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So, what does the government actually do?

By gwrrty - MEMBER - December 12, 2019, 16:31:38

The ingame menus are unclear on this. What can you actually accomplish with the tax money? Do you have a button that makes crops respawn on their own, or something?

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When I had the chance to get involved there, there was very little to do. You can talk the local NPC clan member to spend the money to activate a few environmental quests, getting a bunch of cuttings or seeds for manually replanting the area, alterating the climate a few degrees up or down, moving the money to another area to prevent it to fall into the hands of the enemy if the area is lost during a PvP event... but nothing really worth it for serious stuff. It really needs a good revamp to make it worth it.

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Good question, most players don't even know what are the requirements to become a Governor other than the candidate must have an active booster pack.

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Literally nothing
I'm serious
You can protect resources on the location and set taxes and that's it.
The governor is only a title for you, as well as other roles - titles for the people who vote for you.
Activating ecological quests does not work, it is also impossible to spend kamas on seeds.

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well you can annoy your citizens by setting stupid laws or raising taxes, but nothing constructive.
Kinda like in real life.

PLS revamp

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