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Low Population - Outlaw Status - Bonta

By Denchfeng81 - MEMBER (+) - March 07, 2017, 21:57:39

So here is the deal Nox and specifically Bonta on Nox. I just started two weeks ago. Found I needed to get some resources that are only found in Bonta, I randomly joined Amakna, and went to get those resources. At the time I didn't know much about the ecosystem, because frankly the game provides almost no information about it. Got flagged as an Outlaw and researched for several hours before I found out, somewhat, how the ecosystem works. 

Had to leave my guild and have a guild member kill me because there is no population on this server to be found. The whole process took nearly two hours. So, I'm more keenly aware of eco-systems now. I verified that trees were not protected and started to cut down a tree. The clan member info changed and trees are protected now and I became an outlaw again. I'm sick of this and contemplating just saying "F-it" and eco terrorizing Bonta. I am seriously to the point now where I want to join Riktus and kill everyone I see in Bonta. 

I know the problem is caused only partly from the laws Bonta has and that since Amakna and Bonta are enemies and I cannot gain any cp with Bonta. So this hinders things to some degree. 

I have looked for the past three days for someone to help me out. I wasn't eco terrorizing Bonta, I was there to farm up some Bilbli skin to level Leather Dealer and chopped one damn tree that I had planned on replanting shortly after. 

So I now know to sit and wait to see if the clan member changes his/her mind about what is protected before I harvest/attack anything. But trying to find someone to help me out is impossible and I'm just about at the point where I want to rage and de-forest your entire continent. The game does not allow me to turn myself in, which is stupid, and forces me to find someone willing to flag pvp to kill me. But they have to be a guard, have to have the guard costume on, and have to flag for pvp before they attack me.

I really enjoy the use of the dragos but honestly I'm just about at the tipping point. This is seriously stupid. If I can't find anyone to help me soon prepare to be eco terrorized. I apologize in advance but it is the only way I think I can get anyone to come out and kill me.

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Someone finally killed me. I will be working to restore the eco dmg I caused. Thank you stranger.

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