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Is Wakfu worth playing ATM?

By Daneryz - MEMBER - February 23, 2019, 11:32:31

Thinking of trying WAKFU, but know NOTHING about it!  Is the game gonna be around for awhile?  Basically a solo player......Will I be able to survive?  Servers busy or a dead game?  Any tips or thoughts gratefully accepted!  Thx in advance!

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Play on Remington server,because more people have access to it.Its more active during EU timezone but there are NA timezone players too.Joining a max levelled guild is the best option in my opinion, one with haven world facility because you can use tax free market to trade items.If you are into solo ,you can buy hero boosters to play multiple character at the same time , up to 3 characters.But you cant exactly solo some dungeons as the level goes high need full 6 player team because of boss mechanics.And i don't think Ankama plan to shut down wakfu anytime soon,seeing as the game still gets major updates every three to four months.

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You will be able to survive as a solo player as long as you join a guild, also take time to see how beautyfull is the word of the gods

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*World of twelve

But yes, the updates may be slow but the game isn't going anywhere.
Also you can probably solo the first 50 levels, but playing with other people you find in the game is much more fun (or just join a guild haha).

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Yes cool

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heya! i'm a solo player, and i reached the lv max, so you can do it, BUT i don't recommand it!

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