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Benefits of Riktus?

By MadMoth - MEMBER - November 18, 2017, 00:00:12

I'm new to this game; my main character, an Osa, is closing in on level 38 and I'm considering joining the Riktus Clan, mainly because I like the outlaw flavor.  I'm not opposed to PVP, though I wouldn't be surprised if my class is kind of crap at PVP.  Does the Riktus Clan still get the same kind of benefits other nations get, like the HP and Mastery bonuses, a base with all the crafting stations, etc etc?  What do you guys think the main draw of Riktus is (besides the PVP) and how exactly does the PVP work?  If you travel to another nation, is it any different than being in an enemy nation when you're not Riktus?  How does attacking (or being attacked) by players work?

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Being outlaw or with PvP mode activated, prevents you from using the transport system in the nations which are not your own or neutral ones. Being Riktus in PvP or outlaw mode will hinder traveling a lot. If you plant to work on harvesting professions and such, this will make it much harder. You can't take the zaaps that lead you to that nation nor use their dragoturkeys, but the boat can keep sending you to the "backdoor" of the nation. Same for the underground mine passage.

Any player with the PvP mode activated can attack other players, regardless of nation or PvP status, level, etc.

Riktus clan gains the screwed bonuses from other nations. So, if you screw the local clan member wishes of those nations, you'll get their special bonuses, capped at a given number anyway (not sure if it was 8 or 10).

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If I remember well, Riktus bonuses are capped at 8, but they can stack up bonuses from other nations' Outposts, as long as their ecosystems are in bad state.

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The main benefit was that you could not get outlawed when you activate your pvp, and go wreck the ecosystem. Sadly, that was changed recently, and you do not have that benefit anymore.

The mount-costume looks pretty neat xD

Also, if you conquer Calamar Island, there will be no laws and you can overpopulate the enemies to grind without repercussions. 
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