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Dead server, No nation balance.

By dauran - MEMBER - November 13, 2018, 02:23:45

When you pay for boosters but cant grind because a single low life governor has to control most islands and locking them down setting all mobs to illegal poaching. Funny for him but not for all others who pays for a game to play but cant. Not much you can do alone, cant grind dungeons with a single toon.

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You aren't kidding. It's not so bad if you've got a friend to play with, but I'd hate to be trying to solo this right now. Had it been like this when I first joined I would have quit outright.

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It's also a nightmare for newbies who are trying to level.  Unless you are part of a guild with a haven world, I don't see how one is supposed to cope.

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Good luck getting a haven worlds as a new player, Ankama doesn't even auction them off anymore. 

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I'd also like to toss in here saying I ran into the same problem.  I fortunately have a guild with a HW and went there to level but had me borderline wanting to walk away from the game again.  It looks like as of today it's reset where you can hunt again.

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switch to remington

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Remington has same problem with brakmars governor hes a jerk that makes everything illegal this makes alot of people find it booring and end up leaving the game not good for business.

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