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RP: OOC and Readers Thread

By OM3GA-Z3R0 March 27, 2013, 11:18:33
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Sorry for not posting in awhile I was moving house but now I am BACK The Clumsy Cra returns, clumsy as ever!
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Don't worry about it ^^ Actually I won't be able to post for a while because I have finals and my brain is melted into goo XD
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leaving a girl hanging?

and here I thought you were the gentleman echo Q3Q

anyways good luck with your exam finals
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Hey kids!
I don't know how many of you have seen this, but it contains delicious lore, straight from Wakfu's Lore team:
Click here

Merc and Omega, there's some stuff about Fogger's that may be relevant to the RP.

Also, interesting stuff on where the gods/goddesses are at in Wakfu.

Wakfu film/or season three is subtly confirmed.

Now, the best part:
Hilariously, it confirms what I've long held as head-canon: xelors are by far the class most prone to insanity. xD
Apparently it's all the time magic- some of them just can't handle it after a while.
There you go: xelors are the number one sufferers of mental illness in the World of Twelve.
Lol/crying forever.
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Sorry it took so long for me to post, I have been really busy as of late. Also doesn't help my internet loves to shut off on me randomly or that my lap top dies and looses half of post so I have to rewrite the who thing. :/

Anyways I should be about to post more, and once again sorry for the wait.

@Aarcher: that's so awesome about the Xelors ohmy I have so many theories on Osas it's cray
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yes free in 3 days XD

anyway christmas break happens in 3 days so.... :I
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Hang in there mitsu, you can do it o/
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I'M SORRY TAV QQ *hugs and gives you a large amount of heartfelt Tal stuff*

Anyways! I'm finally done with Finals, SO I HAVE RETURNED!! XD
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ok class is over for this year XD

I shouldn't have an excuse to not post (other than possibly writer's block?...)
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Hazzah for both of you, I am just waiting for either Tavern, Aacher or Raath to post and then I will post, I think Tavern is going to post tonight or sometime today.
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Sorry for the (somewhat) short disappearance on the forums. People at my work installed a Web Proxy a few weeks back, which locks me out of any site that has to do with Gaming (though surprisingly Youtube is accessible; guess some still like watching cat videos at work).

And to throw another horrible wrench in the works, my local communications company finally responded to my issues regarding a missing bandwidth line. They agreed to install it... sometime February :/

Long story short, I'll be completely offline (save Saturdays, as I'll lend my parent's line for my fix if they will allow it). On the (somewhat) positive side of things, my folks will be out of town for this coming weekend, so I'll definitely get my last post in for this year when I get to use their line (since I'll have like a bajillion things that need an updating (case in point: my antivirus, that's nearly a month out of date Dsmile.

Again, apologies for my disappearances, but hopefully it'll get fixed sometime February.
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It better get fixed, Echo and Tavern are left behind waiting for you, anyways good luck mate.
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Hey yall sorry for not posting but I finished my med exam 3 days ago and was out partying in those 3 days, now to wait for the results Q~Q

Anyway I noticed we hit 1000 posts in the RP hooray for us!

Now I am gonna break that number.
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I will post something tomorrow, just been very busy.
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Merry Christmas!! biggrin 
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Merry Christmas to you too ^^
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So, Christmas is over, but let's just pretend this was posted on Christmas. wink

This is just something I got an idea for and threw together- KiP Crew at Christmas!


Sorry in advance for hijacking your characters/essentially creating an alternative universe- my excuse is that it's just a silly Christmas thing.

It's grossly sweet, but that's apparently what you humans like at Christmas. Plus we're usually a pretty dark bunch, so it won't hurt us just this once. wink

Ok, on to the story! I've given everyone's character a part and it's set approximately ten years after Knowledge is Power ends. Basically, the gang shows up to have Christmas at Meier's place. Shenanigans ensue.
"Father Kwismas" is making his list and checking it twice...

