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The "Recruitment" alt impersonating Drawn Onward members

By TheAntKnight November 26, 2015, 19:59:27

OhMyGobball from Drawn Onward here, for those who do not know what my forum name is.

I just wanted to address something that happened yesterday at Almanax concerning someone impersonating our guild members.

There was an unguilded level 1 alt character at Almanax claiming to be a member of the Drawn Onward Guild. I've got on two different accounts that they said they were claiming to be two (or more) different members of our guild.

While pretending to recruit, they also said some things about other guilds and nations that just are not true and that Drawn Onward does NOT agree with.

After talking with witnesses and those involved, it's clear that it is not a member of our guild and that whoever they are, they want others to think otherwise.

The alt WILL be reported. but in the mean time, if you see something like this happening again from someone who is not a member of the Drawn Onward Guild, please take a screen shot of what they are saying and send it to me on AnkaBox.

At this time, I would just like to apologize on behalf of our guild if this caused anyone any grief. Especially to some of our friends in the guilds named.

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