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What is the difference between Reaping a crop and cutting it?

By cheers2moon - MEMBER - April 12, 2018, 23:42:09

I am trying to get almond straw, but the only options I have on Barely are to 'Harvest' and to 'Reap'. Reaping destory's the crop and supposedly 'Cut'ting it does as well. Do I need something special to cut? I really need this almond straw. 

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Almond Straw is the rare version of the crop.
There is a 1% chance that plants become rare versions when they fully grow (2% if you are outside and the clan-members wishes are fully fulfilled). You only have the option to fully reap the rares.
To farm the rare versions, it's adviceable to take the seed on the full-grown-stage, because it only has to grow once then again to have a chance of becoming a rare.

For normal non-rare crops the 2 options differ in the materials you harvest:
When the plant is fully grown, you can harvest the straw, but it destroys the plant.
When the plant is either grown once or twice, you can harvest the seed. When harvesting the seed, the plant's stage is reduced by 1.
When the plant is not grown at all, directly after planting or harvesting the seed twice, you can only trample it, which destroys it too.
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Thank you very much for the answer 

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You're welcome =D

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