Merry Christmas, kids! biggrin


'A Very Wakfu Christmas' (set approx 10 years after KiP)

"T'was the night before Kwismas and- arrrgh! Do we really have to read this again?!"
"Daaaaad! Yes, we do!"
Meier groaned. This was Cali's favourite Kwismas story and she'd been demanding that it be read to her every night since the Kwismas season had begun- as she did every year.
It was driving him nuts.
"Ahh, Cali- you can read great now. How about you read it to me instead? Better yet, let's read a different one..."
Cali was seven now, but she'd been able to read the story on her own for over two years.
The little girl shook her head adamantly. "No Dad! It's only fun when you read this one!"
"Xelor give me strength..." Meier muttered to himself, looking skyward. Then to Cali: "Alright, alright... T'was the night before Kwismas-"

*knock, knock, knock!*

"Meier, can you get the door?" Alia called from upstairs. Meier grinned from ear to ear. Closing the book with relish, he took his daughter's hand. "Come on Cali, let's see who it is."
"Ok, you might have escaped this time, Dad..." She said, grinning. "Race you!" She shouted, leaping past Meier to reach the stairs. Meier laughed and ran after her, making a show of staying one step behind.
"You're too fast for me!"
"No I'm not, you're just going slow!" Cali retorted. "That's like... reverse cheating or something." She said, looking dubious.
"What's that? Calling me a reverse cheater? I'll put you in reverse!" With that, Meier darted forward and caught Cali, dangling the laughing girl by her ankles. Child in hand, Meier wrapped his scarf over his face, then opened the door.
"Aunty Riko!" Cali cried out in delight from where she hung upside down. As soon as Meier set her down, she launched herself at the woman in the doorway.
"Hello Cali, it's good to see you." Riko said kindly. "How's it going, Meier?" she asked with a smile.
Meier hugged her. "Real good, thanks. Come in, come in!" He replied, ushering her inside. Cali, having siezed one of Riko's hands, was tugging her along and chattering excitedly.

"Riko, hello! So glad you could come!" Alia had appeared at the bottom of the stairs and come to greet her.
"Thanks for having me."
"You're welcome- it's nice to spend Kwismas with friends."
"Darci and Zorn arrived earlier this afternoon- they're waiting in the library" Meier said, leading the way. Their home was cluttered in an organised sort of way- books, Alia's potions and herbs, Cali's crayons and drawings, parts of machinery, and various bits-and-bobs from Meier and Alia's travels were scattered around the place. The library wasn't really a library- it was Meier and Alia's sitting room, but they'd packed it with books instead. Right now it had two additional occupants: Zorn and Darci.

"Hey Riko!" Darci said cheerfully, upon seeing her, waving.
"Miss Riko, it's a pleasure to see you again." Zorn said, ducking a tiny bow, politely formal as always.
"Riko! Darci has been telling me about dragons! They're the coolest!" Cali announced excitedly, tugging Riko along into the library. Alia gathered her daughter up. "Come on Cali, give Riko some breathing space."
"Sorry." Cali said sheepishly.
"Don't be- I missed you too." Riko told the little girl with a smile.
"Ok, well Cali's got to go to bed-" Meier began.
"But Daaaaaad! Riko's here!"
"You'll see her in the morning." Meier laughed and picked her up. "Besides, how can Father Kwismas come if you're still awake?"
Cali sighed and relented. "Ok. Can we finish the story?"
"Do we have to?" Meier groaned theatrically.

*Knock, knock, knock*
Meier looked at Cali and Cali looked at Meier. "We'll get it!" they sang in unison. Striding to the door, he pulled it open. "Inamora!" Meier grinned. A woman stepped out from behind the cra."...and Lorenzie." Meier laughed. "You haven't grown at all!" he said, gently teasing.
"Hey Meier." Inamora lifted a hand in greeting. "And hello Cali!"
"Hello." said Lorenzie, smiling.
"Hi." Cali said shyly.
"Come on in- I'm taking Cali to bed, but everyone's in the library."

A little while later, Meier joined everyone else in the library, Cali in bed and the dreadful story read.
"So Meier, tell us what you've been working on- it's been ages since I've seen you." Inamora asked.
"Yeah, it has. Well, I've got an Eliatrope artifact on loan from the University. What my colleagues and I are trying to do is..."

Meier and everyone talked and caught up with each other, enjoying the evening. Meanwhile, unknown to them, a cloaked figure stalked silently towards the house...

