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Random Disobedience penalty??? How do I recover? (Repost from General)

By MadMoth - MEMBER - November 16, 2017, 17:23:34

I'm reposting this here since it's more relevant...

I was in Amakna doing the story quest (use a lure to fight Gobballs and Tofu) when, after clicking the Gobball Lure, I just out of nowhere got a Disobedience Penalty and lost ALL the clan bonuses I had!  I'm only level 25, that's a huge chunk of my character's effectiveness!  My HP went down by 20%, I lost a huge chunk of damage, and about a sixth of my Dodge.  What the hell did I do?

I can't find anywhere in-game that tells me what counts as Disobedience!  I don't know how to regain those bonuses, and I'm pretty upset that I could just become an outlaw for no reason doing the freaking story quests.  This is so stupid, can I change nations?  I got no indication of what I did wrong!  I see that there's also Devotion as a law, which I could maybe do to regain CP, but again, nothing tells me what the dang clan members want.  This is really infuriating to me.

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Each Nation has different laws depending on its King or Queen.

My guess is your Nation decided to slap a law down banning people from performing destructive actions or similar.

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Press W to check out what the clan member want's.
Not sure if you lose HP and Dodge for Disobedience, since it have only affected my CP points or made me an outlaw when in different nation. And for gaining points the best place is Hugo Prairie since there are always huge amount of gobbals to kill for points.

Score : 148

I know it's a bit late...but it maybe help someone else.

In this region of Amakna (if Im not mistaken)...the gobball population is part of the balance of the region.
The population should be low...and when you used the Gobball Lure you atacked more gobballs, decreasing more the population. And them you go against the laws and received a disobedience penalty.

Yes it's happen...wrong place at wrong time.

(If Im mistaken about this region and the gobbals being part of the balance forgive me...but this really happen)

Score : 1343

IMO this is the worst flaw on Wakfu, it doesn't explain nothing about nothing. The game is not very intuitive at all, it has very complicated mechanics that you have to figure out by yourself what the hell is going on. For new players it's even worse. The amount of useless junk (ie. Wakfu/Stasis, unused content etc) and the lack of info is terrible. And you get punished for not knowing something that nobody explained, well played.

Score : 54

As a new player and having to deal with this and hoping that others will learn i have a few advices :
1. When you are in a nation controlled territory and you want to cut a tree or kill a monster and you see the sword getting red dont do it. The game is warning you you are going to do something that will result in losing citizen points. You have the reason, the penalty and the chance . Dont destroy the environment unless you of course dont care for the status with that nation and you are prepared to be an outlaw . Once you become at outlaw the players of that nation can attack you and gain citizen points. 
2. But i wants that monster , it drops things that i need for my professions. Dont despair, ways exist. You can harvest seeds of the monster if you have the trapper profession high enouh and plant them so more more monsters appear , eventually the numbers of the monsters will rise above the limit and the season for hunt is open. How can you check ? Easy . Press W , you will see the monsters and the numbers. For example boo wolves 150 -400 . As long the boo wolves pop is between 150 and 400 will be illegal to hunt them, you need to rise the number above 400 so you can hunt them. Another way is through dungeons. With small exceptions during the early levels, most of the monsters can be found in open world but also in dungeons. You can do the dungeons if you dont want to be involved with the ecosystem. Of course that will probably mean that you need  a party of friends, alts, sidekicks w/e. 

Score : 898

1. The sword doesn't even need to show up anymore, i don't know if it shows up at all nowadays.
2. If the species is protected there is nothing you can do, it doesn't matter if it is bellow the score or above, you WILL receive the penallty.

Honestly, i agree with Trololocke.
Wakfu is the type of game where you say "the game has [enumerate problems], if you can look past those the game is great." as the best advice to begginers or potential players.

Score : 34

Recently came back to the game and have been playing with my wife. We trade many items back and forth and spend lot's of time grinding mobs and dungeons at different spots throughout wakfu to keep it interesting. In a nation region, it can be owned by a different nation than what it appears to be part of. Brakmar has smaller regions controlled by Amakna for example. I could be fighting some mobs in one area and be just fine however if I only take a few steps one direction and fight mobs I could be breaking laws. It's good that some are marked and give you warning but there are many times where the mob count is ridiculously high and still are protected.

Trying to trade with my wife in Bonta... Seriously? I didn't even know I could be penalized for trading. You can bet your rear mastery that it didn't give me a warning for that.

Looking at the nation laws are also not very descriptive either. Some are simple like don't trade (if you happen to look). Others are vague and say things that seem similar to "don't make certain person unhappy" (I honestly don't remember exactly what it said but it sounded like that).

Politics have the ability to make the game interesting due to a dynamic that is not controlled by Ankama themselves. This in a way future proofs the game from getting stale because of that dynamic. The only issue with this is the vagueness and counterintuitive nature the game has for these things. Dynamic is great, if it is also great about letting you know EXACTLY what changed. A static game (with the exception of updates) can always seem vague to a newer individual but can eventually be learned. The exact reason why a lot of games have 3rd party sites that explain that vagueness in detail for various other games. The ever changing parts of this game make 3rd party sites suffer due to constant updates and work.

Sorry for the rant, I enjoy this game and 'some' of it's vagueness.

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TheRogueCat is trying to fight against this ( so you can help him out.
That said this is only palliative and the problem is still with Wakfu's team game plan on politics but they seem to refuse to even ackowledge this is a problem.

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