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Can we just get rid of Actually Hooks?

By ZornieKins - MEMBER - May 10, 2018, 08:11:58

He's nothing but a menace. People shouldn't need to be on guard duty in a game from 2 to 11 every day just to stop him and his lackies from taking what they want. Not everyone has that kind of time. Jobs are a thing, and heaven forbid having a life.

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Pay me and I'll make it happen.

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My goodness merri

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I'm really curious. Who is on guard duty, and what are they guarding from Hooksy? And what will he do if those guards leave?

I'm worried you're a Brak, and you're overreacting, as Braks tend to do. This is a game, and your enemies can do nothing to harm you. All you have to do is succeed at your own gaming goals, Hooksy can't impact your experience if you don't let him 0_o

Also, organizing the entire community to "get rid of" someone cuz you don't like them is the real tyranny in this post. 

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Zornie is an Amaknan.

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Man, you're really obsessed with that screenshot. But Kim, you likely have no idea what's going on. Basically; Hooks and whoever is working with him seemingly do nothing but BG, taking as many areas till it closes for the day. Nobody really goes to them besides Brak and a handful of Riktus, thus resulting in the land distribution being all screwed up as there's nobody to defend.

Not sure if anything has changed recently though. Haven't been able to play for a bit because Support is a joke.

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He's one of the Brakmarian flunkies that attends every Battlefield. His ingame name is Kimas.

Man, I sure do love being able to play a game I've put money into.
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