Stepping out of the woods surrounding Meier and Alia's house, the figure observed the silhouettes of the home's occupants showing through the window. With a snap of its wrist, it flicked its hood up and crept silently through the dark along the path to the house. Blending with the shadow, it slid around the side of the house, headed for the side door. Putting its ear against it, it listened, making sure the room behind the door was unoccupied. Satisfied, it withdrew from its robes a set of lock picks and set to work on the door.

"Meier, I'm going to make some tea." Alia said, getting up to go to the kitchen.
A chorus of "Thank you Alia" from everyone else followed her.
Once in the kitchen, Alia busied herself with boiling the kettle and trying find the tea and china...

The hooded figure stiffened, hearing movement behind the door it was in the process of picking. Listening for a moment, it decided that the sounds were nothing related to it and finished the lock. Silently, it pushed the door open, revealing a pretty eniripsa woman, her back to him as she searched the cupboards. Grinning to itself, the figure took a step towards her...

"Hello Moritz, I thought you were busy in Brakmar?" The woman said casually, not even bothering to turn around.
The figure, now revealed, froze in its tracks. After a moment, Moritz demanded incredulously, "How do you always know?!"
Alia just gave a light laugh and, ignoring his question, said "Everyone else is in the library. Would you like some tea?"
Moritz pointed at her like he was about to say something, then thought better of it and sighed. "Yeah, tea would be... great."
"Lovely. Help me carry this tray in. Meier will be happy to see you."
Accepting the tray of tea, Moritz followed Alia into the library.

Walking into the library, the sram placed the tray on the table, his expression daring anyone to comment.
"Moritz? When did you get here?" Inamora asked.
"Hey Moritz!" called Riko and Darci.
"Hang on, I thought you were in Brakmar?" Meier questioned, standing up to greet him.
"Yeah, well, I finished the job early. Figured you lot would be missing me, so here I am. Taa-daa!" Moritz said with his usual sarcasm, wiggling his fingers in an imitation of magic when he said 'taa-daa', but his smile was real.
"Yeah, yeah. Sit down." Meier said, waving him over to a seat with a grin.
"Wow, I must have zoned out or something- I didn't even hear you knock!" Darci siad to Moritz.
"Oh, you wouldn't have. Moritz, for reasons known only to him, never uses the front door." Meier said dryly.
"He can pick a lock, but apparently doesn't know how to knock." Alia added teasingly.
"You broke in?" Zorn said incredulously to Moritz.
"Hey, I didn't break anything, Tin Man! I'm a professional." Moritz retorted. "Anyway, someone has to keep Bandages and Tinkerbell there on their toes and I'm the sram for the job." he added, jabbing his thumb at where Meier and Alia sat together.
Meier and Alia just looked at eachother and rolled their eyes. "Yeah, if you say so Moritz-"


Something heavy had just landed on the roof.
Everyone looked up in surprise.
"What...?" Meier murmered to himself.


The sounds continued. Now everyone was looking up with apprehension.
"It's moving across the roof." Lorenzie said blandly.
"Rushu's hell... I'm going to take a look." Meier said, getting up to go outside.
"I'll come with you." Riko said, moving to follow him.


They stopped in their tracks.
"It's here." Lorenzie said, staring at the part of the roof over the fireplace. The sound had come from above the chimney. Everyone froze and stared.


A flurry of movement! Everyone jumped to their feet, surrounding the fireplace.
Then suddenly, it all went quiet.

Meier and Moritz looked sidelong at each other. A sliding, shuffling sound was coming from the chimney. Bits of soot and loose brickwork tumbled down into the empty grate.
"It's coming down." Lorenzie said.
"Yes, thank you." Meier gritted out, watching the fire place. Everyone tensed when the tip of a boot appeared. It wriggled experimentally, then seemed to struggle. Another appeared, also wriggling.
This continued for several moments.

"Are... are you stuck?" Darci eventually asked hesitantly, directing her question to the boots. The boots went still and a grunt came from further up the chimney.
"I'm going to say that's a 'yes'" said Riko. She and Zorn (never one to miss an opportunity to touch a flesh creature) each took hold of a boot and pulled.

