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Pizz'larva difficulties

By Skedge-Freak - MEMBER - May 22, 2018, 04:09:18

I am very new to this game and I like it so far, but this game, pizz'larva, is making it impossible for me to progress through it. I've been on it for over a week and still can't get through it. I was convinced it was a bug or a malfunction so I talked to Ankama Support about. But in the end they said that there was no bug and that I'm most likely playing it wrong. Although I still can't figure what I'm doing wrong. I've watched other people play it and succeed, but I for some reason can't. I tenderize then garnish, wait for it to go in front of an oven and push it in and it still wouldn't work. The weird thing is, by the end of the game I wouldn't have any strikes at all! It's just I won't get any new updates new quests. I even tried it on a different computer. Has anyone else run into this problem? How can you go around this? Did I miss something?

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First you need to check what kind of buff you have.

For example green tomato

This means you start of picking the tomato ingedrient wait for the green coloured larva tenderize it infront the oven then immediatly garnish it then shove it into the oven.

If the colours you dont need is in the row you tenderize it twice to kill it.


Skedge-Freak|2018-05-22 17:20:01
Thank you but I have indeed looked out for that, and it still wouldn't work. 

Are you doing them in order too from left to right?
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Thank you but I have indeed looked out for that, and it still wouldn't work. 

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In case you haven't moved on yet, (which you probably have,) Pizz'larva is completely irrelevant to the game's storyline, so if you want to continue without the barbarity that is Pizz'larva, you can go right on ahead. It doesn't affect Wakfu overall, whatsoever, so you can live without it. sleep


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hopefully indeed

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