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RP: OOC and Readers Thread

By OM3GA-Z3R0 March 27, 2013, 11:18:33
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ManicMansion|2014-01-26 09:24:24

Same here. Not a fan of kickstarters in general, but if it means a (proper) English dub of the series, I'm OK with it.

At the moment, they already passed the 4th Stretch goal, so both seasons and the OVAs will get proper dubbing.

Kinda curious about the last two goals, mind you.

Ah, they've not yet reached the second stretch goal...
The one I'm looking at says $149 410.

Also, as for your post- amaze! That was fantastic- I was on the edge of my seat, haha.
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I am tired of waiting, if no one is posting before tomorrow i am going to continue on.
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Sorry for being dead, I will post tomorrow during work so look forward to that.
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I'm starting to get worried about the RP, is it dead?
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wait, I'm going to post tomorrow (hopefully) OAO

I'll just wish my mom doesn't kick me off the comp while I type :I
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Hello, my ducks.

I will post soon.

Also, Merc: traitor Zorn, though? ;D

Tell me more.
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Merc and I planned this moment but he did all the melding it into place. tongue 
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Yeah 0.o talk about plot twists........
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I'm still alive.

Just waiting to hear on Veronica and Tal though, since they were the ones trailblazing iirc.
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It just occured to me:

If you want to know what kind of scientist Meier is, just watch an episode of Myth Busters.

Accurate representation of shenanigan levels.
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Just waiting on Mitsu to post, Tavern will post soonish after her med classes.
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k I think I'll be able to post tomorrow :/

7 pm practice ends today


:I it seems I dreamt that I posted something but didn't actually post.... Now I have to think of a post again .___."
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Well please post as soon as you can, it has been 10 days since tavern posted. I will post something else in the OOC thread a little later if I am not busy.
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Sorry to interject, but this seems like the place to ask.

I was wondering if there are any roleplays running/starting that I might be able to get involved in?

I posted a character in the character sheet thread if anyone's curious (it has pictures ;D)
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I saw your post in the Profile thread- looks good. smile

As for RP's, the only two active ones at the moment are this one and The Grand Tour.

This one is running pretty slow at the moment, which you might have noticed if you follow this forum.
The other one (run by Tzeeqar) is currently not accepting new members (this will likely open up later on).

So, options are fairly limited at the moment, I'm sorry to report.

You could start one, I suppose? smile 
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Hey everyone! I am still alive, just been super busy with work as of late. I plan to reply in the next day or so, sorry for taking so long!! D:
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Awesome thanks for the info Aarcher.

Guess the question is would anyone be interested in another rp? =D
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I would be interested, but my participation will depend on what the proposed story line is. smile 
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Well i haven't thought about it much as i didn't wanna spend a lot of time on it if noone was interested..

but I did have an idea of a broken zaap that ends up transporting the group (who probably wont know each other) to some unknown island where they probably wanna try to get home.

just an idea though =P
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Hey, that's sounds pretty cool. biggrin 
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