With a final mighty heave, they were able to dislodge the chimney's occupant and it landed heavily in the fireplace, sending up a cloud of soot. When the soot had cleared, their 'guest' was revealed: a dirty, but unmistakeable red suit, curly white beard and rotund stomach, the person could be none other than...
"The fat man himself..." Moritz breathed.
"That's Father Kwismas to you, sram." Father Kwismas, for that is indeed who it was, said as he hauled himself to his feet.
Meier looked on in bemusement.
"What, er, brings you here, Father Kwismas?" Riko asked after a moment.
"There's a little girl here, she's on my list... as are all of you." Father Kwismas replied. Then grumbled: "What are you all doing awake? Don't you people sleep?"
"Sleep is for the weak!" retorted Moritz.
"We'll sleep when we're dead!" Meier shot back. They high fived each other.
Before Father Kwismas could say anything about this, Inamora piped up. "Wait, did you say we're on your list too?"
"You sure are- the naughty list, that is!" Father Kwismas declared. "Especially you." He added pointing at Moritz. The sram grinned, looking pleased with himself.
"Oi! What'd we do to be on the naughty list then?" Darci asked, displeased.
"Oh, ho ho! Where do I even start?" replied Father Kwismas. Reaching into his coat, he pulled out a long scroll and unfurled it with a flourish. Clearing his throat, he began to read.

"Let's see... Darci... Ah yes, here you are! Trespassing and breaking and entering!" Father Kwismas said with relish.
"What? When did I-"
"You've done plenty of it in your hunt for dragons."
"No I hav-"
"Coal for you!" Father Kwismas said primly, cutting her off by thrusting a fist sized chunk of coal at her. Darci took it bewilderedly.

"Now, next... Zorn! Inappropriate touching! Very naughty indeed." The old man said, waggling a finger at him.
"Wait, you make it sound really bad when you put it like that. I just want-" Zorn protested.
"Coal!" Father Kwismas presented the embarrassed foggernaut with a lump of it.

Father Kwismas read the next name on his list. "Ho, ho, ho! Inamora, you're on my naughty list for malicious thoughts and intentions against trees!"
"But I HATE them! What am I supposed to do?" Inamora moaned.
"Uh uh uh, no excuses!" Father Kwismas said, passing the cra his 'gift' with a shout of "Coal!".
"Oh come on!" Meier scoffed. "Malicious thoights against trees? That's seriously it?"
Father Kwismas looked disapprovingly at Meier over the top of his spectacles. "My list is never wrong."

Father Kwismas read through his scroll for a moment. "Ah yes... Meier Rosencra..." He looked at Meier with a frown. "Definitely naughty."
Meier rubbed his temple. "Go ahead." he said with irritation.
"You and that sram have been cheating in card games!"
"Yeah, that's the fun part."
Father Kwismas screwed his face up in disapproval. "Coal!" he barked, shoving a lump of it at the xelor.

Taking a deep breath, Father Kwismas returned his attention to his scroll. "Now... Alia."
"What, me?"
"Yes you, my dear. For smuggling!" he declared triumphantly.
"Yes- you secretly brought restricted plants across the nation's borders. That's not just naughty, that's illegal."
"But, those plants are just for making tea. There's no-"
"You get coal!" The old man handed it to her with a flourish.
"Gee, thanks." Alia said flatly.

Father Kwismas looked at the next name on his list: Moritz. "You... you are by far the naughtiest! I shan't even bother listing your many- and believe me, it is many- crimes!"
"Let me guess, I get coal?" The sram drawled.
"You get coal!" the old man confirmed and with that lobbed a tiny chunk of it at Moritz's head.

"Lorenzie Rei. You've been trying pretty hard this year I see, but you electrocuted some guards last month, so it's the naughty list for you."
Lorenzie just stared at him.
"Coal for you, young lady." he said, passing some to her.

