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By Arkolak - MEMBER - June 12, 2015, 02:15:58
Since I've been in the government for 13 or 14 consecutive terms I figured I might as well share some of the info about the system that I have learned. This post is meant to help people who have never been in the government as well as those who have. Hopefully some of this will be new to you and if there is anything you wish to add to the topic, please do.


The main source of funds are collected through the taxes taken when posting items on the markets or putting items for sale in your haven bag. The area you pay the tax is the fund which it goes to. Funds from the cities can be allocated to any area from the cities clansmen. This allows that massive pile of kamas at the outpost to be used in areas that need them. Once funds are in the territory you want to spend them in, they must be allocated to the climate, ecosystem, or challenger funds. once these funds are allocated the kamas cannot be moved, only spent. Governors, Vice Governors, and Treasurers are able to move funds.

Weather Buffs

The Governor, Vice Governor, and Weather Engineer are able to purchase a single weather buff per territory from a selection of buffs which is different for each zone. Some examples of these buffs are: Sirocco ( Temp +10, Chance of Precipitation Slightly Decreased), Mistrool (Temp -5, Chance of Precipitation Slightly Decreased), Drizzle (Chance of Precipitation Slightly Increased). Each buff lasts 24 hours and costs 3000-15000 kamas from the climate fund.


The Ecologist job is highly sought after but doesn't have much of a use in technical terms. Governors, Vice Governors, and Ecologists are able to purchase small amounts of seeds for large sums of funds through the clan member interface but the cost doesn't justify the gain so it is almost never done. Mainly the job is meant for a person who is willing to spend large amounts of time fixing the ecosystem of the nations, but a good cabinet will have every member willing to help fix the ecosystem.


The Governor, Vice Governor, and Challenger are able to purchase additional zone quests which will reward players who complete them with experience. Each zone has unique challenges and usually has a few that are "basic" and do not need to be purchased or renewed. Purchasable quests range in price from around 7,500-60,000 kamas and last 24 hours. These quests are usually unique to each area and have different experience payouts and goals. The downfall to an otherwise interesting position is the horrible hat that accompanies the Challenger.

Territory Expansion

There are two territories that could* be conquered: Calamar Island, and Wild Estates (currently not enabled). Calamar gives prospecting and dodge buffs to the nation that currently holds them based on how many clan wishes are satisfied. Any member of a government cabinet can initiate the fight to defeat the clansmen and take control of the island for their nation. Once a nation takes control of an island it is protected from being conquered by an enemy nation for 24 hours and an ally nation cannot attempt to take a territory held by its ally at any point. Going against the island clansmen wishes will be treated as if you were in the nation controlling the island which can result in outlaw status in that nation. The opposite is also true that if you a member of the controlling nation or an ally you ca gain or loose citizen points based on your actions.


Alliances between nations can be formed through the sending of an offer of alliance to another nation and that nation accepting the offer. Governors and Vice Governors both have the ability to do this. Nations can only have one alliance at a time and as of yet no evidence of there being a time limit between alliances being broken or reformed has been seen. Once an alliance has been forged the nations involved will be able to pvp together and gain citizen points as though the allied nations where the same nation. This does not prevent aggressions between nations, merely encourages against it.

Cabinet Positions

The Governor of a nation is selected through a popular election held every other weekend. Voting is done by subscribing members who have 100 or more citizen points. Those who wish to run for Governor must have 1000 citizen points and a booster pack. There is no character level restriction to this system. Once a Governor has been elected they will be able to select cabinet members to serve the 2 week term with them. If a Governor is elected and does not have the 14 days of booster to last until the end of the term, it will be added to their account. If a governor is not re-elected after the two week term, the new governor will gain the position and the rest of the cabinet will be removed from their positions. A governor can offer cabinet positions or remove members of the cabinet at any time. Cabinet members are also able to resign and leave their position at any time.

I hope that this will help players to understand the powers of the national government and that this thread can be added to with information I have not posted.

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I thought only Calamar can be taken by a nation. It used to be Wild Prairies but they revamped it. Unless it changed without me knowing? o.O

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Yeah, even though the Wild Estate is a conquest island, it's not currently functional as one. The clan member fight was also reused for Excarnus so who even knows what the plan is.

Calamar Island gives both a +pp and a +dodge buff based on the clan member's satisfaction, although that third star is currently impossible to attain due to a bugged resource count.

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Updated info on wild estates

Updated Governor subscription details

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