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Contacting Government Members

By Pavlovsky - MEMBER - May 06, 2018, 18:31:09

Hey guys, I've got a question which is generally applicable to everyone.

Is there any way to contact your respective government members outside PM'ing them in-game? Reason-being is I hardly see them online when I am.

I'm not precisely sure what times our (Amakna's) MP's are on, though last I encountered them was in the midst of an election at a fairly late time (I live in Sydney Australia, so that'd be UTC +10).

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MrSlayer#7129 Discord

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Yeah most of us are on discord Tzirah#7185
If you personally don't use discord, you can try passing asking one of our guildies to pass a message, or directly contact us here

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Awesome, much appreciated everyone!

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