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RP: OOC and Readers Thread

By OM3GA-Z3R0 March 27, 2013, 11:18:33
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Woooooo! ^^ Thank you again for letting me join, it's so much fun! ^^

Hey Guys, sorry I've been gone lately, school is Extremely stressful lately. I will however be posting today! ^^
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Oh! then I am sorry to bother you Echo, I know the feeling, studying medicine is extremely stressful for me I am barely posting too XD

Anyways, grats everyone, lets keep it up and make this the #1 RP in this forum
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Ahaha, happy anniversary everyone! xD
Cheers Mansion for remembering and thanks to everyone for the story we've built so far. smile

Also, Tavern- are you studying medicine? That's so cool! It explains the eni too, haha. wink 
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OMG wow you guys have been doing this for awhile. I'm such a new girl on the block her. Congrats everyone!!

This is one of the funnest rps I've ever done! biggrin 
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The tour is finished.

Six months. Dear lord.
But it is finished now. I've seen some awesome stuff, met amazing people- it was a heck of an experience.

Basically, I'm just going to hang out in Europe for another month, busking/seeing the sights.
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I will post the details of the Temple's 2nd area when we are just about to head there which will be soon, been thinking of the new bosses persona and I will have to say you will all love this one, this boss is mainly the cause of the paranoia everyone has been getting when they had the feeling they are being watched. So look forward to it wink

@Aacher: Yay! does that mean you will be ingame again soon? biggrin I mizz you so much Q^Q
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I miss you too. ;_;
I probably won't be in-game for another month or so- I'm still traveling Europe, but by myself. No real point in renewing my sub until I get back to Oz.

Next boss sounds intriguing, btw. wink 
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Hiya all, about the song Veronica just sang is from an amazing old Anime I watched, lets see who can guess what anime is this song in, I just love it I just had to put it in

BTW I changed the word Full to Foul for Wakfu terms because the Boowolfine's call a Full Moon a Foul Moon.

Now... back to studying more drugs and chemicals X_X
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HAha I know what it is, it is old but it is amazing, actually I still have it.
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Full Moon - Beck

The Anime series that is about a kid that learns how to play a guitar and joins a band that start off small and ends up doing live shows, I agree with you that anime was really good, they are Japanese but they sing songs in English which was amazing.

Fun Fact

The some of the voice actors that starred the characters of Beck don't know SQUAT about the English language but they still sing it amazingly.
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Guys, I am in Paris and it is amazing!


I've wanted to get here for so many years and I've finally made it.
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nice Aacher now head to Ankama HQ and kick their asses and groins for increasing the Ogrine costs
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I'll put it on my to do list. wink 
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Hey guys, I'm back from WAR GUYS! my hiatus after a looong weekend (and half a week) of moving.... to a new pad.

Unfortunately, said pad has no INTERNETS!!!111!!!!1!!\

As such, I'll be checking up on the RP from work from time to time (once my line is installed anyway).

Also, my wireless sucks, so I can't use that to access the internet either.

Until then, I'll post WHEN/IF I can.

Meanwhile.... *Checks latest wakfu news...*


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oh yeah they are totally serious, the prices have been changed already and everyone is at a uproar, the increased the price with ogrines because they had a little birdie tell them that the old prices were "unfair" because people that play Dofus pays Ogrines by Kamas, now us people that use SMS to buy Ogrines with real money have to suffer and Ankama calls this 'equal'

Area 2: Cybernetics Chambers, Weaponry Storage hold & Laboratory

The door that Zorn opened leads to a lift that takes us deeper down into the temple which ends up being a huge base of operations filled with Foggernaught's, obviously these Foggernaught's that we going to encounter aren't AS strong as the Temple Keeper since they are considered as normal infantry equipped with standard issue (Info about them will be added later)

This area is split into 3 sections

1st section is the Cybernetics Chambers, which is like a factory that makes more Foggernaught's this section will be filled with ASU's and a few Security Foggernaught's.

Stasis levels in this section is: 25%
It begins to become noticeable as your Wakfu seems to be sapped lightly, everyone's Wakfu capabilities are slightly weaker than usual. Stasis Capabilities slightly improves.

The 2nd section is the Weapoonry Storage hold, I am sure Zorn will love this place, it is (of course) a place where they store and build all their heavy weapons, FBBU's, Security Foggernaught's and MAU (Melee Assault Unit)(Zorn told me this one) are occupying this section.

Stasis levels in this section is: 30%
Using Wakfu starts becoming a slight problem as it begins to hurt when using Wakfu, too make matters worse, Wakfu capabilities are much weaker. Stasis is much easier to use and more resorceful, it's capabilities have improved

The 3rd section is where the next boss lies, The Laboratory, what silly messed up secrets lie in there? ohmy

Stasis levels in this section is: 35%-40%
The Stasis in the Laboratory increases as time passes due to it containing Primordial radiating Stasili Ores.
You can start to see the blue energy of your Wakfu vaporizing off of your body like smoke puffing out of a dead fireplace, it is much difficult to use Wakfu and pushing too hard on your Wakfu can lead to your death, Wakfu Capabilities has weakened greatly. With the flow of Stasis flowing around the area nothing can stop you, the use of Stasis is so easy and feels almost unlimited, Stasis Capabilities improves greatly.

This is some info I will give for now but soon I will give more info later. enjoy biggrin 
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Hmm, somehow I feel that I am only going to have my time to shine here and later you gonna bend me over very hard in the RP lol

Anyways I am really liking this new area I have a feeling it is going to get even more intense than the battle against the Temple Keeper
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oh wow this sounds tough and this is only Area 2, I can barely imagine what you have install for us in the Laboratory not to mention Area 3.
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^ ikr? It might be the Wakfu counterpart of Elsword's CuttySark :I (A.K.A. "The annoying bird" or "the most annoying boss in Feita region ever") ( Click here)
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I am going to enjoy this, also I will post a little later
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Ohhhhh... this next area sounds intense. Where do you come up with these ideas Omega? Haha XD This will be really fun. *grins*
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