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Astra's plans for 28/12 --> mandate

By Nicoel - MEMBER - December 29, 2018, 18:00:14

Hey all you smoll coconuts of varies tastes! Astra militarum personel here via the magic of copy paste with eclairs forum name! (to cut story short and sweet had email this to eclair so he can paste it here coz im dumb)

Aight, so!

my mandate plans can summarized in one word and it is growth! How will we achivive this growth and what are growing i hear you ask ! Glad you asked because i was going to explain this in any case!

1. We will grow Bontarian player base, since almost all people now days have migrated to brakmar - amakna alliance, and we cant compete with the national bonuses anymore (well haven't been in quite a while now special thanks to active brakmarians!) we have to do something drastic and dare i say down right weird.

We will by this i mean probably me and the governmental members will go to astrub,incarmn, low lv adventure islands and capital area of bonta and recruit newly joined or returned players to join bonta. But what will keep them as bontarians? why would they join bonta ? well that brings me to point number 2!

2. I will introduce growing guild in following days this guild has been mostly bank to store alts and stuff, but will be cleaned, lv'd, renamed and put to work to host all willing future Bonta patriots for certain time the goal of this growing guild is the name to grow new and returned players to new lvs and knowledge so they will be able to partake in the battlefields so we will be eventually be able to retake our former territories outside of the capital.

The idea behind is to nurture and grow the players on state they can be relesed to bigger and more established guilds preferably with Bonta sympathies but who can say what a person wants to do so if he/ she wants to be evil brakmarian nothings stooping him! 

3. With points 1 & 2 fullfilled we will start to grow bontarian sphere of influence by gradually conquering the terrotories outside of bonta. 

3½. Not really a point in the growing plan perse, but i will once iv secured enough kamas via the magic of selling junk on the market start introduce battlefield incentives in form of a lottery where upon proof of partaking in the battlefield you will gain a ticket and every week raffle is held among partakers to get stuff in form of gear, resources or pure shiny kamas! (this point is purely on anvil to be forged into a better idea since providing proof is kinda difficult buut i will figure it out) 

also other bontarian only events will be held! Once i get to around idealising them maeby an art competition ? Anyways ramble over!

this is essentially the bonta growth plan for the mandate('s) i realize this is rather long and high aiming plan and it will not yield immediate gains but considering the state of bonta now what else is to do ?

If anyone has suggestions, ideas or wants to join bontarian government you can pm em directly astra militarum personel (and yes i'm gigantic wh40k fan nice of you to notice!) or leave them here in this topic.

/astra via the proxy of ec coz unspecified reasons of dumbassery in my part! 

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Ohhh wow! a new Gov making a mandate post!
Great to see, I hope your mandate goes well~ 

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Honestly I'm skeptic, but hey I will try to help any way I can. I would even personally give my spare unused BF stuff if there is any Bonta players serious for BF. Good luck, you will need it.

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Aight coconuts ! 

Astra militarum here with magic of not being a complete idiot x'D 

aight so situation update the founding of bontarian pvp guilds have been postponed due the unseens circumstances wich i cant go into coz it involves other pepperonies who do i not wish to name !

but as we all see, we allied with amakna, filled the goverment with bouth new and old to national politics!

were also started conquiring areas back, i cant personally take part in many pvp fields for having gaps in my gear and sooocking complete donkey butts in em but im makign an effort to partake as many as i can! But despite of my incomepence we have been steadily taking areas to our self !

special thanks to this goes to lovely vice snake whos personally been kicking peoples hinecourtesrs with rage and vigor reserved only for the vilest of heretics! (also amakna alliance helped a lot)

aight thats all for now

anohter update on devoplment and news comming inna 2-4 days ! stay toones my litle berries!

/astra out-->

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There was indeed some changes, even just for a short while thank you very much though.

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