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Watch yourself

By Osasendas1 - MEMBER - November 06, 2019, 13:42:38

Yesterday, November 5, I was leveling up my Lumberjack. I had turned Level 55 so I went so harvest from the Tadbole tree, only to find that there was only 4 left. This is outrageous. Before anyone goes harvest or killing, they should first gather 100 seeds or pruning, depending on what you are doing. The ecosystem is our's to watch over, and we can't neglect that duty. So watch yourself.

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Completely agree! Some people just do not care about those who will come after them. There's no cure for egoism, except for us to try to be better than that. =)

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I usually level with pruning and then take the seeds to my bank for logs, since i dont ruin the ecosystem that way.

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