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By ravefan - MEMBER - June 13, 2017, 15:23:22

I used to frequently play on Nox a few years ago, but ended up quitting due to high level PKers who camped dungeons/hunted my guild and I. I was very big into PvP, which resulted in the higher levels hating me and making the game unplayable. I couldn't go anywhere without getting jumped by a full team, even if I was alone/turned my PvP off.

More recently I've been interested in getting back into the game, but Nox is dead. I've read about the (hopefully) upcoming server merging with Remington, so I was hoping to get more information to see if I want to get into Wakfu again once they are merged. So here are my questions:

How active is Remington? I've briefly ran around on Remington to check, and it seems to be full of people, I'd just like to make sure I wasn't mislead by an overly popular day.

Is there active PvP? Like I said before, I'm really into FAIR PvP. There were only a handful of active PvPers on Nox, so hopefully there would be more on Remington.

Has the PvP system changed at all? I personally didn't agree with how the PvP system was set up when I played. I had big wings (was #1 in bonta before people started boosting with alts), and it was very frustrating losing merit to people who were 50 levels above me or in 1v2s or 1v3s where there wasn't a chance of winning. It got to a point where it was nearly impossible to gain merit because I'd lose more from a completely unfair fight than I'd gain from someone who was still 10 levels above me...

How toxic is the community? From what I can tell, Remington is much "nicer" than Nox (at least from when I played). At the time, a brak guild named The Borg would regularly raid bonta, PKing everyone they could find. They also waited outside of dungeons for my guild and I simply because we were a successful PvP guild. There was one member of my guild who they could definitely argue gave them an "excuse" to do it, but it doesn't give them a reason to target an entire guild/nation.

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