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Need Active Governor and members of Goverment

By ShanaAisaka - MEMBER - March 09, 2017, 18:16:20

Hello everyone , this may be sudden but i want to be the next mandate governor of sufokia since the current one was not so active and there are many positions of the goverments empty.  I would like to fill this and have an active goverments. I am very unstatisfy with the current one. I wish everyone can support me to be the new governor. Even if im not been chosen i wish that don't take too light about Our Sufokia Nation. Since i really love Sufokia a lot. We need some serious Goverment, everyone need a chance to be a new governor or goverments.
P/S : I want more friendly governor and treat everyone equally, not being selfish after being a governor.



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Dear Kagari-Chan,

You should know and see that we always keep up the area bonuses and keep the eco system intact also we spoke to many people from the other governments and yes many positions are empty right now, but if you think thats a problem why not ask if you could take a position? right now we do our best to find new people and establish this new government so please withhold your grief about a new lead and try to be cooperative and productive that would be much better for both of us.

with best regards Luxal, Vice Governor

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Sorry i didn't mean to be harsh about my words here. And i already ask the governor if i can be in part but eveytime i ask i just get no words. Is like i was being ignore or something but i don't know. He just won't reply to me ): i didn't ask for higher position, im just asking for the weather engineer. Sorry if i didn't see what you guys did.

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how can i help out

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lol Sufokia is like the Pluto of Wakfu. biggrin

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