"Now... Miss Shariko..." Father Kwismas began, but was interrupted by a tiny voice from the top of the stairs.
"Fath.. Father Kwismas?" Cali asked in wonder.
"Yes indeed, young lady."
"Oh wow! Mum, Dad- look! It's really him!" she called out as she hurried down the stairs.
"Yes, we've been acquainted." Meier said dryly, turning his lump of coal over in his hand.
"It seems you've been good this year, Cali. You're on my Nice list." Father Kwismas told her, smiling. Then muttered under his breath: "Amazingly, considering you're the offspring of Meier and Alia..."
"Oi, I heard that." Meier said from where he was lounging in the armchair. Father Kwismas ignored him.
"Here's your gift, Cali." From his sack, Father Kwismas passed her a wrapped package.
"Yaaaaay! Thank you!" Cali hugged him and ran over to her mother and father with the box.
"Can I open it now?"
"Yeah, go for it." Meier said.
"Of course you can, sweet heart." said Alia.
Very carefully, Cali unwrapped her gift, revealing a carved wooden bird and bag of marshmallows.
She cooed at it in delight.

Moritz addressed Father Kwismas: "Ok, ok- so what did Riko do to get in your bad books, then?"
Father Kwismas cleared his throat: "Over-due library books."
Everyone rolled their eyes.
"Seriously?" muttered Inamora.
"Enjoy your coal." Father Kwismas said politely, ignoring this as he handed her a lump.
"Umm, thanks?" Riko replied unsurely.

"Now, Merry Kwismas and good night to you all!" Father Kwismas called out as he stepped back into the fire place.
"Bye!" called Cali, waving.
He waved back, then stamped his boots and disappeared back up the chimney in the blink of an eye.

Everyone stared at the space the man had previously occupied (everyone except Cali, that is, who was playing with her bird).
"Okaaaay then..." Darci said. "That was weird."
"Yep," agreed Inamora.
"What did you guys get?" Cali asked excitedly.
Meier grimaced. "Err, coal. Apparently we're on the naughty list..." he said sheepishly.
Cali looked taken aback. "That's silly! You aren't naughty."
"According to Father Kwismas we are." Alia said.
"Father Kwismas needs to get his priorities straight." Cali said seriously and Meier laughed. "Well, I think you're all nice- you can all share my present!" Cali declared, holding up the bag of marshmallows.
"That's so nice of you Cali," Meier said smiling at her. "You should keep them though, we don't mind."
"No, everyone should get a present!"
"Hey, if you're offering kid, I'll take one." Moritz said. Cali offered the packet with a grin.
"Well, let's put our coal to good use too- Meier, light a fire and we can toast these marshmallows." Alia said, placing her coal in the fire place.
"Yessss! Toasted ones are the best!" Cali said, bouncing around with delight.

Everyone added their coal to the fire place. Moritz fetched a log in from the wood pile and added it too.
"Might as well get a good blaze going just incase Father Kwismas decides to come back..." he muttered to Meier. Meier snorted a laugh and lit the fire with a spell.
They'd all sat down and were passing around the marshmallows when...

*knock, knock, knock*

Zorn stood up. "I'll answer the door."
"Cheers Zorn." Meier said from where he was helping Cali toast her marshmallow.
A moment later, Zorn re-entered the room with Veronica and Tal in tow.
"Hey guys!" Tal said cheerfully, waving.
"Sorry we're late. We got a little lost." Veronica added, smiling.
People moved around to make room for them and they ended up bunched together on the end of the sofa.
"So," Tal said, smiling at everyone. "What did we miss?"


THE END! biggrin

Hahaha, that was actually ridiculous.
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Lol funny story Meier, btw sorry for not posting my PC got busted so I had no access, but now that it is fixed I will pokes tomorrow.
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That. was. WONDEFUL!! I loved that so much!! Such Grace! Very Christmas! Much Coal.

Hehehehe, oh! also I am working on a reply atm, so hopefully I will have it out tonight or tomorrow.

@Aacher: Seriously though, your writing skills are amazing.

Actually everyone on here is awesome, and it's such a blast rping with all you. Thank you so much for letting me join. smile 
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LOL post it in DA XD

EDIT btw it just occured to me that if Wakfu's Kwismas Season was the same as that in the Philippines.... that would mean that Meier had been reading that same story every night since September because for us Filipinos.... Christmas season starts as soon as the first day of the first month that ends with"-ber" (ber-months as we call them) (or at the very least we've been preparing that long)
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