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A message for Amaknians

By Aiden-Osiris - MEMBER - October 05, 2019, 08:02:10

Fellow adventurers from Amakna,
I hope this message finds you well. With the hopes of bringing a sense of community and pride to our nation, I am calling out to all those who still have a place for Amakna in their heart, and who long to hold their heads high at the sound of her name.

A Call to Community
Amaknians, let's work together to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship. If you stumble across a fellow citizen in your travels, maybe share a kind word, perhaps even join in an adventure. Let's strive to make Amakna a nation to be proud of. Please join me in a minor event this Sunday, OCT 6th 2019, to bring a few moments of fun into our capital. From 5pm-8pm (server time) I will be conducting various official duties in our capital. If we happen to cross paths please don't hesitate to say hello (it might be surprisingly worth it).  

A Call to Service
Friends; to all who wish to see this vision realized, please reach out to me if interested in helping serve during the weeks ahead. If you'd like to be a part of this initiative, then you are more than welcome to take a place in our Government. In order to fully align with our way forward, we'll need individuals who wish to work for others, and serve as ambassadors to the World of Twelve. 

A Call to Arms
As of late, our nation suffers from a lack of territories. We all know that this can have a negative affect on our earnings, our national pride, and more significantly, the territory bonus available. Our nation thanks all who continually answer this call, despite being out numbered or perhaps out geared on the battlefield. Understanding first hand the adversity we face in our territorial endeavors, I am grateful to all those who face this opposition and continue to march upon the battlefields. My personal thanks to the brave few who yesterday found themselves fighting next to our great allies from Sufokia, to help Amakna gain two new territories. Amakna is grateful. --- If at all able, please support Amakna in a battlefield or two. Even if only to protect the few territories we claim or to support our Sufokian allies. Amakna needs your help. 

Future correspondence to follow. Wishing nothing but the best for our nation; my sincere thanks for reading.

Your humble servant, Remz. 


Caveats & Details:
Hey all, this Sunday will be a hide & seek of sorts. Open to Amaknian's of any level, simply find me somewhere in the capital, and receive your choice of reward. That's it. Oct 6 2019, 5pm-8pm server time. Each time I'm found I'll issue out a reward, relocate within the capital, and repeat until all prizes are issued out. First come, first serve, 1 prize per participant. If the prize you're after has been taken, hopefully you can choose an alternate to use, sell, shard, trade, or what have you.  

One reward of your choosing: Amaknian Pirate Costume, Captain Amakna Haven Bag Kit, Justice haven bag kit, Lv 50 YeCh'Ti'Wawa (full HP), Sarcophacape 3 slot (R,R,G), Shushu Emblem (2 lvl to fire), Cloak Orporal 2 slot (B,R), or 200k in Kama.  

Why's this event such short notice? True, great question. Well, our nation will be hosting a much larger event in about one weeks time. Open to all nations, with very large amounts of Kama (in the million Kama range) as rewards/prizes. To be announced soon, with more time in advance. But primarily because I will only have a short time in this position of service, and wish to make the most of it while I'm able. Just trying to do what I can to make being a member of this nation a little bit more enjoyable.

Why not open to other nations? For our "all nation" event I wish to provide more advanced notice (to be announced soon). The main reason for this exclusive Amaknian event is to get the ball rolling on events for our nation.

Still to come: working towards Amakna meetings, gaining just a fraction of more territories, and more events with bigger prizes. 

If interested in holding a position in gov, please let me know. Looking for anyone willing to help, but more importantly, those who are drama free. Seriously... drama free. My goal is for Amakna to represent community, and make membership of this nation somewhat gratifying. Thanks all. 

Para los que hablan español, y quieren participar en eventos o nuestro Gobierno, manden me un mensaje para hablar mas en detalle sombre esta tema y de la nación.

[Remington Server] [ ign: Remzin Osiris]
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Found only Box with diarrhea emote in one of the house on south side of capital and your statue in governor district biggrin

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laugh glad we could meet, so you could walk away with a little more than just diarrhea today. thanks for coming out. 


My friends from Amakna,

Thanks to all who came and participated in today's small event. I'm appreciative of the feedback regarding our nation, and grateful for the discussions we were able to share today. In the hopes of holding future events and gatherings please keep a watchful eye out for more correspondence. 

Always your servant, Remz.
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