resources as a guild.
Forum: Lost In Reverie (Guildlaunch)

Archive: Our site has a WIP archive of Wakfu lore, which will grow as time goes on. I'll make it public as time goes on, once it gains meaningful content.

Beastiary: Synposis of monsters in relation to osamodas and combat tactics. With statistics to be added in the future. (This along with the archive are undertakings of my own, although other members are welcome to supplement the content as they please)

Gallery: Reserved for encyclopedia entries, although I already have a public account on an image host given upon request. (Just for convenience, as a conglomerate source of guild photos)

All individuals are more than welcome, so long as they are polite and respectable.
RP currently will be based on rather sporadic whims, and hopefully we'll organize a first event soon, being that we find participants.

If there are any questions, please contact me in-game. You can reach me on Anciel most commonly. The forums are a slightly less reliable means of contact, but I do check them fairly frequently.

Here onward is currently under construction, and subject to significant changes. ----------

Introductions: The forums houses character profiles, but I would prefer that IC introductions be carried out here, it's a bit easier I believe to introduce characters in text. This is entirely up to the individual though, convenience and comfort are first and foremost. Choose from the following to respond, if you would like to act out a custom introduction, just contact me. These are simply for prompt progress, and immersing you into the community with less hassle or akward unmeditated hindrance.

"Reverie is not only a fantasy, it is the embodiment of our aspiration, ardor, even umbrage. It describes a wish, that is more chaste to the soul's complacency."

"We are those who are lost in reverie, the dreamers of this world. Some of us dream our hearts desire; some, clairvoyance of the world to come; others, nightmares that embody their fear of tragedies yet to happen. Regardless, these meditations guide us to shape the world. We are not absent because we are dreamers, we are granted greater ambition to enact our cause upon reality. We are those who keep their dreams in their hearts, so they are not lost to the waking world."


Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

A long day of travelling has passed, and as the sun starts to set upon the road in the horizon your sights turn to an inn in the distance. As you draw closer, you start to hear the faint sounds of music mingling with the clatter of flatware and unintelligible conversation. You pass by the arbitrary dragoturkey hitching posts and scoff at the smell, hurrying your stride. The sounds inside grow louder, and you can now make out some of the words being exchanged, as you stand in front of the door you heave a sigh of relief to the end of your journey for the day. You take a deep breath and collect yourself, and then you open the door.
You stand in the doorway and cast your gaze around the room, spread throughout there are a myriad of motley individuals scattered sparingly throughout the battle-scarred tables. You pause to take everything in, a group of seemingly pirates argue in gruff voices, and startled, you avert your gaze when one pounds on the table in frustration at one of his counterparts. At the bar to the left, a pandawa who seems to've had a bit too much to drink, sings an old pandawan tune as the bartender tries to calm him down and send him off to bed. By the window closest the door, an elderly eniripsa woman sips tea, while reading a book at a lone table. Near the middle of the room, an Iop and Feca share dinner over a conversation.
Lastly, toward the back of the room, to the right of the stairs and hallway leading to the rooms, you catch a glance of a group of seemingly travellers are locked in what seems to be a stern conversation while lounging on a couch and chairs in front of the fireplace. An autumnal yellow sadida with his hair in a ponytail, leaned forward with his elbows on his knees seems to be leading the conversation. The sacrier of the group; with skin of dark clay, his hair in a ponytail as well and covered in a bandana, with tattoos most of his body, seems to be adamantly retorting. While an Enutrof is nearly oblivious, and...seems to be talking to his phoror(drheller) while sitting crosslegged on the ground. At the end of the couch, an Osamoda with pale skin and ashen grey hair, contrary to his younger complexion, observes his associates determinedly.
Having taken in your surroundings, you make your way to the bar to make preparations for the night.


Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

You finally make your way upon the city, and gaze upon the cluttered buildings, busting streets, and flowing waterways. Your motives your own, and time of the essence you make your way to the market to obtain supplies and possibly more. You hasten your pace, and dodge individuals making their way against your current. The noises soon grow more boisterous, your'e assuredly nearing your destination. The buildings reach a clearing, their mountainous peaks part, and you are now faced with a myriad of odd stalls and attractions. In the center near the furthest wall, is the market board, with droves of merchants gathered around it, many of them shouting out their wares trying to attract customers. You catch the scent of something freshly baked, you glance around to notice a shop nearby with sweet pastries beautifully aligned on slats. Through the harried environment, you notice there seems to be some sort of commotion towards the far end of the market. Louder than the rest, but seeming to draw only an equal amount of attention as the rest of the market. Two small Feca children stand on tall wooden crates, and shouting something over the crowds. You draw nearer to observe them, and you begin to make out what they're saying as you push your way through the market-goers. "Are you looking for ADVENTURE?! Do you crave riches, fame, glory?!" the small Feca boy shouts. His seemingly twin sister gives him a stern look, and continues the advertisement. "You want to help people, don't you? Save the world, and win everyone's hearts with valiance"? They both pause for a second, and then together raise a flyer, and raise their arms in excitement, "Join our guild, Lost In Reverie, and get in on the chance of a lifetime! Nobody outshines us!" As they begin anew, shouting out shallow enticements, an older Osamoda gentleman approaches them both. "I gave you permission to do a little recruiting, but this isn't what I had in mind...", he says. The young blonde Feca girl-twin sits down quaintly on the box she was standing upon, her brother quickly following suite and jumping down to stand beside her. They both listen attentively, awaiting for the Osamoda to begin to chastise them. However, he lets out a heartfelt sigh, "Just don't get so over-zealous, alright? I don't want people joining for prospects we can't supply". He winks cheerfully, as they both jump up excitedly. "Sure thing, boss! - We'll make sure to be precise.", they both say overjoyed, before continuing on. The grey-haired Osamoda shakes his head, folding his arms, and leaning against the wall next to them to observe. Being satisfied with witnessing the spectacle, you continue in your preparations.


Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

Your travels have taken you deep into the Thicket of Yurbut, and you seem to have lost your way. The winding path seems to lead off in nonsensical directions, and you've lost the entirety of your bearings. Your wit is at its end, and you are beginning to give way to exhaustion. Your supplies are limited, and you begin to fear this endeavor may not end on the best of terms. You take a few more exasperated steps, trying to force your will and begin anew, yet your step falters, and you pause. Your movement stutters, what was that? You close your eyes, and lighten your breaths, taking in your surroundings completely. Faintly on the wind, you hear the whispers of a melody in the distance. You open your eyes, and draw your attention to the direction you're certain it came from. With renewed vigor, you trudge on off the beaten path, asserting your limbs through the cluttered foliage. With much of a struggle, throwing aside damnable twigs, branches, and bushes, your gaze begins to fall upon what seems to be an effervescent campsite hidden amidst the trees and haze of evening fog. The crackling fire, bathes the figuring sitting around it in a warm glow, as light fades from the treetops. The figures sit, gathered around the middle fire on a myriad of stumps and stones, and some in cross-legged fashion. Nearest you, to your right a bit, sits a beautiful Eniripsa woman, playing the harp for some of the closer, more attentive, camp-goers. They seem entranced by the delicate chords being strung by her fingers. You close your eyes for a moment, enjoying the melody and observing it to the fullest, before recollecting your senses and remembering you are on the outskirts of a foreign camp. You push your way through the brush, and greet the pleasant strangers.

Nomad Havens:

Hunting Party:

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Anyone interested in RPing, even outside membership of the guild is also more than welcome to use our site. Just register as you would normally, it's fairly organized and we're open to suggestions. It's lacking content and participation, but we RP in-game rather regularly, trying to increase the number of individuals that contribute. There's quite a bit of content from us though, and we update it fairly consistently, so please share in some devotion to the community with us at your convenience, we'd certainly appreciate it!

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hey im a former member n was wondering if i could join again i lost my old account so i had to make a new one

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