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Message to the Citizens.

By FhilyboyTheBadboy - MEMBER - July 13, 2015, 18:52:11

hello i just want to inform the citizens of each nation that some Government got issue about the eco-terrorist abuse.

Watch the Video here:

(filmed this video while helping my friend Irisviel Von Einbern the Gov of Bonta)

You cant attack them because the Global reset still active.

Not every eco-terrorist is abusing this bug, but ofc for some government its not going to end well.

The players/Government members has no control on this matter, so we suggest for your patience and wait till Ankama fix this issue.

Citizen of Bonta

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haha the video is soo funny xD reminded me of my early days in wakfu where i wrecked ever nation and piled -20k cp ~ofc i didn;t know it mattered soo much until i had the governors themselves hunt me down it was funny being a low lvl yet infamous

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Iris has been doing her best as governor- it's true there's been players who have exploited bugs that make them unattackable to wreck the ecosystem, so she's done well, taking this into consideration. smile 

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i dont know how to deal with eco teros since im a lumberjack ingame... but hey.. whats the title of the song?!! it sounds badass

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