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Current Bontarian Politics - Ecology

By KamiKumo - MEMBER - July 12, 2016, 12:14:35

Yet again our government has changed, and I have a pleasure to once again try myself as an ecologist.

We are all aware, how in-game government system is far from being perfect, but let's try to use it to it's best.

As many people, especially new players, don't know what's what, let me throw the link to a decent guide about the topic:
Click here

Back on the track.

It is in our mutual interest to keep the ecology of Bonta flourishing.
There were many different approaches to adress that. Most recent one being lock-down on many natural resources, making illegal to temper with them.

How efficient was it? Not much, overall.

Why was the need for this?

Because it's a responsibility for more then a handful of people.

I was looking up the forums.

People complain about ecologists not doing their job. But it's not a solo job, really. One person can't sway the nation.

Wakfu crafting system is pretty neat and simple. You want an item, you gather materials. You prune the trees, chop them down, process the wood, get the plants, process them etc.

Just, people skip the replenish part.

Now, I did not make this thread to just throw excuses here and there. Let's have a proper discussion.

People of Bonta, how should we adress the pending problem of our national economy?
Should we keep the current lock-down on resources? Re-adjust it? Replace it with another salvation?
What are your toughts?

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it is a mad choice to select a non-bontarian head guard. fix that first. it is a scandal

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Protecting resources only punishes citizens of the nation, People who over-cut trees in Thicket for example are often people from non-allied nations and the laws don't effect them much at all. ( no -cp punishment. )
Please keep that in mind.

From past experience the best way to combat the ecosystem issue is to gather a group of people who are willing to keep an eye on it and maintain it, ( for me my whole guild would assist with the areas when they could. ) as well often every member of the government takes on the ecosystem as a responsibility if they are that serious about keeping the nation happy.
You can also try yelling at people in the outpost to help you.

Good luck!

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There is a simple solution. Remove everything in a nation, kill all monsters, trees and so on.
Let only the ore stay.

Then wait till other players from other nations start replanting. wink 

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Yunru|2016-07-12 14:07:13
There is a simple solution. Remove everything in a nation, kill all monsters, trees and so on.
Let only the ore stay.

Then wait till other players from other nations start replanting. wink
Too stupid
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Rikkis-Alt|2016-07-12 14:27:56
Yunru|2016-07-12 14:07:13
There is a simple solution. Remove everything in a nation, kill all monsters, trees and so on.
Let only the ore stay.

Then wait till other players from other nations start replanting. wink
Too stupid
Arent you the guy who keep killing bonta eco for fun? :blink: 
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I'm the guy with the over 20k in negative CP, I didn't lose it because i was impatient!!!
Plant after you cut? please.... Initially when i wanted to pick up lumberjack i started by planting only, cause cutting was illegal, prune prune plant prune prune plant which was absolute garbage and nonsense.
[Disclaimer what I say reflects my actions and point of view and doesn't relate to all players]
Here's exactly why:

    1. XP waste:
Following the typical formula: prune, prune, grow, cut, plant*
*planting isn't 100% garanteed so it's a good chance you'll waste cutting's and time and xp
100+100+200+100= 500xp per round + you get wood to plank/craft stuff
adding the penalty you're only left with:
prune**, prune**, plant***= 300xp?
**the trees you might prune are probably low level for you or worthless
***if you find a spot + low chance of growing
And you don't get wood, but you can grow in haven right? if you don't need xp sure! but i need the xp!!!! but you get wood right? ya sure 100xp per plank
    2. Eco-political nonsense:
If you're so concerned about preserving the Zone bonuses start with the Treechnids over 1500 currently (what i'm farming to regain CP)
Also the only people suffering are people of the Nation, cuz i saw a couple lumberjacks from different nations chopping my trees for resources while i watch? basically LumberCucking
    3. Planting after cutting? with the penalty? HA!

It's really stupid 1 tree cut = 4 planted/ 4 treechnids murdered
i have -20k that means i cut 500 trees, but I'm pretty sure i planted at least 500 then again the 1:4 Ratio is stupid
    Idk this is just me ranting, but i'd go with what NaaMeow said, pay 25k murder trees then pay another 25k

    P.S. I didn't reach -20k cp just by being an idiot, first i was at almost 3k positive I missclicked to lose around 280 points, i said Eff it and went rampaging reached 0 then again through planting went back to 1k positive.
    Then i wanted to craft some stuff and needed wood, but i also wanted to level up...guess what i cant cuz cutting is illegal then i went on a rampage cutting all kinds of trees that i needed, when i came back to replant balance had already been restored but i reached lvl 82 so who cares. no i'm off to change nation to brak then go back to bonta and murder more trees, it's not that i'm against the eco system, it's just a FU to who ever made cutting trees illegal (i'm really butthurt over this)

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        Trees are understandable but bliblis? seriously? You're preventing people from running dungeons for haven gems :\. I waited 3 or so days checking market for some keys (or tusks) for it (I'm not in a guild or anything), so eventually I said screw it and became an outlaw just so i could run the boarthroom. I would've gladly replenished your animal resources in the area. sad 

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        First of all, thanks for the replies and feedback.

        Can't help with head guard xD I'm just a pruner. But I will adress the issue with the king once I see him, tho considering time at wich I'm online atm it might take a week. Or at least till weekend.

        Aye, let's go with no-lock for a while. See how it goes. Can't judge my precedessors decisions without some tests I guess.

        And yea, I wholeheartedly agree about biblis, wich is why they went protection-free very first xD

        We'll try to mobilize some people, or at the very least I'll talk it out with Pappy.

        Future will judge our gov.

        Edit: I have checked the ecos all over the bonta. Beside moskitos and biblis, wich I've taken care of yesterday, there is no protection on any kind of wildlife present.
        If you get negative cp on yorbut for "disobedience" it's because trees are below 1500 quantity ;p

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