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Random Disobedience penalty??? How do I recover? (Repost from General)

By MadMoth - MEMBER - November 16, 2017, 17:23:34
I'm reposting this here since it's more relevant...

I was in Amakna doing the story quest (use a lure to fight Gobballs and Tofu) when, after clicking the Gobball Lure, I just out of nowhere got a Disobedience Penalty and lost ALL the clan bonuses I had!  I'm only level 25, that's a huge chunk of my character's effectiveness!  My HP went down by 20%, I lost a huge chunk of damage, and about a sixth of my Dodge.  What the hell did I do?

I can't find anywhere in-game that tells me what counts as Disobedience!  I don't know how to regain those bonuses, and I'm pretty upset that I could just become an outlaw for no reason doing the freaking story quests.  This is so stupid, can I change nations?  I got no indication of what I did wrong!  I see that there's also Devotion as a law, which I could maybe do to regain CP, but again, nothing tells me what the dang clan members want.  This is really infuriating to me.
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Each Nation has different laws depending on its King or Queen.

My guess is your Nation decided to slap a law down banning people from performing destructive actions or similar.
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Press W to check out what the clan member want's.
Not sure if you lose HP and Dodge for Disobedience, since it have only affected my CP points or made me an outlaw when in different nation. And for gaining points the best place is Hugo Prairie since there are always huge amount of gobbals to kill for points.
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I know it's a bit late...but it maybe help someone else.

In this region of Amakna (if Im not mistaken)...the gobball population is part of the balance of the region.
The population should be low...and when you used the Gobball Lure you atacked more gobballs, decreasing more the population. And them you go against the laws and received a disobedience penalty.

Yes it's happen...wrong place at wrong time.

(If Im mistaken about this region and the gobbals being part of the balance forgive me...but this really happen)
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IMO this is the worst flaw on Wakfu, it doesn't explain nothing about nothing. The game is not very intuitive at all, it has very complicated mechanics that you have to figure out by yourself what the hell is going on. For new players it's even worse. The amount of useless junk (ie. Wakfu/Stasis, unused content etc) and the lack of info is terrible. And you get punished for not knowing something that nobody explained, well played.
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