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What is going on with Bontan government?!

By RainbowChampion - MEMBER - February 12, 2020, 09:01:49

I was away for the weekend and missed the elections. Got the general info of a new governor. I was online yesterday for the allied – in war with -debacle: first we were allied with Amakna, then at war with it, then again allied and then again at war with. All in five (5) minutes. This raised my eyebrow. I looked up the Politics and the current governor seems to have banned her/his predecessor from the nation. That got another raised eyebrow. But when I today payed 6720 K tax on putting a weapon on sale in my Haven bag display for 9600 K it raised the top of my head off. Rather steep! I looked at the policies of this new governor (Laws of the nation) and can only conclude that some Brakmarian infiltrator has managed to rig the election and become the governor to destroy the nation from within.

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just read the politics sub menu in wakfus homesite and saw theese beutiful words

" Hail xxx - our great and beautiful imperator! Hail xxx who is now sugardaddy in Bonta."

while i dont generally support this kinda stuff.. it does bring a huge grin to my face seeing my fellow braks bring chaos.

brakmarian pride intensifies

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Okay we must reaction for what happend in game now. Goverment do ''fake account'' and vote to him, and i want to know how ankama resolve this problem. Becouse this guy who do this can all time vote and still goverment. nick name Nectum ? 
And i want to know what think about this others players. 

My propose BAN why ? 
1) fake account. near 100-120
2) cheat politic and cheat with fake account 
3) politcs in game destroy nations. 


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Saw some disturbing claims about this on the Destination Wakfu 2 Discord. And a Youtube-video. Certainly seems like something Ankama *needs* to react to. I don't know how but this is not a desired state of things. 

Am I correct in that with Conversion stones this can be used to financial profit? 

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It's true is hard since some mods must saw all gov runs (where votes was almost always at max 40 rate). In specially moments when Abysm want Smok as king or Digi want to be a king votes rised to something like 70-90 from all but 116 lvl more popular than Digi ?XD

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Unless it has changed from the last time I saw something related to the votings, it's a vote PER CHARACTER. So, if they have 13 characters in a single account, that equals to 13 votes from the same user alone. Add that for every user supporting that candidate which have a similar legion of characters and a Booster.

Right now election weight goes for those who spent the most wealth to get more characters in a single (or more than one) account, and got that account with a Booster. I guess they said they would track mule-voting, which is creating char, voting, deleting char, and repeating. But right now, it's a "money buys power" situation, so possibly not related with rigged elections, it's just that everyone's vote doesn't have the same value.

The voting system needs a lot of reworking to avoid things like this. Like a single voting per IP or something like that. Until then, keep your eyes open for trolling governors, specially with the tax rates. And blacklist if needed, blacklist ALL the trolls! tongue

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I have a better suggestion!!!
JOIN TO BRAKMAR (youtube video)

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Son, bontarians aren't brakmarians because we don't NEED to play THIS LOW to grab more citizens happy! Nice try.

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