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I would like to play in Nox

By Dominioss - MEMBER - February 01, 2018, 06:15:45

Greetings to anyone who reads this.
Game on Remington server, but I would like to play in Nox.
The problem is, from my country I do not have access to the Nox server because my account does not belong to this munity **.
Would anyone be so kind as to create an account for Nox? I provide the mail and I will provide the data, you just have to create it - could someone?
I appreciate any help

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oi mate, join the discord and @Letou he'll get you a nox account!  (expires in 1 day)

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responds months late, gg

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Huh. Guess it works in reverse. I started on Nox and then also started playing on Rem with no issues. Dunno'.

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me too i was nox and now Rem, hey hey if you dont have a guild let me know!
My IGN: kimbap
would love to have a nox friend there~

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