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Resource lacking in all nation and almost everywhere (remington server)

By marotomau - MEMBER - August 23, 2018, 20:55:11

Apparently, i was just looking for some resources to level up my professions, and before i get some resources, i was also intended to replant them (see the example of lumberjack). Well, i was looking for a type of tree that i want to gather resources from, and turns out that there are some trees that are almost extinct from every 4 nations and i barely see any tree, unless you can go in Mourning wood because there are still trees in 300 points in mourning wood's ecosystem. I was that guy who replanted them to reach the limit of 300 yesterday and i was gathering resources successfully. But today, I realized that there are almost no trees in any nation.

Why does that happen?
Because there are some low IQ players that, before they gather resources, they don't even think about replanting them, because, when someone don't replant them, there is almost no trees in the area. And what happens? When someone wants to get resources, he can't gather them because he barely can find any because no one replants either and how I can also replant them if there is no resources to replant?

This is what is making me mad today....And is ask myself, is this fixable?

Why our governors didnt implemented a law against eco-terrorism yet?

This is actually shameful imo in a game that is all about political systems, ecosystems and so much important stuff implemented on this game...I just wrote a thread about this on steam forums of the game..

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This is one of the flaws they did not think through when they implemented the new pvp system. nations gain new areas, as well as lose some areas they had, this happens daily, so politically, it's hard to justify spending hours to fix ecosystems when you lose the area the next day anyways.

It's simply more efficient to just capture new areas to satisfy the nation bonus needs, which sadly, leaves every area in horrible conditions. 

Governors do have the suggested laws in place, it's just most players don't care if they become outlawed, since there isn't really much of a consequence to it. 

My suggestion for you is, ignore nation ecosystems, find a guild with a haven world and level professions there. Most well established guilds have seeds for each resource. 

If you insist on staying in nations to farm, i suggest always carrying a few seeds for what you plan on farming, since there is no guarantee that whatever you plant will stay overnight. That sometimes means getting a few seeds off of market or friends since the plant might be extinct. 

Best of luck

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New players don't realize that they can level up their gathering skills just as quickly by harvesting-seeds/cuttings without cutting the tree or plant.     Unless you are gathering materials for crafting, cutting the resource is unnecessary - and the best practice is to gather seeds / cuttings first, let the resource grow back to maturity, cut for wood and immediately replant from cuttings gathered earlier.   Its also a good idea to gather way more seeds / cuttings than you actually need for future planting use and to overcome the "planting-success" problems below:

Low planting-success rates in haven-worlds and haven-bag-garden rooms tend to discourage planting there unfortunately.

No matter where you are planting, buggy random-number planting-success calculation also figures into this...  frequent instances of it taking 10 to 15  consecutive attempts to plant ONE single square, despite a reported planting success rate of 70% or more, especially when a player has to search all over just to find a few cuttings to plant - having them all fail to grow discourages planting efforts.    sad

Plus the new PVP system tends to discourage any effort at "weather control" by the nations governments, which makes the planting-success rates go even lower.

Last but not least, many players don't realize that Wakfu has "seasons"... planting stuff in the "dead of winter" is harder than other seasons...  rolleyes

I wonder if Ankama would consider this?:   Suggestion to counter "Deforestaton" problems in game

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