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Light's brigading Bonta government.

By TostMD - MEMBER - December 04, 2017, 19:41:24

Hey all, Sniper-Tost here! Some of you may know me or have seen me around.

So, just for the sake of transparency about Bonta. I was the governor two-terms ago, and then there was another friendly player was governor (not gonna name him) after that. However, he was promptly-downvoted out by the Light guild, who then nominated one of their many alts, and brigaded them to the top with 17 votes, within the first few hours of the old governor being kicked out. Which, I might add, was done for no reason. So why do we have the Light guild brigading out any other candidates? Great question. Maybe they want the fancy icons above their head. Maybe they're doing it just because they can. Maybe it's because of the new NvN update? Who knows. Bottom line, it's just a scummy thing to do, and I figure I'd let everyone know about it. In Light's recruitment post, they say "We have a friendly group of members who are all like minded with similar goals. There's also no shortage of fun times and memes to be had."
So, boys and girls, for a good time, call Light. They'll downbrigade you out of govt real fast. wink

In addition, I had allied Bonta with Brakmar (with standing governer Rigz from Unidentified), so if anyone is wondering why that alliance isn't in existence anymore, you can thank Light for that.

Anyways, that's all for the sake of transparency.

Shout out to my boys from Pups Playhouse (looking at you Argentium), to my peeps over in Wisdom (who were in the govt before me, Eilerris and co.), and to all the other loyal Bonta guilds.

Your neighborhood friendly Cra,

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People have an uncontrollable desire to be 'in power' or have control of something. Old man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be king. King's not satisfied til he rules everything.

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Y'know, thanks for making this post because something very similar has happened in Amakna. Members of the Light guild have swept the government, and I would say there are no "fun times and memes" to this setup. This may go beyond a joyriding power grab...

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The previous Amak gov didn't even bother opposing this time. Fact is, they pulled out all their stockpiled "free sub" codes to pull the sweep and it's technically OK.

No point getting upset. Nothing to be done about it, and until the politics revamp being in nation government is more of a chore than actual power anyway.

EDIT: I suggest using marketboards in Brakmar, Sufokia or Srambad for two weeks. If you're going to hop in your haven bag and sell stuff, do it somewhere other than Amakna or Bonta. All told, it's still not so bad.

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They even Set our taxes to 70%

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Gelgy|2017-12-05 00:12:06
Fact is, they pulled out all their stockpiled "free sub" codes to pull the sweep and it's technically OK.

Untrue. Those free sub codes were all used up long ago. We just had all of our guild members vote together. There's 25 of us, and only about 4 not on booster.

The Black Friday cash shop sale let us buy more character slots though, which certainly helped.
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Oh, OK!

Yeah, that'd do the trick too.

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