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OK, I'm candidate for governor at Bonta (22/Feb/18)

By TheRogueCat - MEMBER - February 22, 2018, 02:09:58

OK, time to vote interacting with any NPC at Bonta if you have an active Booster, at least 100 citizen points, and want to try to counter that madness of the AmaknoRiktus to make all areas their private PvP playingrounds. For the sake of Envir quests, profession and char leveling, and possibly keeping the casual playerbase in the game. I fear the worst anyway... <_

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Good luck!

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OK, I'm governor now. Let's see if we can gather those users screwed/trolled by the AmakRiktus laws and see if they would cease supporting them and side our cause. Both for providing a safe place for leveling/gathering stuff and for countering their legion at the Battlefield (if able).

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I think you should detail the problem more so more people understand what can happen and is happening.

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Short version, a good part of the veteran PvP playerbase joined into an Amakna-Riktus alliance. They began placing laws in order to cause more outlaws to appear with the idea of having their open world PvP again. The problem, that the way they were doing that was very conflicting with players who want to focus on char and profession leveling.

There were attemps to make outlaws out of users for many absurd reasons, or others that might severely handicap the average noob or casual players. Some scattered examples:

-Becoming outlaw for losing a battle (problematic for noob players of during server down events)...

-For trading with a foreign player, with a local player, with an Outlaw (basically something that no one would expect to be a cause)...

-For teaming up with an outlaw (which is a chain reaction trigger teamed up with previous ones)...

-For attacking protected species which can't be fought in any other way than at dungeons in much larger groups (problematic for solo players who can't have so much firepower)...

And so on.

Outlaws will always exist in every nation without exception, but forcing it like this at the cost of screwing the rewards for environmental quest, of running the risk of being interrupted while doing leveling stuff, of preventing users to freely explore and interact, that is way too much.

As this is what happened at Nox by abusing uncontrolled open world PvP attacks, and I don't want it to happen here too using the laws system to make it happen. They proved that the selfish will of a few "Hardcore" PvPers was enough to virtually kill the whole playerbase from the server. And this can very much go in the same way, if they decide that they don't care about what other non-PvP players want to do with their time out there.

So, that is why I abandoned that law-defiled Riktus Clan, joined Bonta and attemp to have contacts moving from those 2 nations to any other one. Both for not supporting that goal they have in mind, and to counter them in Battlefield as much as possible so they don't gain more territories to screw like this. Me in Bonta is just to provide a safe place for working on profession and char leveling without many hinderances.

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are you sure you are up to the task?

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Honestly, it's not that there is too much to do from "inside" other than making it more liberal with laws, protecting budget, and restoring a few bonuses from time to time. The rest is gathering contacts and allies to support in battlefields. It burns a good part of my time (which I don't have too much, by the way), but somebody has to do it first, so some of the others start moving too.

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Since you dont have enought time to take part in every Battlefield, you should name government members from differnet guilds to show Bontarian citizens that the government is active.(cause I haven't seen you online since you got elected and I am online a lot)  

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Yeah, it's because my vacations ended and I'm back to the usual connection times at night. But yeah, it's active. Just needing some more time to put everything in place.

Right now, I have the plan to put Czarny in the General seat. If you want another seat (possibly Head Guard or Ecologist?), either message or catch me online. But yeah, most of my days I have problems for being online at the right time.

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OK, time's up for me, but looks like you no longer need me there. What had to be done, it's done. The rest will continue from the fields, and the battlefields. Give Czarny-Smok a warm welcome, laugh and treat him well.

Just don't forget the goal of making the open areas toxic-free, and keeping a healthy Battlefield PvP environment. OK, thanks to those who helped to spread the message, and those who take active part in daily stuff to keep the local bonuses for players to level. I'll continue lending a paw whenever I can have some time for it.

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wow you guys are every involved with the politics in Bonta, thank you for helping to make the game a better place to play at. You will have my vote if you ever postulate yourself for Gov again.

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Hardly, because I don't have any gifted Boosters anymore. laugh Anyway, the chance to recover Citizen Points in any territory has partially solved the problem, so it's easy to counter the setbacks of leveling out there. We'll see what happens when the politic revamps comes (if any).

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