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Brakma governor = troll

By KidoPLII - MEMBER - September 15, 2020, 17:52:01

I really belive this should be a punishment for trolls like him. Increase tax in main trade area (Kelba) to 70% is just an a***ole move. Maximum tax allowed for any terrain shouldn't ever exceed 20%. Especially now when a lot of new player start to pop up in game.

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I agree , this is so freaking dumb.
The economy is already kinda bad , now this ... 

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Couple things needs to change, else there's nothing we can do about it

1. Prevent Alt Volting
2. Make it easier to challenge Rule, rather than a fixed period of rotation, F2P voting probably wont work since it basically work against Point#1, hence Sub only Voting makes sense.
3. Politics Revamp

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Leave some joy to that fella, he has to state himself atleast somehow.

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